white walker og strain

Strain Review: White Walker OG by Cannabiotix

Strain: White Walker OG

White Walker OG Strain Review

Stats: 24.50% THC – .04% CBD
28.72 Total Cannabinoids
1.61% Total Terpenes

Aroma: Doublemint Gum, Pine Needle, Essential Citrus Oil, Vanilla, Dryer Sheet.

Structure: I had a very large nug weighing 2.3g that looked like the Iron Throne of cannabis. Jagged green daggers sprout from the stem as orange hairs fly madly in all directions. Absolutely beautiful trim. Not very sticky, yet the large nug was extremely dense while staying buoyant.

Palate: Sweetgrass, Classic OG Kush, Freshwater, Hint of Orange Blossom.

Effect: Medium/Above-Average Strength. Accurate description on label: “Relaxing, Joyful, Tranquility” – I would also add that this does feel like an indica-leaning hybrid with a targeted focus as a clear-headed head high and nice body buzz.

Overall: I know this is a SFV OG Kush phenotype, but I swear I smell so many of the same aromas that I get from a 💣 batch of Skywalker. Super fresh, clean smell, and even the structure of the bud is similar. Anyway, I wouldn’t surprised if there was some Mazar or Blueberry somewhere in the family of this strain. There js a loud minty gum sweetness on top of the fresh forest notes combined with rich Madagascar vanilla undertones.

It is clear the Cannabiotix team are master growers, as this flower looks like it has been picked from the garden of the King of Kushtown. It allows some give as it is squished, but pops back to retain its shape. It’s really some gorgeous looking bud.

My palate also picks up all the classic Skywalker notes that are mixed with hints of pine, classic OG Kush (#youknowifyouknow) taste that doesn’t get bogged down my lemon or citrus terpenes like many of the cuts that claim to be OG. This looks and tastes like a fresh batch from 2010. Don’t hesitate, because this is a great pickup, and very potent.

I do wish the flavor slapped me in the face a bit more than it does with this batch. That’s really the only reason this batch of White Walker OG gets dragged down a little bit on the rating. I am on the hunt for Cereal Milk 🥛 Someone let me know where I can find it!?

The Fire Scale: 8/10 flame-brulees

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