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Which Is the Most Potent, Strongest Weed on the Planet?

With at least 780 cannabis strains to choose from, deciding what the strongest weed out there is might be a tad bit difficult. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two weed strains are the same. Factors on which they differ include potency and appearance, as well as the different cultivation methods, effects, aromas, and tastes.

Although we cannot settle on just one marijuana strain, what we can do is make a list of the most powerful weed strains. So, if you are an experienced user, feel free to take your pick.

Still, if you are, in fact, a newbie, it might be best to stay away from some of these strains, at least until you get some notches on your belt.

What Are Strongest Weed Strains Made Of?

Bear in mind that even though potency is mostly linked to THC content, it isn’t just high tetrahydrocannabinol levels that show how potent a marijuana strain is.

Other compounds of the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, also play a role in a strain’s potency. Not to mention more factors, including physiological responses and innate body chemistry that determine just how high a user can get.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of some of the most potent marijuana type (listed in no particular order).

The Strongest Sativa Strains

Ghost Train Haze

This sativa strain — named after one of the strongest marijuana strains on earth back in 2012 by High Times — is a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. With THC content of 25.5%, it packs quite a punch and is not suitable for beginners.

A bright green plant with dense buds covered in white, crystal trichomes, this strain has a tart citrus aroma and flavor, followed by earthy, floral tones. It produces quite a big yield (from 550 to almost 900 g/plant), especially if it is grown indoors.

A regular on the list of strongest strains of weed, Ghost Train Haze gives users an energetic, cerebral high with added vigor and a buzz of creativity. Like other high-THC strains, it is great for battling appetite loss and depression.

Nevertheless, people suffering from anxiety should steer clear of this marijuana strain as it can provoke intense feelings of paranoia.

Bruce Banner

Just like its namesake’s alter ego, i.e., the Hulk, Bruce Banner weed is big, green, and powerful.

Named the highest THC strain in 2017 (it has an incredible 29% THC content), this weed gives users an instant burst of euphoria and energy, before eventually relaxing the body. Bred from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, this strain has several phenotypes, Bruce Banner #3 being the most popular.

With its dense buds and leaves that turn a wonderful magenta, this plant is a delight to behold! Not to mention that it gives off a variety of scents and tastes that are predominantly lemony, hashy, and wonderfully spicy.

Recommended for its medical (it’s one of the best weed strains for treating stress and depression) and recreational use, Bruce Banner is unbelievably popular in the US.

Strawberry Cough

Another aptly named strain, Strawberry Cough is known for its sweet smell and thick haze that can make even the most experienced user cough.

The plant is medium-size, easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, and provides great yields. It has small, dense buds covered in red hairs and trichomes that make it look like the fruit it was named after.

But, don’t be fooled by its sweet name and flavor! This strain is one of the most potent weed strains on the market with THC content ranging between 25 and 26%.

The high this strain gives is uplifting and fills you with happiness — hence why this weed is highly recommended for relieving stress, depression, anxiety, and nausea.

Laughing Buddha

Giggles are guaranteed with this heavy-sativa strain. The love child of Thai and Jamaican, Laughing Buddha strain has a sweet, fruity scent and flavor and grows tall and big both indoors and outdoors. Flowering time is between 70 and 75 days, and the result is — strongest weed, as well as a heavy yield of frosty buds that are 22% THC and 1.6% CBD.

A perfectly named strain, the Laughing Buddha is recommended for treating symptoms of depression, fatigue, and stress. The strain has won many awards in the past and was proclaimed one of the best sativa strains in 2003 and 2016.

Chem Berry D

This cross between Chemdog and Strawberry Sour Diesel has a high THC content (up to 32%), making it a strain cannabis newbies should definitely stay clear of!

The highest THC strain hits both the body and the mind and can last for hours on end combining a feeling of euphoria and creative happiness. What’s more, Chem Berry D has an interesting terpene profile that delivers a sweet and fruity flavor accompanied by more chemical, diesel-like scents.

Patients suffering from anxiety, appetite loss, and mood swings would benefit the most from this particular weed strain due to its high THC levels.

Blue Dream

Have you ever wondered what state has the strongest weed strains? While it might be difficult to decide between the huge marijuana taxpayers such as Oregon, Colorado, and California, according to users, it is the Golden State that takes the crown!

