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Can you smoke roach weed?

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  1. What is roach weed?
  2. Pros of smoking roach weed
  3. Cons of smoking roach weed
  4. How to dispose of roaches safely
  5. The bottom line on roach weed

Named for one of nature’s most reviled insects, roach weed may not sound very appealing. But it could have some redeeming qualities for the frugal cannabis consumer.

Here you’ll learn what roach weed is, the pros and cons of smoking roach weed, and how to dispose of roaches and other smoking material without burning down a forest.

What is roach weed?

Roach weed is what’s leftover after you’ve smoked most of a joint, blunt, or spliff. After smoking the majority of a joint, all that remains is the filter and a very small amount of weed, or the “roach.” Most consumers opt to toss out the roach, but that tiny bit of leftover weed can be salvaged and smoked if you so desire.

After smoking the majority of a joint, all that remains is the filter and a very small amount of weed, or the “roach.” Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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If you decide to smoke roach weed, it’s a pretty simple process. Of course, don’t try to salvage any remaining cannabis until the joint is extinguished and cool to the touch. You may want to save up a few roaches before you embark on this salvage expedition. Tear open the roaches and collect the bits of weed. Then you can re-roll what you’ve collected into a new joint, sprinkle it into fresh weed, pack a bowl or pipe, etc.

Pros of smoking roach weed

Save money and prolong your stash. The cost of cannabis can add up if you partake frequently. Smoking roach weed is one way to stretch your budget and stash, saving you both money and time shopping for new supplies. But you might not want to wait too long to use roach weed since the paper will get brittle and old weed loses its punch.

Reuse and recycle. In the age of the zero waste movement, keeping a roach and reusing it is one way to do your part. So, save and reuse to feel good about doing a solid for the planet (and clap back at anyone who may look at you sideways for smoking roach weed).

Cons of smoking roach weed

Potential health issues. Smoking roach weed may not be as sanitary as smoking a new joint. Residual saliva in the roach can cause bacteria to form and spread, which doesn’t bode well for the inside of your lungs. In addition, lighting the same weed twice could pose a health hazard with a double dose of carcinogens released. Using a butane lighter could be especially hazardous, but opting for a beeswax-coated hemp wick could negate this drawback.

It’s gross. Smoke tends to ruin the flavor profile of flower, which is why half-smoked joints with plenty of flower left are significantly less fun to toke the second time around. But if you’re less concerned about having an enjoyable experience and more focused on getting high, roach weed is perfectly serviceable. Like a beat-up car on the verge of combustion, it’ll get you from A to B.

How to dispose of roaches safely

Wildfires have increased alarmingly in the 21st century. Dry places like California, which once experienced these devastating fires seasonally, are seeing the threat extend throughout the year, according to global climate change data from NASA. Point being, don’t be that guy.

To prevent the risk of starting a fire, use water to be sure the roach is extinguished. Run your roach under a faucet, your last sip of beer — whatever is convenient. But flushing the roach down the toilet is not advisable, as chemicals can leach into an already vulnerable water supply.

This may be obvious, but don’t throw a roach or anything smoldering into the garbage or on the ground. Learn from my neighbor, Kevin, who tossed some fireworks in the trash on the 4th of July and nearly set the whole neighborhood on fire. Ensuring your smoking materials are extinguished can literally save thousands of acres, animals, and lives, so take a moment to do it right.

The bottom line on roach weed

Unless you’re desperate, don’t do it. There are better ways to make your cannabis supply last longer.

Learn what roach weed is, the pros and cons of smoking it, and how to dispose of roaches without burning down a forest.

What is a Marijuana Roach?

With greater emphasis being placed on vaporization, there is a danger that the art of rolling a joint will suffer. If you are fairly new to joint rolling, you may not be aware that there are three types:

  • Joints
  • Spliffs
  • Blunts

Each has its own unique charms , but they all have one thing in common: At the end of a smoking session, you will be left with a ‘roach.’

‘Roach’ is a slang term for the end of a smoked joint. At this stage, you have smoked the joint almost to the end, and for most users, the roach is discarded into the nearest bin, or, horrifyingly, tossed on the floor.

