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A beginner’s guide to glass

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  1. Why glass?
  2. Main types of glass pipes on the market today
  3. Glass made in U.S. vs glass made in China
  4. Scientific glass vs. artisan glass
  5. Choosing the glass that’s right for you

Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or newcomer to the world of cannabis, the fact remains the same: glass is an integral part of the consumption experience. It is one of the best, most commonly used materials for smoking out of, and glass pipes range from small and simple handheld pieces to huge, wildly intricate artistic creations, and everything in between.

Glass pipes range from small and simple handheld pieces to huge, wildly intricate artistic creations, and everything in between. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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What makes glass such a perfect medium for smoking cannabis? What are the different types of glass you’ll find on the market today, and which ones are the best for you? Here’s everything you need to know about glass, helping you to become a cannabis glass connoisseur the next time you visit your local head shop.

Why glass?

The primary reason glass is used for smoking cannabis is that it is a very clean material. To be more specific, when you heat a piece of clean glass, the only thing that really happens is the glass gets hotter. It doesn’t begin to smoke or vaporize, it doesn’t create toxic fumes, and it doesn’t emit odors or flavors. This makes glass perfectly suited for smoking cannabis flower and concentrates.

On the other hand, pipes made out of materials such as metal, plastic, or wood usually end up contaminating the cannabis smoke in one way or another, whether it’s changing the taste of the smoke, altering the odor of the smoke, or worst of all, emitting toxic fumes into the smoke.

Aside from maintaining the purity of the cannabis smoke, there’s an added bonus to using glass: style.

Glassblowers often mix in color pigments to create interesting patterns, adding artistic flair to the smoking experience. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Glassblowers often mix in color pigments to create interesting patterns, adding artistic flair to the smoking experience. Artists who specialize in high-end glass pipes also make large, elaborate pipes in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Main types of glass pipes on the market today

Glass is used to make a wide variety of smoking devices. The most common are:


Spoons are widely used and are recognizable for their simple design. One end is a spoon-shaped bowl into which you pack your cannabis. There is a small hole at the bottom of the bowl that allows smoke to travel from the spoon end down into the body of the pipe. Somewhere adjacent to the bowl is another small hole, called a “carb.” You control airflow inside the pipe by covering or uncovering the carb with your finger. Finally, the body of the pipe extends out away from the bowl and carb, ending in a third opening, which is the mouthpiece.

Spoons are widely used and are recognizable for their simple design. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Bongs are defined by the inclusion of a water chamber. As smoke bubbles through the chamber, the water simultaneously cools the smoke and filters out heavy particulates, producing smoother, cooler, and all-around better-tasting smoke.

Bongs are defined by the inclusion of a water chamber. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Bubblers are essentially a mash-up of a spoon pipe and a petite-sized bong. In shape and function, they are just like a spoon pipe. They also include a small water chamber that cools and cleans the smoke. For many consumers, bubblers produce more enjoyable smoke the way a bong does, but with the smaller, more convenient size that a spoon offers.

Bubblers are essentially a mash-up of a spoon pipe and a petite-sized bong. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Glass chillums can essentially be described as a small cylinder of glass you can smoke out of. You pack one end of the cylinder with flower, ignite it, and pull the smoke through the other end of the cylinder.


Steamrollers are basically extra-large chillums that often include a small depression for packing cannabis, a carb for controlling airflow, and a much larger-diameter glass cylinder. The idea is to let you fill the pipe with tons of smoke before clearing it all at one time for a powerful punch of cannabis smoke.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs typically use the same water filtration system as a bong, but they include a number of additional features and components designed specifically for vaporizing super-potent cannabis concentrates at higher temperatures than those for smoking flower. Instead of a bowl, for instance, a dab rig typically utilizes a nail or banger made from glass, quartz, or titanium. Once the heated chamber reaches the desired temperature, the concentrate is dabbed and filtered through water before being consumed.

Dab rigs include a number of features and components designed specifically for vaporizing super-potent cannabis concentrates at higher temperatures than those for smoking flower. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Glass made in U.S. vs glass made in China

A common debate in the world of cannabis is whether glass pieces made in the United States are fundamentally different from or of better quality than glass pieces made in places such as China.

One camp maintains that mass-produced Chinese glass is inherently inferior to American glass. According to this perspective, because Chinese glass is mass-produced and is intended to be much more affordable, manufacturers cut corners and don’t create products with as much care or quality assurance as manufacturers in the U.S.

