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White Auto and Media

White Auto and Media

Post by Dtmhat » Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:06 am

So after reading the forums for a while, and deciding to purchase a 2013 Caprice, I knew that I needed to have the radio programmed by White Auto and Media. I talked to my initial dealer and told him that as part of the deal they needed to include this service. They reluctantly did, but didn’t know how to do the process. They ended up sending the radio but didn’t pay for the service ahead of time, so long story short they couldn’t get it done. I was in constant communication with White Auto and he informed me of all the hiccups. So fast forward to me getting the car and driving home which is about 900 miles south of the dealer. I go out and buy some GXP seats and install them myself. Well in the process of installing I disconnected a fuel sending unit or something and had it brought to my local dealer. I have them fix the fuel line issue and send in the radio. I had to do the purchasing myself as the customer service rep couldn’t put the service on a credit card that belonged to the dealership (where as the other or initial dealer could). They start the process of taking it out and I get the call that they broke the factory radio and needed to buy a replacement. White Auto picks up the packages on Friday. The customer service rep says they should have it Thursday night. It ends up being Friday morning but unbeknownst to me the credit card issue arises again. They don’t have an account with FedEx or anyone. So my wife needs to pick it up and pay cash money for shipment. It was passed time for Friday delivery. I’ve been in contact with White Auto the whole time. FedEx says they can get it to the place by Friday, but ended up being Saturday and missing the pickup. First off the dealer gave my wife the package, but it was in the standard box that it came in with no protection wrapping. So email white and let them know of the dilemma. They went out of the way and picked it up on a off day and got it done. I was informed that it was slightly damaged because of no protection as well as it wasn’t even set up for the initial car. So more work for White Auto. White sends the package back and the dealer says they don’t have anything. I contact White and was given that is was delivered the day before. I call dealer back and says “O, here it is, in plain site.”

Moral of the Story

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Wireless Android Auto and CarPlay Coming to 2020 Silverado, Other GM Trucks

Information that made the headlines a few days ago indicated General Motors had no intention to bring wireless Android Auto and CarPlay to older cars, despite the company offering such equipment as a standard option on 2021 models.

And yet, it looks like wireless Android Auto and CarPlay are both coming to a series of older GM models, including the 2020 Silverado, Blazer, and GMC Sierra, as per a report from GM Trucks. It’s all thanks to White Automotive & Media Services (WAMS), which is now in the process of developing this upgrade for select 2020 GM models.

In theory, this is mostly possible because the hardware required to run wireless Android Auto and CarPlay is already there on these cars, so WAMS would only unlock these capabilities with the help of a custom radio module. The installation is supposed to be as straightforward as possible, and if your truck doesn’t come with HD radio, you’re going to get this too.

And what’s more, upgrading the infotainment system with navigation will also be possible as part of the package, obviously at the right price.

At this point, the aforementioned source estimates the overall costs of the upgrade would be close to $800, and while this is somewhat pricey, it’s the easiest way to get wireless Android Auto and CarPlay in your older GM car without the need for an aftermarket head unit upgrade.

WAMS says the development of this new solution is currently in the final stages, so more information in this regard should be shared sooner rather than later, including the full pricing details for each compatible model that can get wireless Android Auto and CarPlay.

There’s no doubt wireless Android Auto and CarPlay are both very useful systems everybody would love to have in their cars. However, General Motors customers owning an older model received some pretty disappointing news this week in this regard.