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What types of Weeding Tools, Weed Pullers, Weed Poppers, Weed Twisters, Weed Hoes or other Garden Weeders do You Need? Special Weed Problems in your State or Region? How Big are your Weeds? Match your tools with the most troublesome weeds in your garden or state. Need a Back-Saving Solution? How many different Weed Twister Tools , Weed Augers, Weed Spinners are there? How to select a matching drill(not free!) for garden augers and twisters?

Eight Major Weeding Tools Classifications

Which Weed Twister Model is Best for You? Weed Control Products

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More Unique Weeding Tools available on the Web than in any retail store.

Weed Twisters Comparison

The Ergonica WEED TWISTER has double-coiled tines like two entwined corkscrews that provide for efficient penetration of the soil and effective loosening and lifting of the target roots. This is a patented design unique to the Ergonica Weed Twister. The incomparable versatility of this tool and multitasking capability is evident when studying the Weeding Tool Terrain Hierarchy. This twister is able to penetrate deeper into tough soil than other competing twisters and pullers. Built with tough steel for industrial use in farms and forest land management, the no-moving-parts simplicity of this patented tool allows for lighter weight than other twisters and pullers of similar length. The drill-powered Turbo Weed Twister by Ergonica gives you more speed and ease. This is the only twister that can also be applied to precise tilling as well as deep root extraction. For trail maintenance and conservation, this tool serves not only as a heavy duty deep root extractor, but the manual models also double as a great walking staff and additionally as protection against predatory critters. A recent innovation is a T-Handle Adaptor that allows you to use the drill-powered Weed Twister manually if your battery runs low, for example.

The Rittenhouse weed twister has a single triangular blade that must be twisted against the flat surface for penetration. A lever is provided to use your foot to push the blade into the roots. The Ergonica tool does not require the use of your foot to push the coils into the roots because of the efficient double-coil design. The required foot application of the Rittenhouse tool also limits the reach of the tool when used in flower beds or hillsides, for example. This limitation applies to all tools that require foot action to operate. Recently, this tool has fallen off the market, apparently. A third “weed twister” by Hastings is also no longer available on the market.

Weed Queen is almost identical to the Rittenhouse weed twister, as described above, and was presented at which domain was later abandoned. However, the item may still be available at Apparently, neither the weed queen nor the Rittenhouse weed twister have patent claims. If they did, there would be some serious contentions of violations of intellectual property. Pricing of the weed queen is lower than the Rittenhouse weed twister, however the manufacturers of the weed queen do not publish specific dimensions to enable a technical comparison between the two look-alikes. The limitations of the weed queen are identical to those of the Rittenhouse weed twister, assuming the dimensions are similar.

A cork screw weeder by Dewit has a single coil or corkscrew that comes in two lengths: about 30 cm and a long handle model of 90 cm. The coil is 5 inches in length with a precise diameter of 1.5 inches. The double coil design of the Ergonica Weed Twister is designed to function like a fork in order to grab the roots at the apex of the two twisted tines. Without the forked apex, a single corkscrew lacks a mechanism to grab and efficiently remove the root once entwined, therefore, more work is required to screw the single corkscrew deeply into the root system. The forked coils also enable the Ergonica Weed Twister to serve as a precise cultivator, which functionality does not apply to the single corkscrew tool. See video of corkscrew weeder.

The Wolf Weed Extractor by Wolf-Garten features a single 6-inch scoop with two blade-like edges that are shaped like shark fins one on each side. The D-handle supports twisting the scoop which design is efficient and precise within a 3-inch diameter. The 36-inch handle qualifies for the long-handle class, but the ergonomic value is compromised somewhat by a heavy 4 pound weight, which is nearly three times heavier than the 36-inch Ergonica Weed Twister, for example. The straight scoop with parallel blades allows this tool to go deep, but the only way to penetrate the soil is to push straight and hard with the D-handle. Wolf-Garten provides a set of interlocking heads and handles for a variety of garden tasks including a push-pull weeder and other tools which are presented in this video. Scroll back on the video to see more options. You can compares this tool with others by clicking the links in the Weeder Features Chart below.