As seen on numerous online discussion boards and cannabis forums, common complaints about Chinese-made glass include:

  • Lower-quality glass
  • Thinner glass
  • Glass that is not carefully hardened through a process called annealing, thereby making it more susceptible to stress fractures and breaking
  • Unoriginal designs, with many claiming that Chinese glass manufacturers essentially rip off designs created by smaller glassmakers and then mass-produce them

Another camp tends to be much more open to glass pieces made in China. In general, this cohort sees the quality of Chinese glass as close enough to the quality of any other glass that it doesn’t really make a noticeable difference.

Further, this group often argues that because Chinese pieces are mass-produced for lower cost, they actually serve a valuable function within the cannabis industry, giving people access to very affordable smoking implements. For many, this affordability outweighs whatever drop in quality consumers might get with a piece made in China.

As expert glassblower Luke Wilson put it: “The only difference is [Chinese manufacturers] take everything they make from other people and make it a million times over. . There’s nothing wrong with China glass as far as I’m concerned. So if you need a high-filter piece for your money, then go buy a China piece. But if you want something that’s collectible and that you’ll appreciate, go buy a personal artist piece.”

Scientific glass vs. artisan glass

The other key distinction in the types of glass used for cannabis pipes is if it’s made from scientific glass or artisan glass.

According to The American Scientific Glassblowers Society, scientific glass is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands and specifications of the scientific community. Per the Society’s website: “Scientific glassblowers provide highly specialized glass apparatus for all universities with graduate research programs, government, private, and industry-research laboratories, production facilities, the semiconductor industry, and many other aspects of scientific research.”

Scientific glass is primarily focused on function, precision, and consistency. And smoking devices made out of scientific glass are much the same. These pieces tend to use thicker glass, are typically more heat-resistant, and have minimal issues with stress fractures or other manufacturing defects.

Scientific glass pipes are primarily focused on function rather than style. As a result, they typically do not have a lot of color or decorations, and the designs are simple and minimal, more in line with something you’d expect to see in a research lab than a stoner’s dorm room. One big advantage of focusing on function is that many scientific glass pipes include high-performance percolators that require a high degree of precision to make well.

On the other hand, artisan glass — often called “heady glass” — is focused much more on design and style elements. Artisan pieces are often one of a kind, made by established artists with recognizable aesthetic styles and a cult following of high-end glass collectors. As such, these pieces can be very fun to smoke out of and many enjoy the sense that their pipe is more aligned with a piece of art than a smoking apparatus.

Artisan glass is focused much more on design and style elements. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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The process of adding colors, crafting pipes into funky shapes, and executing complex designs often requires artists to use a slightly “softer” glass than a scientific glass piece. Additionally, the exclusive nature of artisan pieces often means that they carry heftier price tags than scientific glass pieces.

Choosing the glass that’s right for you

There are three main factors to consider when buying a glass piece:

What type of smoking experience do you want?

Do you want to smoke out of a simple spoon or chillum? Are you interested in the cooler, smoother, better-tasting smoke of a bong or bubbler? Do you want the hard-hitting, massive hits of a steamroller? Answering these questions will help narrow down the types of glass smoking devices that fit your personal criteria.

Form or function?

If you want consistently high-quality, precision performance, you can’t go wrong with a scientific glass piece. If you’re all about personal style, creativity, and flair, then you’ll love exploring the world of artisan glass. And remember, function and style are not mutually exclusive. Many people who like minimalist designs find scientific glass to be very aesthetically appealing.

What’s your budget?

If you’re on a tight budget and you simply need a piece that will get the job done, you might want to experiment with an affordable piece made in China. Don’t be surprised if you run into problems or if the piece breaks — at least replacing it won’t be too expensive. But if your budget gives you more room to shop around, have fun exploring the diversity of glass pieces made in the US by more hands-on glassblowers and artisans.

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17 Best Weed Pipes in the World Right Now!

Toker ingenuity has produced all kinds of different ways to experience the good herb – why, nowadays you can eat it, vape it, dab it, take cannabis in pill form and rub it on like lotion. But when it comes to simplicity and effectiveness, other than a rolled joint or blunt, your basic marijuana bowl cannot be beat!