In addition to popular weed strains, such as GSC and Sour Diesel, there is also Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant weed that gives a relaxing, easygoing high. It’s perfect for daytime use as it relaxes you, but still leaves you functional enough to be productive.

One of the most famous, best selling, and strongest weed strains for 2020 in the US, it has a great blueberry smell with undertones of vanilla and mango as well as a nice sweet berry taste which it gets from its genetic background — Blueberry Indica and Haze Sativa. Blue Dream buds are dense with neon green nugs covered in blue hairs and they contain 17 to 24% THC.

This weed is one of the best strains of all time for novice and senior users alike and is great for treating symptoms of depression, nausea, and pain.

Most Potent Weed — Indica Strains

Death Star

An all-powerful cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, this indica dominant strain (21% THC content) was first developed in Ohio in the early 2000s. The Death Star strain cannot blow up planets, but it can put you in a state of carefree, relaxed euphoria, which makes it great for treating symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as insomnia.

A frosty looking plant with orange and red pistils, this strain has a pungent smell and a citrusy, rubbery flavor.

Since it was rated as the 10th strongest weed strain in 2018, caution is advised when using this cannabis strain as a beginner seeing how it is extremely potent with a high that starts off deceptively slow but can soon become too overwhelming.

GMO Cookies

Another high-THC (over 25%), indica-dominant strain, the GMO strain has powerful sedative effects.

Developed from Chemdog and GSC, it is a dark green plant with many different aromas and an earthy, garlicky taste. This strain is great if you are looking to alleviate symptoms of stress and chronic pain. It is one of the best strains of weed for anxiety because consuming it will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and totally famished too.

Due to many negative feelings some people have regarding GMOs, this strain is also known as Garlic Cookies — a name given by dispensaries fearing consumer pushback.

Godfather OG

Also known as the “Don of all OGs,” this indica strain has dense buds covered in trichomes and is recognizable for its piney, earthy aroma and taste, sweetened with notes of grape.

Another recognizable feature of this strain is its high THC content which can range between 22 and 25%, giving Godfather OG weed incredibly powerful sedative properties. In fact, this strain hits hard and fast, instantly putting the user in a state of deep relaxation.

It is the sedative qualities of Godfather OG that make it one of the most popular medical marijuana strains used by people suffering from insomnia, mental stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

A cross between indica Bubba Kush, indica L.A. Confidential, and indica Granddaddy Purps, Godfather OG was proclaimed Best Indica by High Times in 2013, as well as the strongest strain in, and will probably be the strongest weed strain in 2020 as well!

Kosher Kush

The only weed strain to be blessed by a Rabbi, Kosher Kush is a multiple Cup winner that is known for its familiar and pungent smell of earth and fruit. Considered by many as the tastiest smoke out there, the Kosher Kush strain hits you hard and long.

As a result of its high THC content (21%), this pot offers relief from depression, anxiety, and insomnia. In fact, many smokers report that they had a long and peaceful sleep after taking this type of marijuana.

Constantly on the list of strongest cannabis strains, Kosher Kush is one of the best indica strains ever!

Grand Daddy Purple

Introduced in 2003 in California, this strain, which has a 23% THC content, is still fairly popular today, mostly due to its recognizable taste that is known to linger on the tongue. Belonging to the most famous purple weed strains, GDP is pretty potent as it fixes your body in place by relaxing it to the extreme, allowing your mind to travel around in a dreamy buzz at the same time.

Pretty looks are a trait of this strongest weed too. Grand Daddy Purple has a distinctive look — its purple hues are a stark contrast to the white crystal resin covering the plant.

With its fruity and earthy aroma (courtesy of its parent Purple Urkle) and its oversized buds (from its other parent, Big Bud) this indica-rich strain is usually chosen by users who need help managing stress, insomnia, appetite loss, pain, and muscle spasms.

Bubba Kush

Are you looking for the highest THC strain ever that will relax your body and transport your mind into a dreamy euphoria? Then Bubba Kush is the strain for you! Thanks to its high (27%) THC content, this weed is perfect for treating insomnia, depression, and ADHD. Still, care is advised as it is not suitable for daytime use nor is it the right fit for people who are not used to indica strains and the hit they give to the users.