The Chaselink Speedy Weedy is a hybrid twisting tool with three straight prongs and an ejecting mechanism. Like other multiple-prong tools, the effective depth of penetration is limited by the length of the prongs. A “T” handle at the top of the 39-inch shaft helps you rotate the tool against the straight tines to engage the roots prior to lifting up. The removed roots are ejected by pushing down on the spring loaded plunger. The difference between this multi-prong tool and others by Fiskars and Hound Dog is that the prongs do not include a mechanism for clamping the roots between them. The twisting motion is therefore needed to entwine the roots between the prongs. Twisting straight tines is not as efficient as twisting coiled tines as those featured by the Ergonica Weed Twister. This tool is available both in the US and UK and is listed in Garden Tools and the Weeder Features Chart below.

A Turf-Tec WeedAway is another hybrid twister much like the Chaselink Speedy Weedy and also contains an ejection rod to remove the weed from the tool after popping the weed out of the ground. The Turf-Tec WeedAway tool uses three 1/4 inch steel spikes to twist weeds from turfgrass areas without bending over and is designed to be a really heavy duty weed removal tool designed for the rugged maintenance of everyday use. It also has a heavy duty price tag at the 3-digit level. Although the length of both the Speedy Weedy and the WeedAway are the same 39 inches, the heavy duty steel construction of the Turf-Tec tool is most likely noticeable when comparing its weight against that of the aluminum built Speedy Weedy. Even though their weights are not specified, these tools most likely weigh twice or thrice the weight of an Ergonica Weed Twister of comparable length. Their ability to seek and destroy deep roots is also limited by the length of their spikes. The Turf-Tec WeedAway is also listed in the Weeder Features Chart below.

The WeeDigger or Weed Digger from Flexrake features a fork with two straight tines each with a sharp hook. Apply by push, twist and pull with a 39-inch wooden shaft and T-handle. The length of the tines limits the depth of penetration. Flexrake also offers a Hula-Ho product both of which are listed on the chart below.

Other twisters include a garden claw tool on the market that is applied by twisting, but this tool is actually a cultivator designed to till a much larger diameter area than the other twisting tools and cannot grab and lift individual weeds. If you’re looking into a hand tool for industrial or agricultural applications, several alternatives are also compared on the Hand Weeder Science page. The Ergonica Weed Twister also provides several models with lengths from 36 inches up to 60 inches. This feature, not offered by other twisters, allows you to select the best match for your height and the type of application at hand, such as weeding in home gardens, lawns, raised platforms and farms. Some people like the longer lengths to reach under bushes or between landscaping fencing, for example.

Motorized Twisters – Drill Not Included

The power drill D-WeeD-R has been promoted on TV quite aggressively through home shopping networks. We have tested the D-WeeD-R and ran into problems because our drill was so fast that the weeds quickly wound around the shaft and created a messy removal situation. Perhaps a slower drill speed may work better. Many weeds were also torn off from their roots, allowing the roots to revive at a later date. The quality of steel was also poor and when the cross-pin broke, it was impossible to replace, even though a replacement was provided. If the quality were improved and a slow drill applied, this could be an effective tool.

The Dandelion Terminator DLT100 is designed much like a 1-inch drill bit with a 14-inch shaft. An additional 12-inch extension is also available from the manufacturer. It is not designed to remove the dandelion roots, but merely to suppress it’s growth, much like mowing will accomplish. The astute shopper may wish to use a generic 1-inch drill bit with a standard extension to test the concept before purchasing this tool.

The 36-inch and 42-inch drill-ready Turbo Weed Twisters by Ergonica are longer than most of their competitors and include an extra sleeve grip to provide a high level of precision and two-handed balance of weight and movement. The sleeve grip and high precision are unique to this tool design.

Compare and classify a variety of weed removal tools including the Ergonica WEED TWISTER, other twisting tools, weed poppers, weed pullers and garden weeders. Back-saving long-handle tools, precision tools for lawns, circle hoes, numerous tools available online or in your local store. Compare features before you buy. Do you need a precision tool for you lawn?