Pot pipes are a very personal thing and they can reflect their user’s personality – those of us with an excess of personality might gravitate towards cooler, more novelty smoking pipes while a more subdued stoner may opt for a basic spoon pipe.

Now, maybe you’re a newbie to cannabis culture and have a few questions like, ‘What is a spoon pipe?, ‘Can you smoke weed from a tobacco pipe?’, ‘Which end does the weed go in?’ or ‘Where do I put the fire?’; so we’ll give you some bowl basics before we clue you in on some supercool pipes and on the best places to buy glass pipes online.

Functionally, there’s really no difference between a tobacco pipe and a weed pipe. They both burn leaf, have a bowl, stem and mouthpiece. You can use a tobacco pipe to burn weed and vice versa – in fact, many marijuana pipes are sold ‘for tobacco use’, online and in offline headshops, to avoid regulation and prohibition. Lighting and smoking a weed or tobacco pipe are virtually the same: you pack the bowl at the far end of the stem with either tobacco or pot, then you put your mouth on the opposite end, light it and pull smoke along the stem into your mouth and lungs, release the pipe and then exhale.

That said, there is a slight difference, mechanically, with some weed pipes. Next to your marijuana bowl on a glass spoon pipe, you will find a small hole, called the carb. The carb is what allows you to clear the chamber of smoke by holding your thumb over the hole, then releasing it when you have inhaled all the smoke. Metal pipes do not usually have a carb hole.

That’s really about it, but if you want to read more about ‘How to Smoke Weed from a Pipe’ we have another blog on that right here on Weed Republic.

Now, if you have a grasp of the basics of using a weed pipe – and there’s not a lot to grasp – it’s time to move on to looking at some decidedly lit hand pipes!

5.5″ Monster Glass Pipe – 69.99

What we love!

  • American Made Glass
  • 5.5 Inches Tall
  • Deep Bowl
  • Thick Glass
  • designed in the shape and color,

Prometheus Titan Pipe – $139.99

By Zeus, this is a pipe for the stoner sci-fi fans! The Prometheus Titan is a 4-inch, two-in-one, ergonomically balanced, metal and glass weed pipe; the core is a replaceable glass pipe surrounded by anodized 6160 aircraft-grade aluminum armor. The Titan’s exoskeleton has a sleek and stylish space-age look that distinguishes it from any other ordinary hand pipe. The Titan’s badass aluminum armor sleeve comes in green, blue, red, black, and purple.

The internal clear glass marijuana pipe is suspended within the high-tech metal frame by shock-absorbing rubber gaskets, making the Titan one tough little pipe. The Prometheus Titan comes with replacement wire mesh ash screens and gaskets – and they even throw in some pipe cleaners to get you started keeping this magnificent marijuana machine shipshape!

$139.99 USD may seem like an out-of-this-world price, but that is an investment in a nearly-indestructible, high-quality glass pipe – plus shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Futuristic anodized aircraft-grade aluminum exoskeleton makes the Prometheus Titan very break-resistant and look so sci-fi cool!
  • Anodized 6160 aircraft-grade aluminum armor comes in green, blue, red, black and purple
  • Inner glass weed pipe is suspended within the high-tech metal frame by shock-absorbing rubber gaskets
  • Comes with replacement wire mesh ash screens and gaskets, complementary pipe cleaners

Hawaii PipeFarm Hybrid PIpe – $99.99

Hawaii PipeFarm Hybrid PIpe – The goal was to create the perfect pipe – beautiful, functional and durable. We start at the pottery wheel with a high fired (2000 deg) stoneware ceramic head w/ exclusive multi-hole bowl and straight-through hole for easy cleaning. Next, the lathe to create a custom mouthpiece featuring local hardwoods lined w/brass for easy cleaning. Ring magnets connect this mixed media masterpiece for an airtight yet easy to open connection and a satisfying “snap!” The cherry on top is the removable internal screen that sits perfectly in the mouthpiece – no more scooby snacks! And remember each pipe is a one of a kind collectable work of art handmade on the Big Island of Hawaii.

GRAV Gandalf Pipe – $29.99

The highest JRR Tolkien fans are convinced that the pipe weed that the wizard Gandalf and his Hobbit homies smoked was in fact ganja. Whatever it was supposed to be, there’s no denying that the Gandalf pipe was a sweet-looking long-stemmed pipe that would look dope to be smoking your dope from.