Bubba Kush is considered one of the best strains of weed in the US and across the world as well. Its recognizable purple buds, sweet, hashish taste with undertones of chocolate and coffee are reasons enough for it to belong to the most popular marijuana strains out there.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is an extremely potent, sticky weed strain (it produces a massive amount of resin) that many a user adores due to the soothing sedative effects and the light head buzz it gives.

With buds that can produce up to 30% THC, this weed will be one of the strongest strains in 2020!

Its earthy flavors of lemon and pine, as well as its somewhat sweet, coffee and moss aroma, make Gorilla Glue the perfect nighttime weed for recreational and medical use (it treats anxiety, menstrual cramps, and pain the most).

Another thing that makes this strain so appealing is the amount of buds it produces (up to 600 grams/m2). It can be a bit tricky to harvest, because of all the resin it has, but with such a big yield and such potent hits, it’s well worth the trouble.

Strawberry Banana

Looking forward to being listed as one of the strongest strains in 2020, this weed is a genetic cross between Banana Kush and the strawberry phenotype of Bubble Gum. Recognizable for its sweet, fruity flavor and smell, this marijuana strain is popular due to its high resin production and THC-content (as high as 26%).

This indica-dominant cannabis strain is easy to grow and produces large yields, especially if suitable nutrients are provided.

Strawberry Banana provides an uplifting sense of happiness that doesn’t impact your functionality, but it can affect your productivity. Its high THC makes it one of the best weed strains for anxiety, stress, and depression.

The Strongest Hybrid Weed Strains

The White

An indica-dominant hybrid with 23% THC, the White is named after its trichome-covered buds, which are full of resin glands and make this plant look like it was rolled around in sugar.

But it’s not just its appearance that is distinctive. The White strain is also known for its lack of odor! This quality makes it a popular choice for those wishing to avoid more pungent alternatives, but still taking some of the strongest weed available.

This plant is known to grow quite tall — hence why early topping is recommended. Its yield is small to moderate, with buds that have a piney, hashy smell, and spicy taste.

With its calming effects on the body and the head, this weed strain is recommended for the treatment of muscle spasms, headaches, nerve pain, and stomach issues. Also, because of its sedative effects, it is recommended as a mid-day or nighttime strain.


A hybrid that is 60% indica and 40% sativa, and one of the strongest types of weed, Gushers is a cross between Gelato and Triangle Kush. Named after the delicious, juice-filled candy, Gushers is an extremely potent strain with 15 to 22% THC and almost no CBD, so not suitable for novice users.

It looks like a pine cone, with the exception of dark-green and purple colors, and it smells and tastes sweet and creamy, with undertones of sour tropical fruits.

Be warned: Gushers strain has incredible relaxing properties that can knock you out for the whole night. Although one of the strongest marijuana types, it is not sleep-inducing. Meaning, this weed will put you in such a deep state of relaxation that you wouldn’t care if the house was on fire!

Gushers also boosts appetite, so have some food around if you are planning to indulge in this particular marijuana strain.

Lemon Cookies

A perfectly-balanced hybrid strain, Lemon Cookies is developed from Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Haze.

Known for its neon green nugs with orange hairs, the said strain has a sweet lemony flavor and scent, combined with a spicy cookie overtone. When discussing the strongest weed in the world and its effects, Lemon’s are not as bright and explosive as its aroma and taste, but this cannabis type is still a huge mood booster. It promotes euphoria, but it’s not overwhelming as it relaxes your body and releases all the built-up tension and stress you have accumulated.

The Lemon Cookies strain is rich in THC (between 21 and 28%) making it just right for those dealing with mood swings, inflammation, fatigue, and depression.


Starfighter isn’t the highest THC strain around as it only has 15 to 20% THC, but it makes up for it with a lemony pine aftertaste that can linger for hours. A cross between Alien Tahoe OG and Lemon Alien Dawg, this is an uplifting strain that will make you feel like you are soaring while causing extreme couch lock and relaxation.

With medium-sized nugs and dark purple leaves, and a coat of star-like trichomes, the Starfighter strain is best grown indoors.

Additionally, Starfighter is one of the best weed strains to treat the effects of chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.


There’s nothing subtle about this weed — from its pungent, diesel-like smell, to its high that heightens creativity while leaving the body stoned and relaxed.

