why does my weed crackle

Why A Joint Is Crackling or Popping

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Published on April 19, 2018

Why is your Joint making pop & crackle noises? & Side topic: how to make joints more portable? A lot of people get worried when they hear the crackling and popping sounds. In reality, there are very simple and common explanations as to why this is happening: seeds in your bud being combusted, stems in your Cannabis or improperly flushed nutrients in the Marijuana plants (a grower error caused by poor flushing). None of them are anything to be concerned about. Today on Lex’s World I also take a look at joint tubes or joint holders, as well as dugouts. these are great to solve the problem of joints folding or breaking up in your pocket. as well as smell control. We look at at a simple plastic one, a couple more covert ones, and some smell-proof ones.

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