what happens if weed gets wet

What to Do if Your Cannabis Stash Gets Wet?

Whether you purchase cannabis from a dispensary or grow it at home, you’re going to do everything possible to store it safely. You’re likely to treat it like gold and act it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Indeed, it’s understandable. After all, you’ve either spent your precious money or slogged for months to grow some amazing cannabis. However, no matter how safe you are and no matter how much you protect it , sh*t happens at times and your stash may get wet.

Either you spilled water on it or it’s wet from sitting outside for too long due to humidity. Yes, this happens far too often and is a common problem among many cannabis users. So, if you’re here to find out what to do if your cannabis stash gets wet, you’re doing the right thing.

What happens when cannabis gets wet?

Most growers wash buds after harvesting them just to make sure that the chemicals are gone. Thus, it’s not a big deal when it gets wet. This is very common among growers that have grown cannabis for a long time. But, it sure is a pain in the neck because it becomes next to impossible to light it in a bowl or smoke it as a joint.

Also, it’s too tough to grind cannabis when it’s wet. Wet cannabis gets stuck in the grinder and it’s difficult to grind buds into smaller particles. And, it’s not fun to make a joint if the particles aren’t ground enough.

Additionally, wet cannabis is going to taste horrible when you try and smoke it. This is akin to uncured weed. This has nothing to do with the terpene profile and flavor because all that is still intact; however, it’s because of the water vapor mixing with the smoke that gives an acrid taste.

Plus, you have to worry about other issues like mold. If you leave you r buds out in a room with high humidity for a long time, it will develop mold and fungi all over. And, don’t even think of smoking buds covered with mold. It’s not only disgusting but it will take a toll on your lungs too.

On the other hand, sometimes you need to make your cannabis wet too when it’s too dry and brittle. For that, many people use lemon slices. It will enhance the fragrance of their stash and also make buds moist. They stick lemon slices at the top of the jar, and while this method works nicely, it should be done only for about 12 hours. Anything more will destroy the buds.

Just remember that marijuana is pleasurable when it’s moist – not too wet and neither too dry. It has to be somewhere in between.

Here are some tips to deal with wet cannabis:

How to dry cannabis buds

First off, handle the buds carefully because you’ll ruin the trichomes that fall off easily. Buds without trichomes don’t do anything much because the THC is almost gone. This means that placing the buds under a powerful fan or a blow dryer is a bad idea because the crystals will be dusted off, and you’ll be left with nothing. Having said that, here are a few ways to save your wet cannabis.

1. Use paper towels

The best way to immediately suck out all the moisture from the buds is to wrap it with a few paper towels. Be very careful and tightly wrap the towels around the buds. If the paper becomes too soggy, replace it with fresh towels to suck excess moisture. Check the buds after a few hours to replace the towels again. But, don’t forget the buds and leave them inside the towels! Or you’ll have to worry about mold again. Since the towels are wet, it creates a perfect environment for mold to develop, so keep an eye on the buds just to be safe.

Whatever you do, do not wrap the buds in paper towels and place them in ziplock bags. You will be encouraging mold to overtake the buds pretty quickly. Simply place the buds in paper towels and leave them in an open area with enough ventilation.

2. Do not use the microwave

Many people get this fantastic idea to place the buds in a microwave oven. However, they don’t realize that they are heading to disaster because the buds will be ruined. Instead of just sucking out excessive moisture, the microwave will cook the buds. A microwave is designed to heat and cook things, just in case your forgot. Thus, placing the buds in a microwave or even an oven will ruin the buds quicker than you can imagine.

3. Do not place the buds in areas with too much light

Placing wet cannabis buds under harsh sunlight and even grow lights will ruin them. This is yet another misconception that strong light will draw out extra moisture. No, it doesn’t. Instead, it ruins the buds and also makes them dry to a huge extent. Even if you leave the buds under sunlight for a few hours, they become brittle. Plus, you need to remember that excess heat will activate the THC. You’re actually decarboxylating the buds – the same process used to make edibles. Ultimately , your stash will be unpleasant to smoke.

Whether you purchase cannabis from a dispensary or grow it at home, you’re going to do everything possible to store it safely. You’re likely to trea