With 19% THC, Chemdog might not have the same THC levels as other weed strains, but it is amazingly potent and not suitable for new users, or novice growers for that matter. It is quite difficult to cultivate, but definitely worth a shot as it provides a nice yield of potent buds.Chemdog was proclaimed one of the best for 2019, with high hopes ranking among best weed strains in 2020.

It has been around for quite some time too! Legend has it that a man named Chemdog bought some weed at a Grateful Dead concert in 1991 and took a liking to it. He bought some more and started growing it, thus creating this incredibly popular plant, which is also the parent of some other well-renowned strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

This strain of marijuana is perfect for fighting arthritis, ADHD, migraines, and PMS and is most certainly the best and strongest weed strain on the planet.

Sour Diesel

As the name suggests, Sour Diesel is recognizable for its pungent smell of fuel, skunk, and citrus, as well as its sweet, musky flavor.

A sativa-dominant hybrid with “only” 19% THC, Sour Diesel provides a fast-acting, energetic buzz that heightens creativity and gives an uplifting cerebral high. Because of this, it is not recommended for patients suffering from insomnia, but rather for nerve pain, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia.

Said to be the child of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk, this is one of the best weed strains for sex, at least according to anecdotal experience.

Sour Diesel grows well indoors, but you need a warmer climate if you want to grow it outdoors as this weed is used to the hot California sun. The buds it produces have a strong scent while flowering.

Girl Scout Cookies

Perhaps the most famous marijuana strain in the world, this classic California weed is developed from OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Declared as one of the best in 2017 and looking forward to joining the best weed strains for 2020, Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid with 60% indica and 40% sativa, and it brings the best of both worlds — a powerful high that combines happiness and euphoria with a feeling of deep relaxation. Add the sweet, minty taste, the spicy and chocolate aroma, as well as the high THC content of up to 28% to the mix and it becomes clear why this is the best selling weed on the West Coast.

On top of that, it is the strongest weed for medical marijuana users, favored by patients who are troubled by nausea, pain, and appetite loss.

GSC is a big plant that needs a lot of space. It’s not the easiest type of marijuana to grow, but it does produce a large yield, so it’s definitely worth the effort!

Final Thoughts

Ever since man first discovered the sedative, psychoactive, and medicinal properties of marijuana, stoners have been on the hunt for a more powerful hit. Today, you can even get paid to smoke weed — what a time to be alive!

Hopefully, this list of the strongest weed types in the world will help you find the best marijuana strain for you, whether you’re looking to add some more potent plants to your weed garden, or you need something stronger to treat a medical condition.

There are hundreds of cannabis strains out there that are only getting stronger. What makes our strongest weed selection so powerful? A mixture of influences.

Who Grows the Best Marijuana in the United States? [ANSWERED]

The age-old debate, finally answered…

Since the beginning of cannabis’ appearance and growing popularity in the United States, it has long been debated what region produces the best weed. Although the marijuana community will probably never reach an actual consensus, it is a fun topic to discuss and consider all the possibilities.

In reality, this is not that easy of a question to answer, primarily because the marijuana front runners in the US have changed drastically in the past 10 years, especially as more and more states have begun cultivating their own herb, and people are really perfecting their skill sets. This shift in extraordinary growing practices is a result of the widespread legalization of recreational cannabis, particularly throughout the states that would be considered candidates for a list of “the best”.

Nowadays, there is actually way more competition. Early on, it used to be that California had the best green, hands down. After the West Coast went fully legal, Washington and Oregon began to consume some of the Golden State’s hype, and then came in Colorado, the in-land, unexpected competitor that seems to just have totally nailed indoor growing methods on the head with a hammer.

Even though it is challenging to make sense of who stands above the rest in regards to marijuana cultivation, in this article we will try to make sense of all the candidates and ultimately select a winner. You, of course, do not have to agree with us, but based off our carefully collected research, personal experience, and in depth analysis, you will be able to learn who we consider to be the best.

Keep reading to discover who grows the best weed in the United States…

Categories Considered:

In deciding who cultivates the best cannabis, these are the categories that we were considering while making our decision…

  • Cost of marijuana for the customer
  • Growing conditions and environment, whether outdoor or indoor
  • Legalization status and overall attitude towards cannabis
  • Quality of the weed itself, in addition to access of cannabis-derived products (edibles, CBD oils, concentrates, etc.)
  • Production of cutting-edge technologies and growing methods, as well as seed breeding advancements.

