white rhino bong

White Rhino Stemless Turbine Disc Perc Bong

This stemless, turbine disc percolator bong by White Rhino is a sturdy bong from their black series that has been designed for smoking herbs. Created by the master lamp workers at the White Rhino head quarters in the USA, this beautiful bong has been constructed using 5mm thick borosilicate glass, measures approximately 30 cm / 12 inches in height and has a 10 cm diameter at its widest point.

The bong features a straight tube design, a thick, rimmed mouthpiece that feels comfortable to use and comes with a turbine disc percolator. The turbine disc percolator has angled blades that create a whirlwind of silky smooth smoke that cools as it spirals up the bongs tube and into your lungs. The bong comes with an 18.8 mm female joint and a removable 18.8 mm male herb bowl that has a roll stop style handle for easy use and removal. The herb bowl also has a glass pinch that acts as a built in screen to stop unwanted ash or herb crumbs from traveling into the bongs water.

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White rhino bong

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White Rhino Pipe Cleaner is formulated with a special scrubbing agent to remove any unwanted residue and odor while maintaining pipe color at the same time. Its is recommend to clean your pipe whenever you are using a new herb so you can get pure smoke flavor without mixing with old residue.  White Rhino Pipe cleaner will keep your glass looking brand new time after time.   How To Use White Rhino Pipe Cleaner Simply start by shaking the bottle until White Rhino Pipe Cleaner formula is thoroughly mixed. Pour the desired amount onto your pipe or water pipe (For easier use, pour into a resealable plastic bag with the pipe) Shake bottle until scrubbing agent is full mixed or approximately 1 minute for immediate results. For better results on heavy resonated pipes you can soak longer in solution or repeat step several times. Rinse pipe or water pipe with warm water. (Air dry for 10 min)