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Strawberry Kush UK Strain Review | Cannabis | Marijuana Strains

If you are interested in a Kush strain that has a floral flavour and a great aroma, thisВ Strawberry Kush review is definitely for you. The Strawberry Kush strain is one of the many beautiful cannabis strains that has its origins from the Kush strain family. With a strong quality, great smell, amazing taste and, sweet flavour,В Strawberry Kush weedВ is the true definition of perfection.

One distinct quality of the Strawberry Kush strain is that it gives you the choice of choosing two different versions of the weed strain; you can opt for either the Sativa-dominant version or the Indica dominant version. The Indica dominant version is greatly loved for its soothing and calming effects; it is naturally suitable for people seeking for a great cannabis strain that can help them unwind and relax. The Sativa-dominant version on the other hand, is mostly known for the energetic feeling that it gives.

Strawberry Kush weed strain can be enjoyed by both experienced and novice smokers because its effects aren’t sudden and overwhelming. Strawberry Kush Strain is commonly created by crossing the amazing Strawberry Cough and the Strong OG Kush. It comes in sweet flavours that depict its fruitiness which is an awesome combination of citrus, pine and, strawberry.


The appearance of the Strawberry Kush strain is gorgeous. Its plant which is quite short in stature produces abundant green leaves that have well-stretched arms. Its buds although green may also have a reddish colour which makes it more beautiful. The plant has packed buds with a shiny layer of whitish trichomes which makes the nugs sticky. When dried, the Strawberry Kush strain forms green nugs with amber hairs and icy resins.


This great Kush strain is generally appealing because of its pleasant smell and great taste. Strawberry Kush weed strain possesses a sharp fruity scent of strawberry mixed with earthy and herbal undertones. Its fragrance is simply irresistible.

The taste of the Strawberry Kush weed is exceptionally satisfying. It contains a mixture of strawberry, pines, and a special spicy taste. Its flavour is also skunky and is most likely noticed when exhaled.


When inhaled, the Strawberry Kush Strain gradually stimulates its user mentally thereby resulting in alertness and mood uplifting. This weed strain can give both calming and energetic sensations depending on which of the Strawberry Kush strain that is being used. the Indica-dominant version enables calming effects while the Sativa strain boosts your energy levels and gives you a sense of alertness.

However, the side effects of the Strawberry Kush Strain depends on the amount you consume. You may experience anxiety, paranoia, dry mouth, and eyes. It can also induce appetite.


Generally, Strawberry Kush strain can be utilized for relaxation. It can give uplifting but also calming effects thereby helping users to ease stress. Even though the Sativa dominant strain will raise energy levels and bring about alertness, the effects of this strain are interestingly still calming and as such will help you decompress. It can also be used in the treatment of certain health conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Strawberry Kush UK Strain Review | Cannabis | Marijuana Strains If you are interested in a Kush strain that has a floral flavour and a great aroma, thisВ Strawberry Kush review is definitely

O.G. Kush

OG Kush: an esteemed mix of strains

Royal Queen Seeds breeders worked hard to develop our own version of the legendary OG Kush. Using a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Pakistani Kush, they created a well-rounded strain with high THC levels and bucket-loads of fruity terpenes. Overall, she features a stoning genetic profile of 75% indica genetics and 25% sativa.

Its true genetics are unknown. Some say OG Kush is a mix of ChemDawg with a Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. Others say that it’s just a special cutting of ChemDawg from the early 90s. Even the meaning of the name OG has been debated; with some saying it means Original Gangster. However, now, because of its origins, most people agree it means Ocean Grown.

Is OG Kush the most popular RQS strain?

One thing that is not debated is the popularity of this feminized cannabis strain. From Hollywood movie stars and rappers to medical marijuana users, OG Kush is loved by many. The most obvious trait of OG Kush is its strong, unique, very dank, slightly citrus aroma, almost like fuel or strong detergent. The flavour of OG Kush is equally as strong and dank, with a long-lasting aftertaste.

OG Kush provides a strong mental and physical high

OG Kush is an extremely strong cannabis strain, with most experienced smokers listing it as one of their favourites. The effect is as strong physically as it is mentally. Though its effect is like an Sativa, the strain’s genetics are mostly Indica. The effect is as strong and complex as the flavour. OG Kush takes around 8 weeks to flower and on average the yield is 500 grams per plant.

THC levels of 19% drive a high that soothes the body and mind in equal measure. Delicious scents and tastes of citrus, pine, and fruit augment the high and will leave you craving another hit. and another. High concentrations of the terpenes myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene underpin her recognisable aroma.

Growers can easily achieve higher yields by employing basic training techniques. Topping early in the vegetative stage will force plants to produce multiple main stems and more flowering sites. Both main-lining and low-stress training will help keep her bushy and dense canopy under control and adequately aerated.

OG Kush blooms big buds with lovely hues

OG Kush is known to stretch slightly during growth but soon starts to fill out during flowering. Generally, it will reach a height of 90 to 160 cm. Its buds are large and dense, lime green clusters covered with a large amount of resin. There are many good reasons why OG Kush has become so popular. Now available as a feminized variety from Royal Queen Seeds, so you can try out this amazing strain yourself.

OG Kush is a cross of ChemDawg x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai. With high THC levels, she brings a physical and mental high that gives feelings of happiness.