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OG Kush likes to get around and isn’t afraid to let you know. Leafly calls this marijuana strain the “backbone of the West Coast” and if you’ve had any strain that’s come from there, then you’ve probably already had at least a small taste the OG.

OG Kush has been around for a while, and since it has been experimented around with so much when crossing with other strains, this is one plant that knows how to mow down even the most veteran tokers with her high THC content. Breeders love using OG Kush to cross-pollinate because they know OG Kush will provide a wealth of THC and flavor that provides a fantastic base for a new strain.

Before the euphoria embraces and crushes all your worries, you can expect to taste a triple hitter of flavors. OG’s pine, dank lemon, and woody undertones have put this strain on the map as one of the best marijuana flavors that you can’t help but want to overindulge in.

Our tip for this strain: This is a great strain if you like a sativa high over an indica one, but don’t have the room to handle the height a typical sativa can grow to. And as we are sure you have already guess, this is a great strain for crossing with another and creating a brand new green baby. OG Kush easily has some of the most stable genetics around.

What we love about this strain: A fantastic strain for those that like to use marijuana for both recreational use and medical use. Many medical patients are drawn to this strain for it’s ability to help with ADHD, migraines, and stress-related disorders. While she’s been crossed with and created a lot of amazing strains, there is just nothing like the original.

Quote from a customer: “Fantastic strain. Tastes great with a very active high. High yield at 2.5 – 5oz per plant. This has become a favorite.” Glenn L.

OG Kush Описание OG Kush likes to get around and isn’t afraid to let you know. Leafly calls this marijuana strain the “backbone of the West Coast” and if you’ve had any strain that’s come from

XXX (Triple X) Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Moviegoers all over the world are familiar with the symbol of XXX. Depending on the context, it means either danger or a great movie. However, the Triple X symbol doesn’t always have to represent danger; it can also represent a good time, at least when it comes to cannabis.

The XXX strain, also known as Triple X or Triple X OG, is an excellent example of a classic indica hybrid, providing copious amounts of relaxation and enjoyment.

Let’s take a look at this potent strain and discover its potential for danger.

What Is the Triple X Strain?

The Triple X strain comes from a long line of respected and well-loved strains, though a bit confusing when it comes to some of its more specific strain origins.

We know that Afgooey and Skunk strains are in the mix, but there is also some evidence that the OG Kush strain was involved. What makes it even more confusing is that there seem to be two strains with similar strains – Triple X and Triple X OG. They may be the same strain, or Triple X OG may be the result of Triple X and OG Kush crossed together.

Nevertheless, Triple X definitely has a potent OG indica quality to it, with all of the same effects you would expect from this strain family.

The effects start pretty slowly, taking a little while to really take hold. However, once it begins appropriately, you will notice it almost all at once. There is a familiar tingling sensation, beginning in your facial muscles and, over time, gradually encroaching on your entire body.

Once the tingles pass, a potent relaxing effect will take hold, leaving every inch of your skin vaguely electric and soothed. Your muscles will be unable to stiffen, causing the couch lock sensation that indicas are famous for. However, it isn’t unpleasant, nor does it keep you totally glued to the couch.

There is enough sativa genetics to ensure that your brain is filled with pleasant thoughts. Triple X is thus a tremendous in-between strain, offering up intense indica feelings while still managing to bring a decent amount of sativa as well.


The first thing you will notice on getting a whiff of the Triple X strain is a distinct earthiness. It carries the aroma of compacted, wet, fresh earth, along with a handful of pine.

There is a bit more to it, however, with a twinge of citrus hitting the back of your throat as you breathe in more deeply. It isn’t enough to make it a proper ‘citrus’ strain, though. It also has a fair amount of tasty dankness that all great weed strains have, making it a really good smelling strain.


When burned, Triple X’s smoke is exceptionally smooth, which is surprising considering the sheer quantity of indica in its genetics. It offers up more than just the primary flavors in its aroma.

In fact, it tastes pretty sweet, verging on a cloying flavor. There is also lots of pepper and pine, with that vague citrus quality as well.


The Triple X strain is an excellent example of a hybrid strain with a unique appearance. While it has a pretty typical bud shape and density, it has the exceptional quality of a vaguely purple coloration if appropriately treated.