GRAV Lab’s homage to the Middle Earth weed pipe isn’t exactly the same as the one from the books and movies, it’s more of a high-tech version in the same shape. GRAV’s Gandalf pipe is 10 inches long, made from 25mm solid tubing, and comes in a rainbow of colors like amber, aqua, jade, pink, purple, white and more.

You could buy a working movie replica of the Gandalf pipe to smoke out of, but that would be somewhat expensive at $95 Euros ($108 USD) – the GRAV Gandalf weed pipe is a more reasonable $29 and you can find a link to buying it right here on Weed Republic.

What we love!

  • The long, curvy stem brings to mind the adventures of Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Gandalf and the Fellowship of the Ring
  • 10 inches long – having the bowl farther from your face helps you see it better when you light it
  • Made from 25mm solid tubing
  • Comes in an array of colors

Pink Elephant Pipe by Swerve Glass – $18.65

Being that it’s pink and adorable, this might be one of those weed pipes for girls; not saying that a guy couldn’t also enjoy pretty weed pipes but most guys gravitate to NFL glass pipes, a Rose Bowl pipe or camo pipes. The 2-inch pink elephant pipe fits even the smallest of hands, or slips easily into your purse or pants pocket.

The mouthpiece is the tip of the trunk and the bowl is on its back, with the carb off to one side. The weed bowl doesn’t hold an overabundance of weed, but it’s good for two or three hits worth. The small bowl just fits a 0.375-inch weed pipe screen, or you can use it screenless if you don’t mind occasionally sucking in a piece of pot plant.

This oh-so-cute pink spoon pipe runs just under twenty bucks with free shipping; the pink and adorable pot pipe usually ships within a day.

What we love!

  • Undeniably pink and adorable
  • Small bowl is good for one-hitter or two to three hits of weed
  • Fits into the palm of your hand; slips easily into a purse or pants pocket
  • Ships free within 1 day

Futo Bamboo Steam Roller – Small – $20

Cannabis use and cultivation began millennia ago in ancient China, Central Asia and India, so probably one of the first weed pipes was a hollow stick of bamboo that some slick ancient Chinese stoner picked up and decided to use to smoke ganja in. That’s basically what this Futo bamboo steamroller is – a natural 6-inch bamboo stick with a nickel pipe bowl attached atop one end. It looks quite a bit like the peace pipe popularly associated with Native Americans.

You toke on the Futo bamboo steamroller just like you would a glass pipe, the opposite hole is the mouthpiece and the closer hole is the choke.

Futo painstakingly processes the raw bamboo to help preserve its beauty and durability, then all steamrollers are finely sanded by hand, toasted with an open flame, and finally brushed with an oil and beeswax finish.

A bamboo steamroller pipe is primitive in its simplicity, and also rather rustic-looking; it’s a back-to-basics kinda dry herb pipe, $18.98 CAD/$14.32 USD, plus shipping – not unreasonable for a solid, hand-crafted piece like this one.

What we love!

  • 6” length, a good hand pipe size
  • It’s a wooden pipe, but the bowl is metal so it’s less likely to char when lighter is applied
  • Beautiful and durable wooden weed pipe – made with processed bamboo, hand-sanded, toasted with an open flame, with an oil and beeswax finish
  • Decent price for a quality, hand-crafted marijuana bowl

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer – $96.93

Are you as obsessed with this beautiful little pocket companion as we are? Photo: @420Magazine

Glow in the Dark Weed Pipe – $19.99 upwards

Whether during some candlelit stoner sex or just chilling on the couch at night, watching flix on the flatscreen TV in the dark for some movie night theater ambiance, you will not have to fumble around in the dark for this particular glass weed pipe – because it glows! Even if the power goes out, you can still find and get lit on the lightweight 2 ½ oz Firefly 3 ¾-inch hand pipe. Now if only you had a glow in the dark lighter, too!

The Firefly glass pipe outshines competing glow pipes because Chameleon Glass makes their own glass with a proprietary mix of raw materials that is completely non-toxic but glows very brightly. Plus Chameleon does a ‘full melt’ on the inside of the piece to make sure there are absolutely no leftover particles of glass that could get pulled through the stem during your draw through the mouthpiece. Apparently, full melt takes about twice as long with a blowtorch and must be done on a cooler flame so as not to burn out the glowing substances.

