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About Trilogene

Trilogene Seeds is a hemp seed company focused on innovation within the hemp seed industry. Their team of breeders, cultivators, and cannabis industry professionals work together to create and stabilize different varieties of hemp genetics for extraction and smokable hemp.

Their website doesn’t provide very much background info regarding Trilogene’s history, production process, etc., but it does have a variety of very positive testimonials from past customers. Those, coupled with links to publications written about Trilogene, let potential customers know that they are in experienced hands.

Trilogene’s Hemp Seed Varieties

Trilogene sells hemp seeds, all of which are CBD dominant, for the following hemp varietals:

  • Aquawoman
  • Berry BaOxom
  • Bubble Berry
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Cherry Sunrise
  • GNO
  • Maraschino
  • OGC S1
  • Purple Cowboy
  • Rosella
  • Sangria S1
  • Superwoman S1
  • Sweet Berry
  • Sweet Rainbow
  • TBB S1
  • Ultra Violet
  • Berry Wine
  • Red Robin

These 18 different varieties give the potential customer plenty of options. Trilogene includes helpful information for farmers for each hemp seed strain under the “size and style” field on their website. A few more examples of information they provide for each strain include callouts for “high-yielding” hemp plants, fast-growing plants, and “finicky” hemp plants better suited for the seasoned farmer.

Trilogene provides access to their certificates of analysis (COAs) below their list of varieties. Testing was conducted by Think20 Labs which has offices in Irvine, CA and Columbia, MD.

For more information regarding each variety, as well as a detailed certificate of analysis for each one, click here.

How To Purchase Hemp Seeds from Trilogene

To purchase hemp seeds from Trilogene Seeds, you must fill out this form on their website. Before doing so, make sure you know how many acres you’re looking to farm, when you need your order by, and how often you plan to purchase hemp seeds.

Wealthy Hemp Farmer Where Farmers Help Farmers Trilogene Review About Trilogene Trilogene Seeds is a hemp seed company focused on innovation within the hemp seed industry. Their team

Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Seeds for the Professional Hemp Farmer

Feminized Hemp Seeds, Hemp Seedlings and Hemp Clones Bred In-House by Our Experienced and Data-Driven Team

High CBD Low THC Hemp Seeds for the Professional Hemp Farmer

Over thirty exclusive hemp varietals. An unmatched, proven selection for grower success.

Breeding Low THC High CBD Hemp Seeds for the Success of Our Customers

In an increasingly competitive CBD hemp marketplace, farmers and growers need hemp genetics they can rely on. And the deep expertise of a team breeding for feminized hemp seed that is committed to raising the bar on genetics, hemp farming support, and professionalism in the hemp industry. Hemp may be an emerging industry, but farmers deserve the diversity of genetics, crop knowledge and level of expertise they get in any other crop they grow. That’s the promise Trilogene Seeds makes to our farmers. Performance and reliability to succeed. We are the definitive source to buy CBD hemp seeds.

Feminized Hemp Seed For Sale: Genetics that Pass the Tests of Success

How can CBD hemp farmers have confidence the seed they buy will yield as promised? Will their harvest pass the crucial low-THC threshold and stand up to field stress and thrive in their particular climate?

At Trilogene Seeds, we follow a two-part process in our breeding selections for the sake of breeding reliable and proven cultivars.

Our Services

First Step – The Qualitative Analysis

We chose new hemp varietals based first on our senses. We use our senses, honed over years of experience working with cannabis genetics to “pheno-hunt” for new ideal characteristics.

Confirming What We Thought – The Quantitative Analysis

It is the testing, the data and the science that confirms the winning varietals our senses first revealed. The THC and cannabinoid testing are imperative, of course.

Name: Sweet Rainbow

Purple bud structure with a heavy array of trichomes. Easy to grow and maintain.

Name: Rosella

A very vigorous and fast grower that’s ideal for many environments. She can grow over 12 feet in height, so make sure to keep a close eye on this one.

Name: Superwoman

A balanced hybrid designed for its unique ability to thrive in multiple climates, this consistent cultivar has the ability to out-yield and outperform some of the best genetics in hemp.

Basically, we’re proud hemp genetic nerds!

So, what elevates a new hemp seed cultivar onto our elite hemp genetics list? Well, it has to pass our five tests:

  • Yield
  • Uniformity & plant structure
  • Resistance to Pathogens and Pests
  • CBD (or CBG and CBC) to THC ratio
  • Extraction efficiency
  • Desirable flavonoid and terpenoid profiles

We’re only satisfied when a new hemp cultivar meets these five tests, and we’ve bred it for at least three generations for uniformity within the genetic pool, before we add a new variety to our list.


Working with Trilogene Seeds enabled us to successfully grow 20 acres of CBD Hemp. But Matt and his team are not only suppliers, but rather become strategic partners and trusted advisors to the entire process. Unless you consider yourself an expert that know all the answers, I would strongly consider partnering with Trilogene Seeds.

Trilogene Genetics are on par with the best in the industry. From propagation to harvest, it has been a joy working with these plants. Nearly every plant on our 4 acre plot was over 7′ tall with beautifully filled out colas, heavy trichome production, and a great terpene profile. I was astounded with the way my crop turned out. If you want to grow a crop you’re proud of, grow with Trilogene.

Exceptional growth and yield. They out yielded the 2 other genetics on the farm by 2 times. They grew so aggressively that I plan to provide them more space next year and plant all Trilogene genetics. The team at Trilogene were easy to reach for questions provided the service that is difficult to find in the seed sales business. I was very impressed with the price, quality and service from Trilogene.

Professional Service, Experience and the Help Hemp Farmers Need to Succeed

It doesn’t matter how good your hemp seed, seedling or clone you purchased is if you don’t have the back-up and help you need when it comes to growing it.

At Trilogene Seeds, we offer remote help for all our customers. Plant spacing, fertilization recommendations, growing and harvesting advice and more are all part of what we do for our customers. All at no charge.

We even provide five free potency tests during your grow and help to evaluate them. So, you can feel confident in your choices and make the critical decisions when you need to

We offer this service, free of charge, because we know our feminized hemp seeds, hemp seedlings and hemp clones have all the genetic potential to thrive. We want to make sure to provide the help our farmers need to assure they do.

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Trilogene offers high-quality Hemp Seeds. We deliver reliable feminized low THC CBD Seeds with industry-leading quality. Wholesale Available. Shop today!