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Weed Firm: How to Stop Gangsters, Cops, and Aliens

One of the major draw backs in playing the game Weed Firm is getting held back back gangsters, cops, and even aliens later on in the game. Each one of these enemies can easily be taken care of and you can go back to concentrating on growing your business. Use the following Weed Firm cheats for getting rid of gangsters, cops, and aliens to better your game.

Getting Rid of Gangsters

Purchase a Safe

Once you reach level 7, you will have the opportunity to buy a safe from Lee the mechanic. You can get the safe for 10,000 cash or you can get the safe for cheaper with an easy cheat. When you have a safe, be sure to always lock up your cash and product by dragging it from the table into the safe.

When gangsters come knocking on your door, quickly put your cash and product into the safe and tell them to go away. They will leave without stealing anything.

Purchase a Shotgun

At level 10 Mike the Plumber will will have a shotgun for you to purchase. It’s tough to get the shotgun at a discount, so go ahead and save up to buy it from Mike at his asking price. With the shotgun, you’ll have a new shotgun option to select when gangsters show up at your door. Select the option “shoot them” and they’ll leave you alone and you’ll pocket some extra cash.

Getting Rid of Cops

Purchase Window Blinds

When you reach level 8 there will be a new customize option in the shop. The new upgrade is window blinds, which end up being a great investment. Without them the cops will show up almost as much as your best customers, and you’ll end up paying a lot of cash in bribes.

Paying off the Cops

Always make sure you have enough cash on hand to bribe the cops to leave your operation alone. If you don’t have enough cash they’ll confiscate everything you own including: product, cash, pots, and upgrades. Every time you level up, the cost to bribe the cop goes up 500 cash.

If you don’t have enough cash to pay the cop when they arrive at the door, don’t worry. A cheat to still avoid having the cops take your goods is to leave them at the door as you sell to more customers. The cops will patiently wait until you answer them once you have enough cash.

Getting rid of the Alien

Purchase a Space Painting

At level 11 of Weed Firm you’re met with the forbidding promise than you’ll receive a visit from an alien. When the alien arrives, it asks for you to trade all of your product for XP. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very fair trade as it’s 1-5 and you can easily earn more XP on your own.

Purchase a space painting from Mary the Artist to avoid having to make a deal with the alien. When the alien arrives, tell him to “piss off”. He’ll leave but your painting will be gone. Remember to buy another one from Mary for when the alien comes back.

Warp to Next Level Cheat

When the alien comes knocking at your door, you’re presented with two options. The first is to take his product for XP deal, and the other is to warp to the next level. If you chose to warp to the next level, you’ll have to pay $4.99 real cash – that’s cash from your credit card sent to the game developers or whomever is waiting at the final frontier. It’s your call whether or not to engage in warp.

Check out Weed Firm cheats for getting rid of gangsters, cops, and aliens to better your game. Each one of these enemies can easily be taken care of.