This purple coloring tends to occur after suffering from an unexpected cold weather spike during its growth period. Experienced growers with a good amount of planning and equipment can replicate this effect with careful temperature control.

If treated right, you can expect a great deal of frosty white trichomes and orange pistils as well.

Triple X Strain Grow Info

Triple X presents a unique challenge to growers due to its oddly specific temperature requirements if you want to bring out its purple color.

Although Triple X strain seeds are sometimes available online, the growers themselves have not actually made them readily available. Instead, the easiest thing to do is to try and find a grower willing to offer you a clone of their Triple X plant.

If you manage to get a clone, the best thing to do is to grow it indoors. While you can grow it outside, you won’t be able to predict the temperature changes necessary to create its exciting colors.

You can regulate the temperature using thermal regulators and a heater. Try and keep it around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then drop it down to the low 60s for a few short days toward the end of its growing period.

You will also want to try and trim its leaves, as Triple X tends to grow excessively. In particular, it grows a lot of leaves on its underside beneath the canopy. Other than that, you don’t really need to do too much to your Triple X crop to ensure it gives you a proper yield.

It grows plenty tall, but also decently wide, ensuring that you get a high final yield.

THC Content – Highest Test

Triple X cannabis is well-known for its pretty strong effects, which implies a higher THC load. However, unlike many other potent indica-leaning hybrids, Triple X doesn’t actually offer more than 20% THC.

Instead, most examples of Triple X will measure around 15% THC, which is a great mid-point between too much THC and too little. Once again, Triple X has got things just right.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Most strains designed for high-intensity effects won’t have much CBD to speak of – usually less than 1%. While there are plenty of hybrid strains that offer a fair amount of CBD, most, unfortunately, do not.

However, Triple X offers a mild compromise with just a little bit of CBD, usually no more than about 1%. This is enough to provide at least some medical effects, while still leaving plenty of room for the THC.

Medical Benefits of the Triple X Strain

When you get a nice, robust indica hybrid, its medical effects are usually quite physical, with a touch of mental calm. Triple X keeps this trend going, offering up a great deal of relaxation to help soothe mental disorders.

For those with depression, Triple X is a great way to try and mitigate feelings of inadequacy or unpleasant thoughts, and the same goes for those with anxiety. In fact, one common reason why people enjoy Triple X is as a coping mechanism for PTSD.

The small amount of CBD provides this strain’s medical effects, providing some anti-inflammatory treatment to help soothe long-term pain.

Another common reason to use this strain is as a palliative care option for those sick due to cancer treatments or degenerative disorders. It can relieve mental pressure and leave you feeling relaxed and happy, perfect for those battling a medical condition or coping with the strains of age.

While this strain doesn’t completely knock you out like many other indicas, it is still a great way to help you fall asleep. As it induces a heaping amount of pleasant relaxation, it is a great way to help your body sleep peacefully. It won’t knock you out, but it will calm you down enough so that you fall asleep of your own accord.

By far, the most common reason to enjoy the Triple X strain is its relaxation effects. It leaves your muscles and bones feelings soothed and chilled out, excellent for coping with stress. If you have any significant stressors in your life, this is the strain to try.

Possible Side Effects of the Triple X Strain

Cannabis side effects vary wildly in intensity and severity; some are incredibly unpleasant, while many are nothing more than a mild irritation.

Triple X continues its reputation as an in-between strain when it comes to side effects. It is remarkably pleasant and straightforward, without significant unwanted side effects to ruin your high.

You may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, but that is the case when you smoke almost any cannabis strain.

Other than that, the only thing to look out for is the slight chance of developing a headache. This will only really happen if you smoke too much Triple X at one time, so keep your dosage to a reasonable level, and you should be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Triple X Strain

Triple Xs might usually mean danger or serve as a warning, but you hardly need any advice to enjoy the Triple X cannabis strain. Its mild effects coupled with its relaxing final result, make it a strain that anyone can enjoy without complication.

Use this strain to calm down or chill out after a really taxing day at work, or to chill out at the weekend. With few side effects and barely any growing knowledge necessary to make your own, Triple X is a strain that everyone should keep on hand.

It’s a balanced strain that’s pleasant in its own right. Enjoy this strain whenever life gets you down, and don’t worry about the consequences.

Everything you need to know about the XXX marijuana strain, also known as Triple X. Read on to learn about its effects, benefits, and more.