You can catch Firefly Glow in the Dark glass weed pipes in blue, green, pink, teal, or white. Though not a cheap hand pipe, you can buy the Firefly Glow in the Dark pipe directly from Chameleon Glass for $39.99 plus shipping and applicable taxes.

What we love!

  • It glows in the dark – not a lightsaber, sure, but still cool!
  • Chameleon Glass glow pipes are much brighter than anyone else’s because they use their own special mix of non-toxic raw materials
  • Chameleon also cares enough to make sure there are absolutely no leftover particles of glass that could get pulled through the pipe stem by slowly full melting the glass with a lower flame
  • It can be purchased directly from and is shipped out by Chameleon Glasses

Glassheads Illuminati Twist Handpipe – $36.99

Maybe you and your lady friend are super into conspiracy theories, or maybe she loves magical things, or maybe you love magical things, but the thing is that this glow in the dark pipe by Glassheads is magical! Glow in the dark pipes are easy to find in the dark, make good weed pipes for girls and add extra trippy-ness to toking down on some heady herb!

Made by master glassblowers at Glassheads, the Illuminati Twist pipe is perfect for gathering at the end of the day, filling its large bowl with your favorite strain, and swapping thoughts on just who might really control the world we live in.

The Illuminati Twist retails for the great price of $36.99.

What we love!

  • Makes a good weed pipe for girls
  • Glows in the dark for that cool, easy to locate, look
  • Quality build makes for a sturdy pipe
  • Deep bowl so you can share and swap your favorite stories while enjoying your favorite strains.

TMNT Hand Pipe – $39.99

Superheroes, Power Rangers, Transformers and Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles are mega-popular right now and so are weed pipes based on them – like NFL pipes, Rose Bowl Pipes or camo pipes used to be in bygone years. If you’re looking for a good guy’s pipe, you might consider the Heroes in a Half Shell for your stoner boyfriend or geeky guy friend!

The TMNT pot pipe is a decent 5-inch long spoon made in Los Angeles, CA by Mathematix Glass using thick, high-quality, hand-blown glass. It’s a sturdy piece that you won’t have to worry about dropping so much, but don’t try to use them to fight mock ninja battles or anything – prolly not that sturdy!

Because the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece has a nice, deep bowl you can pack a lot of weed; maybe order some pizza for your stoner munchies while you blaze!

You can get the turtle marijuana pipe in the four famous headband colors: red, blue, orange and purple. Whether your fav is Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo or Leonardo, you’ll be feeling the Turtle Power with a few puffs of your green weed in this Cowabunga-cool glass pipe! You probably won’t be mentored by a talking rat unless you’re burning some high THC leaf like LSD weed strain – then maybe it could happen!

The TMNT pipes sell for $39.99, or you can make 4 payments of $10.00 – whichever works for you.

What we love!

  • Power Rangers, dude! What’s not to love! Totally rad!
  • You can pick from red, blue, orange and purple headband colors
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA by Mathematix Glass using thick, high quality, hand-blown glass
  • Nice, deep bowl to stuff with weed
  • You can make 4 payments of $10.00, instead of $39 all at once

Raydiator Titanium Pipe – $74.99

Like our Staff Pick the Prometheus Titan, this made-in-the-USA metal marijuana pipe has a futuristic, high-tech look! The Raydiator is manufactured from premium titanium surrounded by high-grade aluminum as a heat sink. Having a heat sink ensures that your hands are well-insulated from the heat of the pipe – that way every sesh with the Raydiator Titanium Pipe will be finger-singe free!

Twin Titanium Gaze and glass rods run through between mouthpiece and bowl, giving the piece the look of a starship or something equally out-of-this-world. The rods come in black, blue, green red, orange, and purple so you can pick your favorite color – or the one you dislike the least.

The bowl has a cover that swivels closed so that your herb stays dry and remains within the bowl, making this a good travel pipe. You can never have enough pipes that you can just pack with a little weed, toss into your pocket or purse, and scoot out the door with!

This very cool Raydiator Titanium Pipe will run you $74.99, which is not cheap, but you’re paying for an advanced design that keeps your fingers cool while you look hot smoking your weed!

What we love!

