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Funky Fruity Pebble Treats

Before learning how to make Fruity pebbles weed treats – Make sure to check out The Weed Scene’s Video on How to make Cannabutter

Funky Fruity Pebble Treats

Using marijuana or marijuana butter to make fruity pebble rice krispie treats is very easy, tastes great and gets you very stoned. I prefer to use fruity pebbles to make my krispie squares as they taste much better and can help mask the weed flavor that potent butter recipes have.

Using marijuana or cannabutter to make fruity pebbles weed rice krispies is very easy weed treat, tastes great & gets you stoned.

Cannabis Marshmallow Cereal Bars


  • ¼ cup of cannabutter
  • 1 pack of marshmallows
  • 6 cup of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, Rice Krispies, or Fruit Loop


  1. Start by buttering a 13x9x2 inch pan making sure to coat the entire pan evenly.
  2. Melt canna-butter in a large sauce pan on low heat while stirring continuously making sure it doesn’t burn, you don’t want a nasty mess. Once it’s melted, add the bag of marshmallows and mix them in until they’re completely melted as well, then remove from heat.
  3. Pour in the cereal making sure to mix it well and to get all the cereal generously coated with the sticky marshmallow mix. Place it inside your pan spreading it out evenly and press down on the mix to help the firming process. leave it to cool while you think about how good it’s going to taste and then cut into whatever fancy shapes you like.
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This classic, delicious snack has been making memories for generations. Get creative and make this recipe your own.