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11 Weed Hacks For The Resourceful Stoner

As fun as smoking weed can be, every frequent stoner knows that getting high isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. Grinders go missing, pipes break, cotton mouth will always try to wreck your make-out sessions, and lighters that were accounted for while you were grinding, packing, and/or rolling always seem to vanish the second you’re ready to take that first puff.

Fortunately, though, despite the numerous stereotypes that would suggest otherwise, stoners can be pretty dang resourceful, (especially about their bud) so there are a lot of cool weed hacks that can make your whole high experience much simpler and even more enjoyable.

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, then you already know there’s a vast wealth of weed wisdom out there to aid you with even the most ridiculous of pot-related problems. But whether you’re a weed genius, a weed novice, or somewhere in between (like myself), there are certain pot hacks that are simple enough for any smoker to take advantage of.

1. Use A Bobby Pin To Clean Ash Out Of Your Bowl & De-Clog Your Pipe

I can’t even count how many times I’ve used one of my bobby pins to clean the ash out of a bowl, or de-clog a pipe or a one-hitter. It’s perfect, because I pretty much always have a bobby pin handy. The only downside to this hack is, if I need to de-clog my actual pipe instead of just my bowl, I have to straighten out (and thus ruin) my bobby pin to do it — but bobby pins are super cheap and incredibly effective at clearing passageways.

2. Keep Lip Balm With Your Weed Paraphernalia

Weed can dry my whole mouth out fast, and not having access to lip balm when that happens (especially when trying to initiate a make-out session) can be pretty miserable. So I keep some lip balm wherever I keep all my weed stuff. I also try to remember to keep some in my handbag and/or pockets for when I’m smoking away from home. That way, when cotton mouth turns my lips to sandpaper, the sweet, soothing solution is always within my grasp.

Personally, I prefer a mint-flavored lip balm, because it helps with dry lips, as well as any unfortunate smoker’s breath I might develop, and also just because you won’t find a much tastier mixture than good bud and yummy mint.

3. . And Sunglasses Too

A chemical component in marijuana causes the blood vessels in eyeballs to dilate. So sunglasses are essential if I’ve been daytime smoking and then have to go out in public. It’s so much easier to relax and enjoy my high when I don’t have to worry about my eyes looking too red. Plus, UV rays are no joke. So, I keep a pair of shades in my handbag at all times.

4. Suck On Candy Or Mints While You Smoke

Personally, I’d give Jolly Ranchers a try — but pretty much any kind of candy or mint will work well, too. I just pop the treat into my mouth while I’m prepping my bowl/bong/joint/blunt/vape, suck on it until I can really taste all its sweet and/or sour-y goodness, and then keep it in my cheek while I puff. It’s indescribably delicious, and it also helps combat both cotton mouth and the munchies.

5. Use A Clean Penny & A Pill Bottle As A Makeshift Grinder

Losing and/or misplacing my grinder sucks. But if I have access to a penny and any kind of pill bottle, it doesn’t have to keep me from getting lifted. I clean the penny (or whatever coin) with rubbing alcohol first (because money is notoriously gross), then drop a nugget or two in an empty pill bottle with the clean penny, pop the bottle’s lid into place, and shake. Voila!

6. Smoke Before Meal Times

The munchies can be overpowering. But when I’m able to plan my highs around my meals (particularly if I just wait to smoke until I’m about to eat dinner), then I’m able to avoid the over-indulging that is often associated with smoking marijuana. The food also tastes even more delicious, and I’m actually likely to have a better sense of when I’m full when I eat with a spirit of high mindfulness.

7. Keep A Back-Up Stash Somewhere Safe

I’m by no means suggesting you should go all Ilana Wexler and hide weed in your body cavities. Also, running out of weed really isn’t that big of a deal, unless you’re using it to treat a medical condition.

That said, I still think it’s nice to have a back-up stash sometimes. Especially because, in true stoner fashion, I sometimes forget about it for a good while and then happen upon it at the most opportune time. Just don’t forget to store it well (mason jars are great) and keep it somewhere your pets and young relatives won’t find it.

