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How to Dry Cannabis the Right Way + 4 Best Herb Dryer Box Reviews

It takes a lot of time and a lot of care to grow weed. When you smell those fragrant buds, it is time to harvest your marijuana plants.

However, your work is still not finished. Drying cannabis is just as important as cultivating it.

How you go about curating your buds can have a strong impact on the weed. You cannot wait to try the high of your newly grown weed but you have to be patient.

If you know how to properly dry marijuana then you will not make any mistakes.

Proper curing and drying weed can increase the potency of the weed and make it high-quality. It not only affects the flavor but also the smoke and makes it smoother.

Selection of the Best Herb Dryers

Image Product Check
1. Magic Herb Dryer
2. Super Room
Dryer Tent Kit
3. Harvest Right
Small Freeze Dryer
4. SupHerb HerbDryer

Why do you Need to Dry Cannabis After Harvest?

As you know, marijuana plants produce cannabinoids. This process is termed biosynthesis, in which different blends of these cannabinoids are produced. The compound you are concerned with is THC.

The conversion of non-psychotic cannabinoids into THC may continue well after you have cut the plant. However, the weed needs to be in certain conditions for this to happen.

A temperature of 60-70° F and humidity of 45-55% is ideal for this process to continue. As a result, the weed is more potent as there is more THC content.

The process of drying weed is a slow one and if you try to quickly dry it, buds will not be as potent.

After you have cut the plant, the terpenes which are aromatic compounds of the plant start to evaporate and degrade. Obviously, you want the plant to retain them in order to have a better flavor. They can evaporate at a temperature as low as 75°. The only way to preserve them is at low temperatures.

Under these conditions, the enzymes of the plant which are still active break down minerals. Additionally, it can also help break down any sugars left because of the chlorophyll decomposition. You do not want this sugar left in the buds as it can make it harsh. Harsh weed would be difficult to smoke and will burn the throat.

The sunlight is not good for the weed when it is drying. Light can reduce THC too so it is best to dry pot in the dark even though sunlight might seem a quick way to dry it.

Properly drying marijuana can increase its life. No matter how good your weed is, there is always the threat of mold.

Dry cannabis can be stored for long periods and would not be susceptible to any harm from mold or bacteria. In fact, many weed growers have been able to store their weed in air-tight containers for even a whole year.

Choosing the Right Method to Dry Pot

The internet is filled with many methods about how to dry pot. There are methods that involve freeze-drying then there is the method that involves water.

Getting into complex methods is no good. Most weed growers use one simple method or perhaps their own variation of it.

This good old method is basically how you dry clothes: hang them from a wire. It involves cutting your plants and hanging them from wire or string. Instead of hanging from a wire, some growers also use a drying rack for the buds. You basically let the buds dry on their own by providing the right conditions.

If you are thinking about quick fixes like microwave or heat fans, stop right there. Using anything that accelerates this process will dry it but the product you will get would be absolute garbage. You do not want months of hard work to go to waste.

How to Dry Weed Properly: Step by Step Guide

1. Cutting and Trimming

Once your plants are ready to be harvested, it is time to start the curing process. I find cutting a foot long branch from the bud the best. Even though you can manicure the branch after drying, it is better to just do it before as you do not want any leaves hampering the drying process. You will need trimming scissors or a bud trimming machine at this point to get rid of all unwanted leaves in the bud.

If you are using a drying rack instead of a hanging line, you can directly cut the buds and trim them, you will need a trim tray. You can fully manicure even after drying. You do not have to spend a lot of time manually trimming them. This is why you should opt for a bud trimming machine instead.

2. Move the Marijuana into the Dark

Once you have manicured the buds, move them to a dark room. Now, you do not need any sunlight or grow lights at all.

This darkroom needs to meet the temperature and humidity requirements. You can use a dehumidifier to keep humidity within 45-55%.

The temperature needs to be between 60° F (15.5° C) and 70° F (21°C). If the room already has this temperature then you do need to do anything. Otherwise, use an air conditioner to maintain the temperature in the said range. You can use a small fan to improve the circulation of air.

3. Check for Dryness

Usually, it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days for the buds to dry a bit.

You can tell just by looking if it has dried provided you have been growing weed for a while.

When the flowers are a bit crispy and the branch snaps, the buds have dried enough and are ready to be cured.

4. Curing Weed | Store in an Airtight Dry Container

Now, to complete the curating process and to completely dry the buds you need to store them in an airtight container.

You can store them in canning jars of plastic or glass. You can even store them in plastic bags; however, it is a bit risky. Do not pack too many flowers in one bag.

You will need to open the jar for a bit several times at least for a week. This allows any remaining moisture out and lets some fresh air in. From the second week, you can open every few days. After 2 to 3 weeks, the weed will be fully cured.

The more time you spend drying cannabis the better the result is.

If at any point after storing you get an ammonia smell, know that you did not properly follow the steps of how to dry pot. Chances are that bacteria have already gotten to them, hence the smell.

