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Poll results: Legal pot should not be allowed in town

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On July 31, a petition was submitted to the Estes Park Town Clerk to change an ordinance to allow the operation of a limited number of marijuana dispensaries to operate in Estes Park. If the required number of signatures are validated, the Town Board can either accept the ordinance change or send it to the community to be voted on. With 172 votes, our readers do not think the legal sale of recreational and medical marijuana should be allowed in Estes Park. Some of the comments we received were:

“The Town will tax it highly, locals will buy elsewhere.”

“No. We have a BIG problem of students using in our school. Someone help them.”

“Marijuana is not family friendly and detracts from Estes image.”

Poll results: Legal pot should not be allowed in town Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) On July 31, a

Reader response to retail marijuana in Estes Park

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Editor’s note: In a recent editorial the Trail-Gazette asked readers to submit letters to the editor expressing their opinions on whether retail marijuana stores should be allowed in Estes Park. They currently are not.

The following are the responses we received from the public in the order they were submitted:

Marijuana is misunderstood

I’m replying to an article in the EPTrail regarding pot in Estes Park. I am a user and would love to have it locally.

Please understand that it is the opinion of many here in EP that we are losing revenue for the town. Many of my friends and family that use are honorable, moral citizens who want this town to succeed as a beautiful mountain community. The thought that people want to keep EP as a “family” town is absurd. We live currently in 2017, not 1987. We need to step up and realize this as a town.

If “the city” (or whoever is making the decisions about this) were to scientifically compare the data regarding pot use vs. alcohol use and put aside their own assumptions and fears, the “safe scale” would tip heavily toward pot. I would urge the public officials, as well as the general public, here in EP to look at the data and see for themselves the benefits of using and selling locally this often misunderstood weed.

Keep Estes pot-free

We just purchased a home in 2016 and plan to retire to Estes in the near future. I firmly believe that we should NOT allow pot shops in Estes, it will change the town for the worse. Don’t let the money(taxes collected) be driving this poor decision. We in Iowa did that with casinos and in the long run, it was a bad choice. Keep Estes “pot-free” and I will definitely want to retire there.

Des Moines, Iowa

Missing modern-day gold rush

Estes Park and it’s old school thinking it’s missing the cash train of recreational marijuana. It is everywhere most Publications in the news all around Estes. But we received no tax revenue. Having one or two small shops off the beaten path would not and should not offend anybody but generate lots of revenue for our beautiful town. We are missing the modern-day Gold Rush because of old-school thinking’s and standards.

True cost of legalizing pot in Estes

I relocated to Estes Park in 1983 because it was a beautiful town with clean air, no freeways possible and good people. I saw its potential to grow, without losing its character, buffered by the Rocky Mountain National Park, with Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest on our borders. The editorial in 11/17/17 Trail Gazette regarding revisiting the sale of marijuana here for its perceived benefits to the Town was short sighted. Family values do count here, and matters to us, our visitors coming for the clean air, the beauty, the family friendly atmosphere. I don’t want to see marijuana signs, or put up with behavior that it’s use encourages.

I understand people can purchase it elsewhere, and bring it here. But using it and having the license to do so will change this place we call “special”, the place our visitors and families enjoy, because it’s “clean and safe”. Rocky Mountain National Park is the main draw for our visitors, and it is still illegal to smoke pot in the National Park. Our Rangers spend an extraordinary amount of time policing this and the resulting bad behavior of some of their visitors, causing problems for other campers.

I have personally seen what happens when a young person starts with marijuana, how it leads to other drugs because they have had “license” to experiment. How it will change their lives, affect their education, limit their future options, and open the door to other illegal activities. Our school officials and police department have reason to be concerned. “Pot” costs money, and the police and school officials will spend more time and need more staff to deal with the fall out and policing of an unneeded and harmful decision to open Estes to marijuana sales and its legal use here.

If you have a child, or grandchild now, allowing them to grow up where drugs are acceptable is giving them license to use, and these drugs will not be beneficial to them or anyone who loves them. It cost my oldest son a productive life, led him into heavy drugs, crime, jail, ultimately prison, and the inability to ever take care of himself, destroying his health. Marijuana will lead to other drugs, which cost more money, and turns casual users into addicts, and addicts into criminals. Ask the Town government if they want to increase their overhead, and your taxes ultimately, to handle the impact to both businesses, schools and families. For those who do not think this is a disaster to consider……call me. A decision to allow this will effectively change everything about Estes Park and its values. It won’t happen overnight, but it will be close. What we cherish here is worth protecting, not just for the Town, but for everyone one who cares about their quality of life.

I’m told, drugs are here already, and yes, I know visitors and locals can purchase on their way into Estes. There may always be a percentage of local users, whose use and behavior are hopefully tempered by common sense and lack of general acceptance by the majority of citizens. That doesn’t mean we need to give up and take down the fences. Try selling a home that’s been rented to drug users…..the use shows. Or living in your home, or a rental next to someone who uses regularly. Property values are impacted, just like lives, and the cost may be hard to calculate when you’re making these decisions.

If holding the line makes our households safer, our children’s lives less conflicted and difficult, our physical, mental and financial strength less challenged, then this is an easy decision. Hold that line, and support the great strengths we have in our Town government, organizations, health services and educated population. Estes Park is too valuable, too different to submit to this cheap, but ultimately expensive decision.

Estes does not need retail marijuana

The residents of Estes Park and Estes Valley DO NOT need retail marijuana stores in our family oriented town and for family vacationers. Estes Park has gotten along very well financially in past years on the money we get from retail sales. Just because other cities in our area, the State of Colorado and other minicipalities have retail marijuana stores is no logical reason Estes Park needs them. Call and talk with our Estes Park Chief of Police, (970 586-4000) and our Larimer County Sheriff, (970 498-5100) who DO NOT endorse having retail marijuana stores in Estes Park. WHY? … because they know how it would negatively effect our town.

The writer of the article in Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 edition of The Trail Gazette is a 25 year old Intern at the Trail Gazette. He was “asking the readers to reconsider” the ban we have on retail marijuana stores. Read his column as well as comments from the local police department and the sheriff’s department. Take note of his ending rebuttle to law enforcement comments. The residents of Estes Park had meetings and a lot of discussion several years ago and concluded to disallow marijuana stores in Estes Park. I have talked with people who are working in drug and alchoal rehabitalization and was told marijuana can be the first step to future addiction. I DO NOT buy the idea the tax money will help education – except it being used to help educate the children to not smoke marijuana. All with whom I have discussed this topic are EXTREMELY OPPOSED to retail marijuana stores in Estes Park!

Totally opposed

I have many concerns about the idea of marijuana dispensaries being allowed within the Town of Estes Park limits, but the primary one is that our young people would experience increased exposure to drugs. More readily available (than Lyons, etc.) pot will most likely result in more transients as well as a rise in drugged driving. Because Estes Park is a tourist economy, our tax base is already huge. I don’t believe the revenue gained would remotely offset the accompanying problems. Since it is illegal to use it anywhere other than your own home, any visitors buying it would be looking for some place to use it which, at the least, would mean all hospitality properties would face a nightmare trying to enforce the law. Bottom line, I’m totally against marijuana dispensaries within the Town limits!

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