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Tres Star Strain Review

Published on July 31, 2016, By Marie Veksler

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It’s always nice when a dispensary employee is able to make the perfect recommendation for a new strain. Tom, at The Haven: A Strainwise Dispensary in Denver, recently recommended that I try his favorite strain — Tres Star.

While Tom didn’t believe Tres Star was exclusive to Strainwise, he did mention that it was not readily available at any other dispensary in Denver of which he was aware. Although I was already convinced by Tom’s explanation of the effects he feels from this indica-dominant hybrid strain, I was pleasantly surprised when his colleague Racarra made the same recommendation as one of her favorites.



Stardawg x Tres Daughter


The Haven: A Strainwise Dispensary, 777 Canosa Ct #102, Denver, CO 80204.


These Tres Star flowers were dense and surprisingly not dry at all, something that those of us living in Denver have become accustomed. Tom did mention that it was freshly harvested, and just arrived on the shelf. Clearly hand-trimmed, both nugs faded from darker green on the outside to lighter green on the inside with an above-average amount of kief. These flowers also had a nice covering of burnt-orange colored hairs.


This sample of Tres Star smelled sweet and earthy with undertones of fuel and citrus fruit. The smoke had a similar taste, but the fruitiness was more prominent in the smoke than the aroma.


This Tres Star broke up easily, and the resinous trichomes stuck to my fingers like glue. I smoked it out of a glass spoon pipe using a hemp wick instead of a lighter to preserve the integrity of the taste. This was one of the smoothest-hitting strains I’ve ever smoked. With absolutely no coughing or throat irritation, I barely even noticed I was exhaling smoke. A good sign that the plants were flushed and cured properly, the ash left in the bowl when I was finished was almost completely white.


After just two hits of Tres Star, I no longer noticed the post-operative pain I’d been feeling in my foot for weeks. Within minutes, I felt extreme relaxation throughout my entire body, including muscle tension relief, and a light tingling sensation on my skin. Tres Star definitely enhanced my sense of touch, so it may be a good one to add to your list of strains to bring into the bedroom.

The cerebral effects were minimal, leaving me relaxed yet clear-headed with the ability to focus on work. In-line with the typical description of an indica strain, the effects I felt were much more body-heavy than cerebral. Based on the effects I felt and the aroma of this Tres Star, it likely contains a decent amount of limonene, a terpene known to be beneficial in the treatment of conditions like anxiety, depression and inflammation.

Tres Star would be a good strain for an evening out with friends, or for those seeking daytime pain-relief. It would also likely be a good choice for those suffering from PTSD or PMS.

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Tres Star Strain Review Published on July 31, 2016, By Marie Veksler Marijuana News Marijuana Reviews Strains It’s always nice when a dispensary employee is able to make the perfect

Tres star strain

Tres Star Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 27%

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First time I’ve felt this mellow I like my CBD’s, and this with. WOW! It’s nice with “ tubular bells” Lots of good focus Very very relaxed. tubular bells”

Wow! What a great combination of all of the various weed effects: you definitely know that you’re absolutely, positively, stoned, but you still can be focused, creative, and productive. I can also see that this weed will be great for a couch-bound binge watching session, but it won’t lock you into doing so unless that’s what you have planned.

I just spent a week in Cali and popped through 3 grams of high potency oils which as all know probably jacked up my tolerance. Got home and went and saw an old buddy and three hits of this and I’m baked. Like it’s all good over here. Peace out y’all.

This is one of the few strains that knocks me out into slumber faster than most other Indica strains. Nothing specifically remarkable about this one. Feel the face tingle around the cheeks and eyes. Has a sweet undertone on the exhale. *Shatter 86%:.03%*

I was surprised at how good this strain was, it was subbed in for some other flower I wanted that was sold out. Tres Star didn’t come up in my searches for any of the ‘categories’ that I try to address (depression, social anxiety, insomnia). Not sure if it’s just my own body chemistry or what, but this strain did not make me sleepy at all. This, for me, was an excellent ‘wake’n’bake’ strain – gave me focus, energy, creativity, and a big ole smile was plastered across my face. Excellent strain for generalized anxiety and social anxiety.

Its definitely Indica. Its definitely Grade A strong. Grade A taste. Grade A smell. Time to relax with this one. No driving recommended. All I can say is that its a kaboom effect. Couch lock? Yes. A fantastic one. Its all within controllable attributes. Driving? No. Bad Idea. Indica is what Indica does. This one gets it done. I recommend highly.

Tres Star is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through a potent cross of Afghani #1 with a Chemdawg backcross. This bud takes its Chemdawg parent to a whole new level, with lifted tingly effects that hit you hard and stay for hours on end. The Tres Star high start…