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15 Best Blunt Wraps in the World Right Now!

Smoking your weed is the fastest way to reach that sweet high and there are a great many ways to get the most out of your beautiful burning bud. One of the most popular among weed connoisseurs is the tried and trusty blunt, but what exactly is a blunt?

A blunt is a cannabis cigarette made with strong cigar paper and containing only cannabis. To roll a blunt you need a specific wrapper. This blunt wrapper is traditionally made from two layers of dried tobacco leaves, which makes it stiffer than cigarette paper. The best blunt wraps make a blunt easier to roll and provide a sweet tobacco flavour to the smoke. It also ensures a slower and more even burn: thinner cigarette paper burns faster and this can result in a lopsided cigarette.

For people who actually dislike the taste of tobacco, it’s very easy nowadays to find healthier blunt wraps that provide all kinds of delicious flavours. Hemp leaves are a popular alternative for blunt wrap material. Some companies even say that the extra weed in your blunt increases the levels of CBD, delivering an extra relaxing experience.

Overall, the world’s best blunt wraps are superior to ordinary cigarette paper for ease of preparation as well as the massive range of new and exciting extra tastes to choose from. From classics like Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters and Zig Zag, to extravagant statement wraps like Shine’s 24-karat gold, you’ve got tons of quality options. If you’ve ever wanted an Apple Martini twist in your blunt, look no further than the Double Platinum Blunt Wraps or if you love high-quality, earthy flavours to compliment your bud, take the Backwoods tasty blunt wraps for a spin!

In this article, we cover the best blunt wraps for weed. So If you’ve never had a pull on a tropical fusion swisher or if you think you know everything the blunt wrapper world has to offer, check out our list below for the best tasting blunt wraps around. Whether you’re in the gas station and you need to know what to grab when you’re on the go, or you’re choosing from the myriad of online options, our list will be a great place to begin familiarizing yourself with some of the best options all weed smokers will appreciate!

High Hemp Organic Blunt Wraps – $2.50

Feel good about what you smoke – in more than one way! Photo: @Hippie Butler

Good news for the conscientious consumer who wants tobacco-free blunts! Made from the happiest European hemp plants, these vegan blunt hemp wraps are perfect for smokers looking for the healthiest rolling papers. They are GMO-free, certified organic and gluten-free. They also claim to have small amounts of CBD in their super ethical hippie wraps, so you get a little extra bang for your well-spent buck on these staff favourites! Check out their famous Hydro Lemonade flavour or their classic Hemp only leaf blunt.

What we love!

  • Squeaky clean ethics
  • Extra CBD
  • Organic blunt wrap

Double Platinum Blunt Wraps – $13.49

Smoke your desserts with these chocolate wraps! Photo: @Cheap Little Cigar Outlet

Have you ever craved chocolate after you light up? Ever been disappointed by an empty cupboard? Felt your weed wasn’t as sweet as it should be? Double Platinum Chocolate blunt wraps solve all these problems in one blunt and will give you cocoa puffs galore to delight the most refined tastes. Any brownie baker knows how wonderfully weed and chocolate marry in your mouth to create a beloved mouth-watering flavour.

There are many other Double Platinum Blunt Wrap flavours to choose from if chocolate isn’t your jam. Grape, Blueberry, Mango or Berries are among some of the juiciest fruity wraps on offer.

And if you’ve always wondered what a cocktail would taste like if you could smoke it with your weed, look no further! You can get Double Platinum Blunt Wraps in tasty Apple Martini, Mojito or Pina Colada flavours… to name but a few!

A box comes with 25 airtight foil packets with two wraps, making it 50 delicious blunt wrappers in total!

What we love!

  • Diverse range of crazy flavours
  • Possible to buy in bulk
  • No tobacco to empty

White Owl Blunt Wraps – $43.99 (box of 50)

A trusty favourite, White Owl has got you covered. Photo:

What we love!

  • Possible to buy in bulk
  • Xtra range with stronger flavours
  • Pocket size cigarillos

If you need help rolling your White Owl Blunt, here’s a video:

Al Capone Leaf Rum 12/1 – $16.99

Step back in time with this classic, 100% tobacco leaf wrap. We’re not sure what Al Capone would think of today’s practice of rolling up a blunt, but we’re pretty sure he’d be a fan! Especially when he found out that the precious Mary J was being rolled up in something like these quality, slow burning wraps.

What we love:

  • Great for anyone looking for a classic, all tobacco leaf wrap
  • 1 leaf wrap per pouch, meaning your wraps stay fresher longer
  • Variety of flavours available (even though we chose Rum for the list)

Big Bambu Organic Hemp Cigarette Papers 1 1/4 24Ct – $26.99

If you’re looking to go the organic hemp route, then Big Bambu’s wraps might be just the thing you’re looking for. Made entirely of organic hemp, these wraps are the perfect way to enjoy your herb. With their organic make you can light up in peace knowing that you’re not inhaling any toxins or other unwanted materials.

From traditional tobacco leaves to tobacco-free wraps, we've got the complete list of the best blunt wraps around to fully enjoy your herb.