  • Futuristic, high-tech look
  • Twin color rods come in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Aluminum outer heat sink ensures that your hands are well-insulated from the heat of the pipe
  • Swivel cover holds herb in bowl, keeps weed dry
  • Good portable pocket or purse pipe

Budbomb Pipe – $24.99

Small metal pipes are the bomb when it comes to portability! The Budbomb one-handed marijuana pipe is a bullet-shaped, 91mm/3 ½-inch small and sturdy pot pipe. The cylindrical pipe breaks down into four basic pieces – mouthpiece, a corkscrew internal cooling helix, the main chamber, and your weed bowl. The Budbomb bullet pipe comes in three separate finishes: silver, gold, and gunmetal black.

When you toke off this piece, air cools as it travels from the tip, through the internal spiral, and then into your mouth and lungs through the mouthpiece. Pro tip: freezing the pipe adds smoothness to your hit by cooling the smoke even more!

The little Budbomb hand pipe is super-easy to clean because you can break it down into its individual parts, soak the pieces overnight in isopropyl rubbing alcohol and then scrub with soap and rinse with water in the morning. Let it dry for a few hours, or soak up the moisture with a paper towel, reassemble and pack with herb and you are good to go!

You can pick up one of these little gems through our own Weed Republic blog store listings for $24.99 plus shipping.

What we love!

  • Portable pot pipe easily slips into your pocket or purse
  • Small and sturdy metal marijuana pipe
  • Available in silver, gold, and gunmetal black finishes
  • Easy to break down, clean and reassemble

Journey Pipe 2 – $39.99

The JP2 is an innovative spoon pipe made from a high grade metal alloy, with a strong swivel magnetic lid making it easy to load and secure in your purse or pocket when you are on the go. Neither will you need to fumble with wire screens because of the Journey pipe’s screenless design. Valuable toking time is saved with the convenience of being able to preload your bowl for a sesh on the run!

This 4-inch metal spoon pipe doesn’t usually get too hot to hold during prolonged smoke sessions and ought to provide smoother, cool hits every time because of the high-tech aerodynamic design of the smoke chamber; so, unsinged fingers and fewer lungbuster coughing bouts from hot, harsh smoke.

The magnetic lid comes completely off so you can easily clean inside the JP2.

The Journey Pipe 2 spoon pipe includes a traveling case with space to store a lighter, some more weed or other valuables. Having a good weedy travel kit handy is a bonus, making blazing away from home a breeze!

You can pick up the Journey Pipe 2 for yourself at a price of $39.99 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $8.00 – and the shipping is absolutely free, and free is good.

What we love!

  • Made from a high grade metal alloy
  • Magnetic swivel lid makes it easy to load and secure your marijuana
  • Screenless bowl design
  • High-tech aerodynamic design, keeps the JP2 cooler so pipe doesn’t burn your fingers
  • Advanced chamber design also provides smoother, cooler hits
  • Magnetic lid comes completely off so you can clean inside the pipe
  • Traveling case included – with extra space to store a lighter, more weed or other valuables

Small Zeppelin Metal Pipe – $4.50

This little Zeppelin one-hitter wonder is both a sturdy metal pipe and a cheap weed pipe! One-hitter weed pipes are also known as bats, and they are perfect pot pipes for just one person – holding a tiny amount of marijuana, only enough for one hit. Just because you wanna get high doesn’t necessarily mean you wanna be social!

Although the Zeppelin bat is only 3 inches long, there is a larger 4-inch version for those who need just a bit more weed for their solo sesh. Both sizes of one-handed pipes come in black, blue, green, purple and red finishes. Ganja girls can easily accessorize their shiny metal Zeppelin hand pipe with their nails or makeup; maybe a ganja guy wants to find one that matches his skateboard or game console controller.

The Zeppelin metal weed pipe is a 2-piece piece, the bowl and mouthpiece, the two halves screw apart for easy packing and cleaning.

Zeppelin’s one-hitter wonder costs a mere $6.00 – and you can even make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.20; they’re practically giving it away, like the weedy tchotchkes that come in a Hippy Butler or some other monthly ganja goody box subscription – they’re not giving it away, but it’s almost like they are.

What we love!

  • Portable one-hitter weed pipes are so convenient on the go!
  • Solid, rugged little metal bat
  • Comes is a variety of cool metal colors
  • Bowl and mouthpiece screw apart for easy packing and cleaning
  • Darn good pipe done dirt cheap – and you can still make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.20!