Make sure to check if it has properly dried before storing them.

Best Herb Dryer Box Reviews

1. Magic Herb Dryer – 9 Site Plant Drying Box

Magic Herb dryer lets you dry your plants under controlled conditions. Moreover, it comes with a lot of other features. Available in 36 x 23 x 16.5 inches, this herb dryer covers the minimum area. Also, you can easily place it anywhere according to your convenience.

This herb dryer can dry your herb within the maximum range of 10 days. So simply hang your plants in it after harvesting them.

The dryer is completely hand-made. To develop it, the manufacturers treat the best quality of wood. Further, this dryer is made and assembled in the USA.

This special feature in Magic Herb Dryer comes with carbon protection. It is made up of two small fans. However, some previous models come with a single fan. With the help of its intake and exhaust system, you can easily adjust the environment of the herb dryer.

Furthermore, the dryer comes with a metal rack for hanging herbs. So you can hang a variety of herbs on its 24 sites spinning rack. In addition to this, the metal rack adds sturdy support to herbs.

With the help of its lockable latches, your herbs can feel secure inside the dryer. Not only the latches keep the herbs intact, but also they provide maximum support to plant or herbs.

With its lifetime warranty, you can safely invest your money in buying this herb dryer. Also, you can claim for any malfunction as described by the dealer.

2. Super Room 4 by 4 Dryer Tent Kit

Are you looking for the best bud dryer for your indoor grow room? This marijuana dry box is the perfect accessory for cultivating plants and herbs.

Moreover, this straightforward and professionally designed kit has everything you require. The best Gorilla grow tent is the tallest and thickest to grow tall plants.

Its great rack system provides easy hanging. You can either use a clothing hanger or directly attach the drying plant to the crossbar.

A trim tray with a non-slip base automatically separates flower pollens, and a curve blade pruner helps to provide extra maneuverability.

The humidity packs effectively remove moisture; thus, it is ideal for curing and storing herbs that are already dried.

Its stellar carbon filters eliminate impurities and unwanted odors. The high-performance, commercial-grade fans deliver proper airflow; therefore, it eliminates mold, mildew, and bug problems.

Furthermore, the thermometer included in this weed drying box accurately measures indoor/outdoor humidity and temperature.

Worry about lightning strikes and power surges? Don’t fret because it includes an Industrial power strip that delivers balanced and clean power from six sockets. Plus, it comes with a GFCI plug adaptor that eliminates electronic malfunctions.

Moreover, it offers a one-month warranty and long-term customer service!

3. Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Small Freeze Dryer

Do you want to freeze-dry your delicate buds? This herb drying box is an ideal choice. Since water spoils the plants and herbs, the only way to preserve their potency and nutrients is to dry them.

This cannabis dryer uses freeze-drying technology to eliminate the water within 24 hours instead of using heat.

Furthermore, this exceptional product preserves terpenes, enzymes, potency, appearance. Plus, it uses the accurate drying temperature and vacuum pressure to extend the shelf-life of delicate compounds like medicine, oils, and herbs.

It offers a trouble-free experience by letting you upgrade the regular vacuum pump to an oil-free pump. Thus, with an upgrade, your marijuana drying box will need minimal maintenance.

Moreover, this dryer comes with five-shelves, and each shelf has a 3.75 square feet tray space. For ice, it has a maximum volume of three liters.

The product’s maintenance is simple! You have to filter and change the pump’s oil. The whole process will hardly take two minutes.

Do you think you have to change the goods’ effectiveness to conserve them? Not anymore! This dryer with a three-year warranty is all you need to freeze-dry your buds without distressing about their quality.

4. SupHerb Herb Dryer – Bundle

This product comes in vertical design with its unique color. The herb dryer is available in dimensions of 3 x 2 x 6 inches. So be it your home, office, or any other favorite spot, you can place this dryer easily. Also, it is quite handy and easy to move.

If you are stuffing this herb dryer with many plants, then it might get five to eight days to dry them completely. Also, it dries the plant within the right time to maintain its crispness and flavor.

Though it can accommodate as many as 24 plants at a time, we recommend you to leave some space for ventilation inside the herb dryer. Moreover, it can also dry up to 24 plants completely within five to eight days.

The product has a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds. So you can place your plants in it without any fear.

Working on only 50 watts, this herb dryer is the best for saving energy. So if you are the one who loves to consume energy, then this is the right option for you.

To let you control the moisture and temperature of the herb dryer, this product comes with a hygrometer or thermometer. Thus, it also prevents the growth of mold and weed by checking the moisture.

With its steel blade fans, the exhaust system of this product works very efficiently. Also, it maintains the right amount of moisture and air inside the herb dryer.

Thanks to its vertical shape, you can dry your plants at the recommended vertical position. Thus, it is the best way to dry your herbs.

Last Thoughs about Drying Marijuana

The proper method of drying cannabis is time-consuming but delivers the result you want.

If you know how to dry marijuana on your own you will always grow high-quality weed.