8. Make Your Own Bong Out Of A Plastic Bottle

OK, so I’ve never actually made my own DIY bong — but it looks pretty easy. Plus, you know, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

9. Keep Lube Handy

While weed can actually make sex more enjoyable for many people, some report that it can also cause vaginal dryness — so in my experience, it’s a good idea to keep lube handy if you’re planning to bong and bang. Personally, I love lube, and would suggest using it whether you’re having sex while high or sober — but since vaginal dryness is just the worst, stay stocked up on lube if you and your partner like to smoke before having sex.

10. Create Your Own “Chill Out” Mantra For When You’re Feeling Paranoid

Smoking weed rarely makes me feel paranoid, but I have gotten high and then freaked out super hard a couple of times — and because of those experiences, I now have a mantra to calm myself down. What I like to tell myself is this: “everything is exactly the same as it was five minutes ago — you’re just high.” Feel free to repeat this to yourself if you’re ever feeling freaked out after getting high — or make up your own mantra.

11. Use A Drop Of Honey To Keep Joints From Burning Too Quickly

I’ve never tested this out myself (mostly because I can’t roll for sh*t). But I have heard that if you rub a drop of honey over the skin of a rolled joint, it helps prevent said doobie from burning too quickly. Also, it probably smells and tastes delicious.

As fun as smoking weed can be, every frequent stoner knows that getting high isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. Grinders go missing, pipes break, cotton mouth will always try to wreck your make-out sessions, and lighters that were…

49 Weed Hacks That Help With Your Stoner Lifestyle

Weed hacks are a vital part of the stoner culture. From growing weed in tents to proper weed smoking etiquette, we are here to show you how it’s done. Knowing how to navigate this complicated world with stoner hacks can help you sit proudly during any smoke session. The trick is understanding how to make your weed smoking experience as easy and as comfortable as possible before becoming way to “high”. Always being ready for those times with things don’t add up. Weed hacks help to facilitate a better stoner experience.

Below is our list of 49 weed hacks that help make your stoned life better. If you are an all day stoner or someone who dabbles in the arts of cannabis from time to time, you will undoubtedly find a use full tip or two concerning smoking cannabis. The real importance is to know how to be a great problem solver during dilemmas concerning smoking weed, getting high and becoming a successful stoner.

Table of Contents

1. Use a nickel to stop unnecessary burning after you take a hit.

A coin that can cover the bowl will stop the flow of oxygen and stop your weed from burning. A budget friendly trick, especially when getting to the end of your stash! 5 cents is all it costs for this weed hack.

2. Borrow a giant page magnifier from an atlas and use it to spark up. Solar Bong Hits.

Just Don’t look directly at the light and wear a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes for this lovely bong hack.

3. In a pinch you can use a med bottle and a nickel as a grinder for a great weed life hack

Dense nugs usually need a nice weed grinder. Shake fast and your bud will be perfect for a nice bowl. A great weed hack for your cannabis.

4. Smoke while sucking on candy. Increases flavor and reduces cottonmouth

5. Use an apple as a pipe for a tasty marijuana hacks

Nothing like the sweet, sweet taste of an apple while smoking. An apple a day…

6. Always keep honey around, is one of many great stoner tips

You can use the honey to slow the burn of a fast-moving joint. Simply put a light coat of honey on your papers and your joint will burn slower and also more evenly!

7. Bonus: An empty honey bottle. These “Honey Bears” make great DIY Bongs

Let’s face it. Having this guy by your side makes the weed hacks better and makes a great conversation started to boot! A good DIY stoner craft for sure.

8. Keep a pot of fresh brewed coffee around while smoking

Staying awake and not wasting your high is ideal right? Coffee also tastes very delicious when stoned.

9. Achieve maximum highness with tropical fruit. The Mango

They say it’s the Vitamin C and something to do with your metabolism but studies show, consuming this fruit and smoking weed can increase the “highness” you may feel.

10. Use Isopropyl Alcohol and Kosher Salt to scrub and clean your Bong

This 420 hack will keep your bongs fresh and will help to reduce that weed smell from lingering.

