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Early maturing Turkish landrace: compact and resinous cannabis strain with excellent CBD potential, traditionally cultivated for hashish Turkish Regular Seeds from The Real Seed Company for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003.


Genetics: Traditional Turkish Domesticate (“Landrace”)
Sourcing: Obtained via collector community
Purpose: Hashish (sieved resin) or bud
Latitude: c. 38° N
Harvest: August to September
Height: 0.5 – 1.5 metres
Aroma: ‘Hash’, floral, earthy, spice, coffee
Characteristics: Early maturing, short, compact, CBD
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, or indoors

A Turkish domesticate with similar characteristics to Middle Eastern strains such as the Lebanese and Syrian: fast-flowering, compact, and resinous. Its aromas are hashy, floral, and spicy, with notes of coffee on curing. Its intensity of effect is moderate, suggesting CBD is present, as is typical in Middle Eastern crops. Leaflets are predominantly narrow but can be medium-width.

Most likely this Turkish strain is or was a hashish domesticate and will consequently exhibit a range of chemotypes from THC- to CBD-dominant.

Regional harvest is from late-August through September, making it well-suited for northern latitudes.

The line drawing shows a seventeenth century Turkish qalandar dervish, the radical Muslim mystics at the forefront of popularising chronic cannabis consumption across the Middle East, Balkans, and North Africa as far as southern Spain.

Turkish Regular Seeds

This Turkish cannabis strain is a short to medium plant that grows to a height of between 50 – 150 cm. It is quite a fast-maturing plant and is fairly typical of middle-eastern cannabis cultivars, e.g. Lebanese, Syrian. It originates from an area of latitude 38° North. It is grown to be used either as bud or for making hashish with.

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This is an ideal plant to cultivate outdoors or in a greenhouse although it can also prosper when grown indoors although this last is best left to the more experienced grower who knows what they’re doing. In northern latitudes it will be ready for harvest during September. It has a delightfully hash-like perfume with floral and spicy notes and which exudes coffee notes after curing.

The effect of Turkish is fairly moderate compared with some modern hybrid strains but this is in all likelihood due to the presence of relatively high amounts of CBD which counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. All in all a very relaxing and worthwhile cannabis strain.

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