As there are higher amounts of resin in a roach, it is practically always brownish. The reason for the coloring is down to the smoke deposits that settle every time the blunt is inhaled. The enhanced resin content also means that if you roll a joint from a roach, you get far higher than you would from a freshly rolled joint, all things being equal.

There is no need to dispose of your roaches. There are now special roach clips made from non-combustible material that allow you to smoke the last piece of the joint without burning your fingers or lips. Alternatively, you can save your roaches to create an extra-strong joint. You can even add a group of roaches to a bowl and enjoy a potent smoke.

As enjoyable as a roach can be, we recommend smoking them sparingly because the added resin could damage your lungs. By adding a roach or two to a fresh joint, you get a slightly greater hit but don’t expose your lungs to as much damage . Aside from the roach clip, there are several other ways to benefit from the extra punch of the resin; here are a few of the best.

10 Ways to Smoke Roaches Aside from Roach Clips

1 – Bowl or Bong

Make sure the air path is open and push the roach straight down into the bowl’s hole. Alternatively, break up the weed in the roach and put it into the bowl. This is often deemed to be a ‘classic’ and ‘dignified’ method of using roaches.

2 – Use a Filter

This is a bit of a cheat tip since it doesn’t involve using a roach. Instead, you can avoid creating roaches by using a filter in your joint. A rolled piece of paper or a charcoal filter enables you to smoke every solitary fraction of a gram.

3 – Keychain

This handy item makes for an excellent roach clip. All you need to do is slide the roach between the rings at an angle down the side. The keyring makes for a perfect handle and enables you to get to the very end of the joint without pain.

4 – Ring Pull from a Can

If you have any soda cans lying around, you’re in luck! You can use the aluminum ring! Simply fold it in half to create pinchers on the end which grabs hold of the roach.

5 – ID Badge Clamp

All you have to do here is remove the clip from the badge and clip the roach on the end. Make sure you clean the badge so it doesn’t smell of weed when you go into work the following day!

6 – Paper Clip

If you have ever watched MacGyver, you will know that a paper clip can be used to create just about anything. However, the hit 80s show, which is now the subject of a modern-day reboot, missed a trick by not showing viewers the best facet of a paper clip. All you have to do is bend it into a roach clip shape.

7 – Tweezers

This is arguably the easiest household item to use as a clip. You can basically pick up the roach and start smoking it.

8 – Bobby Pin

You can use this well-known hair accessory as a replacement roach clip. Slip the roach into the open end of the pin and getting ready to smoke.

9 – Safety Pin

This works similarly to a paper clip. Run the roach through the pin on one side; otherwise, you will be smoking metal. Please be careful and don’t stab yourself in the eye or lips!

10 – Coins

First and foremost, make sure you wash the coins with ethanol before use; you don’t even want to know how many types of bacteria are on coins! Get two clean coins and press the roach between them. Make sure there is only a tiny amount of the roach between the two coins.

Don’t Casually Toss Your Roaches Away

If you are outdoors, please take your roach with you and toss it in the trash or compost if you don’t intend on using it. If you live in a very hot region such as California , tossing your roach on the floor could cause a wildfire! In Australia, cigarette butts were found to be responsible for starting 4% of wildfires on days when the temperature was over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from being a potential arsonist, you could also cause severe harm to young children. If you discard your roach near a school or playground, you can bet that a few curious kids will try and smoke it.

While cannabis flower and rolling papers are biodegradable, it still doesn’t mean you can throw roaches on the ground. You introduce toxins into a natural environment, and if your roach ends up in a lake or river, you can guess the level of damage it might do.

In summation, when you are left with the roach of a joint, it doesn’t necessarily mean the weed must go to waste. I have outlined 10 good methods of utilizing a roach that doesn’t involve specialized roach clips. If you smoke outdoors, make sure you correctly dispose of your litter. Otherwise, you could inadvertently start a fire, make a child very ill, or damage nature.

We explain exactly what a marijuana roach is, and look at 10 of the best ways to use them and avoid waste.