Glass Chillum Pipe – $10.00

If you’ve heard the term ‘chillum pipe’ but had no idea what the heck that was, here is the straight dope: a chillum, or chilam, is a straight conical pipe with end-to-end channel, used by Hindu monks over in Central Asia, where weed use began. Now that you are enlightened – and you’re entirely welcome – then you might want to know that a chillum pipe is also a quick and easy way to smoke some weed that is painlessly portable and best of all, cheap!

These glass chillum marijuana pipes measure 2 ¾ – 3-inches in length and feature an inside-out, frit and fumed design. Maybe you don’t give a frit, but frit means there are particles and bits of reheated, reground glass in the glass body of the chillum that give it a speckled or sparkly look. And don’t fume, because fuming in glass blowing means melting various substances to create various colors or patterns in the glass. The long and short of it is that it’s pretty!

You can request preferred colors in the comments section at checkout but they don’t guarantee it will be available – so you could end up with a random color and pattern, but for a pipe you can pack and packet on your way out the door for a party or a nature sesh (or why not both), then it’s a small price for an inexpensive but dependable little pot pipe.

And $10 is an inexpensive price to pay for a trusty little pocket pipe, or you can make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $2.00; either way the shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Traditional tubular chillum, reliably used by Hindu monks
  • Pocketable 2.75-3.5″ size
  • Colorful inlaid frit sparkles and fumed streaks, but you aren’t guaranteed you’ll get your requested color
  • $10 cheap – or you can make five $2 payments – with free shipping

$5 Glass Hand Pipe – $5

You are simply not gonna find a cheaper pipe than 5 bucks unless you steal one (not recommended) or someone gets you a hand pipe for your birthday! 5 bucks is a burger, fries and soft drink or a slice of pizza. But if you cannot afford five bucks for a pipe, you probably can’t afford a gram of weed to go in it!

While these basic, glass spoon bowls are cheap marijuana pipes, they are still made from sturdy quality glass. Like the chillums above, these unassuming glass pot pipes are 2 ¾ – 3-inches in length and feature an inside-out design, glass that has a layer of clear on top of it – accomplished with a few glass blowing techniques such as puff and stuff, flipping, or just opening a tube and drawing it inside. Technical, yes – all you need to know is that it looks good, is solid and smokes well!

Unfortunately, the exact color spoon pipes pictured may or may not be available. Generally, each pipe is chosen completely at random when you order, but you can always request certain colors in the comments section at checkout – just understand that color choice cannot be guaranteed and be chill about it! Again, it’s a 5 dollar pipe – why be choosy?

They certainly make it easy for you to buy these $5 glass hand pipes – you can pay $5 USD upfront, or make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.00.

What we love!

  • Seriously, you cannot beat $5 for a good marijuana pipe
  • Quality glass
  • Small portable size
  • Colorful assortment of colors, though color choice cannot be guaranteed
  • You can even make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.00

Large Glass Steam Roller Pipe – $9.99

Steamroller hand pipes are similar to a chillums because they are essentially tubes with a straight shot from the bowl to mouthpiece; but steamrollers have a weed bowl on top and are a bit more social because they are usually bigger and hold a lot more weed! Steamrollers typically feature an open end opposite the mouthpiece that acts as a carb, the far end is your mouthpiece. They are stunningly simple yet stunningly effective stoner pot pipes!

This 141 mm/5 ½-inch large steam roller pipe is made from solid borosilicate glass, which is tougher and more heat-resistant than ordinary glass – thus your pipe is less likely to break from repeated heating or in some tragic household mishap perhaps involving the cat. The large glass steamroller is fitted with two outer feet beneath the bowl to allow it to be stood safely and securely when not in use , so it won’t roll away as tubes sometimes do.

And for a sturdy steamroller pipe like this you’re only going to have to pay $9.99 plus shipping.

What we love!

  • At 141 mm/5 ½-inches you won’t have to cover the choke end with gauze to plug it, your finger or hand should suffice.
  • Made of thick borosilicate glass, less likely to break and more heat resistance
  • Small feet give the steamroller pipe stability when it’s not in use

Eyce Silicone Bubbler Pipe – $44.99

This colorful little silicone weed bubbler features a high-quality, removable glass bowl, unlike other silicone hand pipes that have metal bowls. The Eyce bubbler pipe’s removable top with fixed downstem means it can easily be filled with water and cleaned. A clean pipe bowl is a happy, well-hitting pipe bowl!