Who are the Candidates?

It is important to begin by stating that there is a massive difference between states where you can purchase the best quality weed versus the states that grow the best marijuana. This article specifically focuses on the regions that are known for their quality ganja grows, and this product is typically widely distributed to other locations where it is enjoyed and consumed.

Colorado (CO):

One of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, in 2014 Colorado made its way up the ladder by becoming a frontrunner of the legal marijuana scene, inspiring many other states to follow suit after they witnessed just how much success CO achieved after starting on its path towards legalization. For this specific reason, Colorado ranks high when it comes to the overall attitude and legalization status of this state. Aside from a few of the more conservative counties, residents of this mountainous state usually see marijuana as beneficial not only for the people, but also for the local economy.

In addition to a generally positive attitude towards pot, Colorado is also home to a lot of popular and even famous seed banks and marijuana genetics breeders. Some names you may have heard of include The Farm (based out of Boulder), Colorado Seed Inc. (also based out of Boulder), The Bank Cannabis Genetics (based out of Denver), and 303 Seeds and Green Point Seeds (also based out of Denver). With so many seed banks and cutting-edge breeders, you can bet that the quality of the cannabis grown out of CO is really something special.

This is why Coloradians are so satisfied with their homegrown product – it hits the spot! Plus, edibles, concentrates, and CBD oil, are all just as easily accessible. In Denver and Boulder especially, there is an endless amount of both recreational marijuana shops and medical marijuana dispensaries to choose from. On top of all this, Colorado is said to have the third cheapest cannabis in the United States, which is a huge added bonus.

The downsides?
Colorado does not typically possess the right outdoor temperatures to support the cultivation of a multitude of different strains. For this reason, it rates quite low in regards to ideal climate and environment, but this is why this state has learned to perfect its indoor growing techniques.

Washington State (WA):

Ranking in as the second cheapest producer of marijuana in the country, Washington State is a location to visit if you want to come across some inexpensive ganja. Just below Colorado regarding international fame, Washington ranks in second, because the world seems to be so curious about this gorgeous state that legalized cannabis in 2012 – the first region to do so in the United States. The surrounding states soon followed suit, as WA became the spark that fueled the fire for the entire West Coast, which is now all legalized.

Washington State is home to numerous pioneers in the world of cannabis, including Northwest Cannabis Solutions, BMF Washington, Harmony Farms, Grow Op Farms, Spinning Heads, and so many others. The overall quality of weed in Washington is said to be quite phenomenal, but it is almost all indoor grown, making certain strain types more prevalent than others if they are locally raised.

Just like Colorado, Washington does not possess the right outdoor temperatures to support the cultivation of a multitude of different strains outdoors, unless you go over to Eastern Washington, where mentalities and attitudes towards cannabis are not very positive… Seattle primarily, where plenty of dank weed is cultivated, can be rather cold and humid, so indoor growing is prefered over outdoor. Additionally, legal weed is not such an old decision in Washington, so some people are still getting used to this change and do not possess a positive attitude yet towards the medicinal green.

Oregon (OR):

One aspect of Oregon cannabis that seems to set it above the rest is the affordability. Oregon, by far, has the greatest affordability of almost any other state, and for this reason you might even be able to purchase an out-of-this-world ounce for $200 or less. The price point alone might have you convinced that OR ganja is the best out there, but there is also some solid quality product being produced out of this forest-covered state.

In Southern Oregon especially, which is considered to be a pretty good place to grow, weed is being grown both indoors and outdoors, because the outside environment during growing season is superb in this region. It is a bit too cold during the growing season in Northern Oregon to have the same results, but Portland and the surrounding areas have perfected their indoor cultivation techniques, and they are stocking up dispensaries all over the US with some top-notch herb.

Portland is extremely positive towards cannabis and its legalization, while this is slightly less common an attitude in Southern Oregon and other parts of Northern Oregon. What is especially cool about Oregon is actually the amount of momentum taking place in the state regarding the latest developments and advancements.