Honestly speaking, this one aspect of growing weed that is overlooked pretty easily. Every grower is so focused on growing marijuana that they forget how to properly dry weed after harvesting it.

There are so many domestic growers of weed in addition to commercial marijuana dispensaries that you have to do everything you can to stand out.

The whole drying and curating pot process can take 4 to 8 weeks. Some even expand this process to 6 months to get even better strains. In the end, it is up to you how you go about drying your own weed.

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Because drying marijuana is just as important as cultivating it. In this artile how to dry cannabis to increase potency + best herb dryer box

How to set up a small-space drying room for your cannabis harvest

When it comes to having a usable, smokable, great-tasting crop, it turns out that growing cannabis is really only half the journey. After harvest, a proper dry and cure are crucial. These steps help retain terpenes and cannabinoids while diminishing chlorophyll, giving you something that tastes more like grass than, well, grass. Not to mention, the right conditions in a grow room prevent mold, so post-processing is an important time to pay careful attention.

No matter the size of your grow setup, a few truths remain: You should dry your weed in a dark room with temperatures between 60-70°F and humidity between 50-65%. A cheap hygrometer will take the mystery out of monitoring those numbers.

And the good news is that, in a small space, simple oscillating fans and small humidifiers or dehumidifiers (depending on your climate) should be plenty to nudge those numbers in the right direction should they be off by a few. Also, any spot you choose should be tidied up and mold-free.

If you’re in a small home or apartment or simply don’t want the dry and cure to take up too much room, here are some space-saving tips to help you minimize the footprint of the last phase of the growing journey.

Hang Branches Efficiently

Hanging harvested plants upside down is the gold standard for drying practices. It prevents buds from getting flattened or misshapen as they dry. Also, keeping flowers connected to branches for as long as possible helps create an even, slow dry—exactly what you’re after.

To make hanging even more efficient, forgo hanging branches directly on a line and instead place them on a hanger. Many more hangers can fit on the line than just branches alone. BAM—you’ve just exponentially increased your drying space. It’s a-OK for branches to be close together, but leave a little room to encourage airflow and prevent mold.

Minimize Building New Structures

For a neat and tidy hanging apparatus that takes no construction and requires no drilling into walls, purchase a freestanding wardrobe from any department store, online retailer, or thrift store.

They’re available in all sorts of sizes and come ready-made for hangers with nothing more than the twist of a few screws. They’re super sturdy, too, able to support the weight of freshly harvested branches—something that you should account for in your setup.

Trim Off Extra Leaves

Greatly reduce the volume of plant material by manicuring your cannabis before you hang it to dry. Getting rid of all those fan and sugar leaves results in much slender branches, which take up a lot less space.

Opt for Flat Racks

(A flat rack for drying buds. Courtesy of Rachel Weill)

Or skip the branches altogether and just dry the buds. Trim wet and put all buds on a hanging herb-drying rack, sometimes called a “high-rise drying rack.” They are circular with layers of mesh lining (great for airflow), and can be lined with flowers.

This will let you dry just the part you’re ultimately after, skipping any excess material like sticks and stems. Racks come in varying sizes and heights, going up to eight levels tall.

There are a few things to keep in mind should you go this route. First, weed should be trimmed and bucked—snipped off its main stem and into smaller nugs—to make maximum use of space. This means the dry will happen more quickly, so be sure to check on your flowers often. You’ll want to get them into jars to cure at the right time, rather than having them dry to a crisp.

Drying flat also means the buds will get a little smooshed on one side, the side on the rack. This is purely an aesthetic concern, but one to be aware of should impressing your friends with perfectly shaped weed be your end goal.

Skip Transferring Buds Before the Cure

When branches snap and buds sound like popcorn when pressed gently, the bud is considered to be mostly dried, and it’s time for the next step: curing.

During curing, moisture continues to draw from the center of the bud toward the outside. Most people consider their cannabis to be cured after two weeks to a month. For reasons that relate more to tradition than actual need, people take all sorts of secondary steps to cure their weed after it’s dry. For example, they transfer almost-dried branches to paper bags, cardboard boxes, or plastic bins.

All of these involve a transfer, another setup, and most importantly, more room. Skip it. When your weed is dry, buck it off stems and trim it if you haven’t already, and place it directly into your curing vessels—mason jars or locking stainless-steel tubs both work great.

Seal them overnight and check on them the next day. If the flowers seem to have regained their moisture, leave the lid off all day before resealing at night. Repeat this process—known as burping—until you find them as dry as you left them the night before. Judge this by giving them a gentle squeeze.

If you’re unsure, you can also procure a digital moisture meter, available for $20 or so at any hardware store. You’ll stick the pins into the bud and a moisture reading pops up on the display. The ideal moisture for fully dried and cured cannabis is a steady 10-15%. Voil à , your cure is done, and you haven’t had to acquire any more vessels or take up any more room to make it happen.

Growing cannabis is really just half the journey—after harvest, you’ll need to dry and cure it. Here are some tips for homegrowers with a limited amount of space.