The Eyce Silicone Bubbler comes in several vibrantly rad splash patterns: deep blue, camo, chronic green, Jamaica, unicorn purple, Rasta and solid red. They are such eye-catching little hand pipes!

Eyce loads their bubbler with extras: attached to the side of the bubbler bowl is a detachable poker tool, and the underside of the bowl is a stash jar for your weed. That makes the silicone weed bubbler a good traveling companion, because you can haul your weed right in the pipe and then fluff it up with the pick before you hit, for a better smoke with stronger effects.

You can pick up your own brilliantly colorful Eyce silicone bubbler for $44.99 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $9.00 – and both options come with free shipping!

What we love!

  • High-quality, removable glass bowl – unusual for a silicone pipe
  • Pretty weed pipe that comes in a vast array of vibrant colors
  • Attached to the side of the bubbler bowl is a detachable poker tool
  • The underside of the bowl is a stash jar for your weed
  • You can make one payment of $44.99 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $9.00
  • Both payment options come with free shipping

Ohana Glass Wrapped Blunt Hand Pipe – Slyme – $19.95

For the uninitiated, a glass blunt is a glass pipe with a sliding glass tube inside. And it is called a glass blunt because you can load it with about the same amount of cannabis that you would toke in a blunt. The whole idea is that as you burn your pot, you slide the ash out of the end of the bigger tube by pushing it forward with the smaller tube, which is the mouthpiece, as you smoke. You can also vaporize with your glass blunt by packing the weed halfway up the larger tube, and not letting the flame into the end of the piece.

The Washington-made Ohana Glass blunt hand pipe is molded corrugated glass on the outside of the larger tube; the glass weed pipe is three inches long compacted, and extends out to six inches. Slyme is the color of the piece, a sort of light yellow-green; probably because biological slime molds are often that same yellow-green hue.

Brothers with Glass sells the Slyme-colored Ohana Glass wrapped blunt for $19.95, tax-free, and the totally tubular hand pipe ships free within 24hrs of receiving your order.

What we love!

  • Glass blunts are nice one-hitter, one hand pipes for a quick solo sesh
  • Pack the Ohana glass blunt halfway and you can vape your weed
  • Ohana’s glass wrapped blunt hand pipe has a stylish corrugated exterior
  • Green Slyme color – though the same glass blunt is also available in purple, red and white
  • Nice price and ships free within 24hrs


Weed pipes come in a nearly infinite variety – we’ve covered glass, metal and wood pipes, with some silicone thrown in for good measure, but there are also pipes made out of stone and crystal, too. Some stoners will core an apple and smoke through that; the first pipes were probably sticks like the bamboo steamroller we featured above. There are also bongs and vapes that you can smoke out of, but those are blogs for another time; the subject of smoking weed can be very involved, why even bong bowls have had their own blog.

Most weed pipes are pretty basic spoon pipes with a bowl connected by a stem to a mouthpiece; most glass weed pipes also have a carb hole on the side so you can clear the chamber of smoke after your hit. Both metal and glass pot pipes usually have some kind of ash screen to prevent ash and plant particulates from getting sucked into your mouth when you draw – that can harsh your mellow! Metal pipes tend to be tougher, resistant to breaking, but can get really hot and burn your fingers; glass pipes run cooler but are generally more fragile.

The weed pipe you pick will be decided by your personal tastes, your budget – some are really costly, others dirt cheap – and there are practical concerns; small one-hitters are great for being a loner stoner, but at parties you wanna bring a cool-looking piece that holds enough weed to pass around! Bowl size, material, portability, and durability are all things to think about when you decide to purchase a pot pipe. Our list of best weed pipes may differ from your own – there are a lot of choices out there; we tried to include a sampling of different kinds of pipes to maybe help you decide which pipe you may want to pick up for yourself. Just don’t spend so much money on some novelty smoking pipe or specialty spoon pipe that you don’t have enough left to buy any herb to smoke in it! That would be so gnarly!

If you waded through all the above information, or at least scrolled down this far, here is a bonus vid on picking a good pipe – enjoy:

Toker ingenuity has produced all kinds of different ways to experience the good herb – why, nowadays you can eat it, vape it, dab it, take cannabis in pill form and rub it on like lotion. But when it comes to simplicity and effectiveness, other than a rolled joint or blunt, your basic marijuana bowl cannot be beat! Pot