Home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, as well as to the legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, there is a lot of insane pot related material arising out of OR, especially when it comes to concentrates, extracts and dabbing. In addition, the famous Jack Herer strain is seen as an Oregon strain, and we all know how amazing that one is.

The downsides?
There is not a huge public interest regarding marijuana in Oregon, especially not in Eastern Oregon where the demographic is still quite conservative and not particularly accepting towards enjoying 420. Regardless, in areas like Southern Oregon and Northern Oregon (Portland), people seem to overall really love weed and are quite open towards its consumption.

California (CA):

Seen by many as having some of the all-time best weed, California is a massive state, and a massive cannabis culture has arisen from within it. With prices that are the fourth lowest in the United States, parts of CA have the perfect climate for outdoor cultivation, which is part of what makes the ganja out of this state so incredible. Although you may not discover a $200 ounce like in Oregon, if you are purchasing from a reputable dispensary or recreational pot shop, even the cheapest larf is almost always top-shelf product in many places.

Parts of California, especially Humboldt County in the “Emerald Triangle”, are known for supplying pot to a lot of the rest of the United States, stretching as far as the East Coast where they originally brought quality back to a region that was known for its poor quality weed.

Overall, one thing that is really incredible about The Golden State is that the general attitude towards weed is positive; many people enjoy it and have for decades, so it is no surprise this area recently became legalized.

On top of California cannabis just being overall mind-blowing by the standards of many, there are a multitude of cutting-edge cannabis breeders and other related companies coming out of California, including Aficionado Seeds, Exotic Genetix, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, The Source Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, Swamp Boys Seeds and Gage Green Group, just to name a few.

Southern California:

With sunshine almost all year and temperatures that do not typically reach any lower than 40 degrees farenheit, Southern California is a perfect place to grow cannabis, all year round.

The Bay Area:

The Bay Area definitely has a much trickier climate than Southern California, but part of the year it is possible to cultivate the green even outside, although indoor growing methods are normally preferred, especially in this densely populated area that consists of many big cities and a high population of residents. Oakland, San Francisco, and Chico in particular are notorious for their top-quality Mary Jane, as well as the culture surrounding cannabis.

Humboldt County:

A part of the famous “Emerald Triangle”, Humboldt County is widely recognized for its top-shelf marijuana being grown outdoors, which of course can only be cultivated during the season from April/May until the end of October, when weather conditions tend to take a massive turn. Humboldt County is seen as a region that is ideal climate-wise for producing amazing cannabis, and the weed that has hit the market from this area definitely lives up to its reputation.

The downsides?
You do not always know the quality of your cannabis in California. Cartels and other illegal organizations do also cultivate a lot of cannabis, because marijuana is no doubt a cash crop, and for this reason you are not always getting organic quality in The Golden State. You have to be careful and know your source. If you are purchasing from a reputable dispensary or recreational pot shop, this will likely not be the case, and you can trust what your knowledgeable budtender is offering you. A recently passed law may have only improved the trust in cannabis vendors, however, because it is now required for California dispensaries to apply stricter laws and testing for pesticides, etc. if they want to sell cannabis in their storefronts. Although this is a financial hit for vendors, it definitely does keep the health of the consume as a priority.

The Consensus:

After considering a lot of research, we have ultimately concluded that the regions that consist of the “Emerald Triangle” are considered to possess the best weed in the United States. If you are not familiar with the Emerald Triangle and what it consists of, the next section will explain in further detail what this zone is all about.

What is the Emerald Triangle?

The Emerald Triangle is made up of 3 counties in Northern California, including Humboldt County, Mendocino County and Trinity County. This is a region that is notorious for its top quality cannabis , and many individuals in this region are marijuana cultivators. Our research has exemplified that this area possibly possesses the best quality ganja, because not only is the practice of growing cannabis totally normal and widely accepted, it is essentially what fuels the economy of this region. Additionally, herb being supplied to dispensaries all over the US is derived from regions throughout the Emerald Triangle, which only adds to the concreteness of its top-shelf quality.

The Final Verdict:

Although the debate still probably stands – and likely always will – if you have ever wondered who exactly grows the best weed in the United States, we have compiled all the information to the best of our ability in order to provide an unbiased opinion of what region exactly is pumping out the best cannabis. We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

There are a few good states that are growing some dank bud, but the best the winnner is…