11. Create a Spotify Stoner Mix for those smoking sessions

12. Make edibles from the left over dry vaporizers to stretch your weed budget

13. Use two nickels as a roach clip. Pinch the joint between the two flat surfaces and you will never burn your hands again

14. Use a Frisbee when rolling. Curved edges keep your buds from blowing away.

15. Spilled weed?

Use nylons or a sock wrapped around a vacuum hose. Suck at the weed and it will not get sucked up into the vacuum. Once all the weed is attached to the sock or nylon turn off the vacuum and the weed will land where you want it to.

16. Smoke before meals to enhance the flavor of food

17. Always pack lip balm and sunglasses

18. Store your weed with a slice of orange peel for flavor and keeping your bud from drying out

19. Toke without coughing

Use the French inhale technique and fill your mouth before you pull in the smoke. This will help slow your cough reflex and gauge your ability to hold smoke in your lungs. A pro stoner tip for any circle.

20. Use frozen fruit in your bong water to make flavors wonderful

Just make sure your bong is nice and clean first. Better than a Margarita!

21. Superglue a magnet to your bong and attach a lighter

Never lose your fire again with this DIY stoner accessory.

22. Pipe cleaners actually can clean pipes

Purchase them at any craft store.

23. Use a coin to your grinder to scrape out more kief

When your stash gets low, turn to your high potency THC saturated kief.

24. Use an opaque stash container that stays well hidden

25. Hide your weed in the bottom of a deodorant container

26. Have sex while stoned

Yes, cannabis can be an aphrodisiac.

27. Use a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets to hide the smell of cannabis smoke

Simply blow through the roll and into the dryer sheet. Lemon-scented cannabis that reduces the smell of cannabis. Great for dorm rooms or other areas where you don’t want the smell to escape.

28. Always keep paper clips close by for those untimely clogs

29. Use a rolled-up business card as a joint filter

This will keep your bud from entering your mouth. An unpleasant sensation and a good blunt rolling hack.

30. Mason jars are great for storage

Use a humidipack and you are set for life with fresh, tasty weed. 62% is a good number

31. Vinegar is great for removing hard water stains in bongs. Especially after cleaning them with rubbing alcohol

32. Use a sock to store your pipes in order to prevent against breakage

33. The hole in a CD is perfect for loading and packing a bowl for minimal spillage

34. Learn to use a soda can to make a pipe

This can come in handy for those times you are without a smoke piece.

35. Add mint leaves to your weed stash to spike ad enhance the flavor of your bud

Works great with weed that is maybe not so pleasant.

36. Be discreet

Check out this “Faux” Asthma inhale called the puffit2. Looks like a different kind of medicine completely but you and I both know what is really in it.

37. Use the Perfect Marijuana Infuser to properly dose your edibles

38. Use scissors to prepare your weed for smoking

Some say it holds the THC intact better than a grinder, thus getting you more stoned.

39. Always have eye drops handy

40. Never visit the grocery store high

You will spend way to much money on food.

41. Have a good stoner movie queue in Netflix for those times you hate to search for the perfect stoner flick

42. Always have food on hand before you start to smoke

43. Actually change your bong water

44. Exercise after smoking

Activities like hiking and swimming become even better but stick to Sativa strains if possible to keep your mood elevated. Yoga is pretty cool stoned too.

45. Close your eyes

After breathing in the sweet smoke, reopen your eyes upon exhaling. You are now experiencing a place stoned after leaving it sober.

46. Keep a black light handy

Mood is everything and when you want to chill after smoking you will be grateful.

47. Video games are sometimes a must

Organize your gaming needs for those times you get high and game.

48. Know your mood and your strain

Why spend the next couple hours’ paranoid if you don’t have to.

49. The Stoner Power Nap

Drink a cup of coffee, take a bong hit and wake up an hour later. You will feel high and ready to roll.

There you have it. Our ultimate list of weed hacks, pro stoner tips and joint rolling hacks. Leave your hacks in the comments below.

Weed hacks are a vital part of the stoner culture. From growing weed in tents to proper weed smoking etiquette, we are here to show you how it's done. Knowing