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Herbs – Mint Seeds

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Peppermint Seeds

  1. Hybrid Seeds

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Mentha piperita


A favorite for flavoring tea and desserts, this perennial plant is also one of the easiest to grow from seed. It is useful to plant it near roses to deter aphids. This plant reaches a medium height, and does well in full sun to part shade. Expect small purple flowers in early summer.

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Spearmint Seeds

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Mentha spicata


Almost everyone enjoys the delicious flavor of mint – it is wonderful in everything from iced drinks, to sauces, to lamb dishes. The flavor is best when the leaves are cut just before the blossoms open. You will want to keep this fast-spreading plant in a container so that it does not take over your garden. Slender spikes of pink or white flowers appear in the summer.

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Peppermint and spearmint can be used to make tasty teas, or kept for their scent alone. Buy mint seeds online from Everwilde Farms and plant them outside!

Mint Seeds (Pudina)

If there is one herb that can give coriander a run for its money in popularity, it is mint. Extremely easy to grow, this falvourful herb has bith medicinal and culinary use. It has a fruity taste that can only be described as minty! It loves sun and requires regular watering and is more suited for container gardening due to its invasive nature.

Lights, Water, Action

Got the seeds, now, let’em shoot!

Time Till Harvest
Where to grow

Terrace or balcony

Seasonal Information

Growth stages

One step at a time, with a lil water and light.

Sow the seeds 0.5 cm deep in well composted soil

Space the seedlings at 30cm by 25cm

Germination will take place in 8-10 days

Harvest in 55-60 days from sowing

Sow, Grow, Reap

Good things take time and care


Herb plants are grown by transplantation method.

Seeds can be sown any time of the year in India, However best time to sow is from August to December.

Sow the seeds indoors, in seedling trays, 0.5 cm deep, preferably in coco-peat

Seeds should germinate in 7-14 days.

Let the germinated seedlings grow in a seedling tray for 3-4 weeks before transplantation.

Keep the seedling tray in semi shade while the germinating seedlings grow.

Transplant the healthy seedlings in pots or yard gardens.

Use good quality organic potting mixture to grow herb plants. Like garden soil mix OR Pot-o-mix.


Herb plants should be grown in a 12 inch round pot.

Keep your herb plant in a sunny outdoor location for best flavour. The plant does not mind partial sunlight of 3-4 hours.

Herb plants require regular watering by shower method every alternate day.

Add a handful of vermicompost to the herb plant every 20 days.

Keep pinching the growing tips of the plant as you harvest the foliage.

Never harvest more than one-third of the plant at a time.

Common Problems

1. Why is my herb dying?
Always look for the early signs of any insect/fungal/ any other infections. Spay appropriate fungicides or pesticides as soon as any symptoms of such diseases are spotted. Watch out for snails and slugs.

2. Why is my herb not growing?
Herbs are cool season plants. They struggle to grow in hot climatic situations. Also waterlogging in the soil is also harmful to plants. Use well drained potting soil for growing your herbs.

Spill the tea

All the plant gossip, through the grapevine. Pun intended

Plants with benefits

Mint forms an integral part of food science nd is used for several purposes. It is rich in nutrients and can help relieve irritable bowel syndrome and relieve indigestion. Mint oil is used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and improve brain function. Mint is also known to improve cold symptoms.

What you get

Approximately 3.2 grams of freshmmint has over 2.24 calories, 0.12 g of protein, 0.48 g of carbohydrates, 0.03 g of fat, and 0.26 g of fiber. Mint also contains trace amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron,and vitamin A.

Green trivia

1.The Romans believed eating mint would increase intelligence. The scent of mint was also supposed to stop a person from losing his temper, and royal ambassadors carried mint sprigs in their pockets.

2.Native mint is used to flavor toothpaste and dental hygiene products, whereas Scotch spearmint has a milder, more pleasant taste and is used in chewing gum and candies.

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