things to do while smoking weed

5 Things You HAVE to Do While Smoking Weed

There is a lot to be said for the amount of cannabis information we can access online these days. At the touch of a button, you can find out the best strains to get mega-high. Other options include locating the top methods of consuming weed or the recipes that taste best with cannabis. The list goes on and on!

However, there is much less information on what to do once you are high! It may not seem obvious to some, but we bet seasoned smokers will tell you that they have a few fun things to do once their high arrives. This scenario often leads to hours spent idle in front of a terrible television show (or ads!), which is a bit of a waste when you think about it!

To help combat the issue, we have put together our top five things you MUST try while high! So, give this a read and get prepared for the best stoned experience of your life!

#1 Play a Video Game

Professional gaming contests have banned marijuana? A study by Huestis et al., published in Sports Medicine in 2011, looked at cannabis in sport. The researchers make the following remarkable conclusion:

“Recent advances in understanding the endogenous cannabinoid system demonstrate its important role in many critical functions that could positively affect sports performance.”

The team also found that when an athlete is under the influence of weed, they experience better decision making and enhanced creativity. Other possible benefits include an improvement in self-confidence, superior sensory perception, and better performance under pressure.

In the likely event that you are not a pro gamer, marijuana is still fun. Why not try an old-school video game? Dust off that neglected console and break out the weed!

Remember the old classics? As we get older, it becomes much harder to take time out to play some games. The truth is you’ve not realized that the perfect time to play is when you’re high!

Depending on the strain you indulge in, you will either become a zoned-in master of your craft or stuck on the same level for hours! Either way, the colors, music, sound effects, and overall experience of playing a video game increases 10-fold when you do it high!

#2 Watch a Funny Movie

The great thing about movies is that there is a genre for almost every scenario, and comedy movies were practically built for the stoner to enjoy! While we all love a good thriller, there is nothing quite like sitting down to a silly comedy when enjoying a joint (or two)!

The thrill-seekers amongst you may opt for a horror movie experience, and who are we to judge? However, a word of caution to those who are prone to bouts of paranoia and anxiety – scary films are not the wisest choice at this exact moment!

Picking up an animated comedy or an old classic stoner comedy like Pineapple Express is a light-hearted option, and will likely see you in fits of laughter for hours so you can make the most of your high!

Some users report becoming a ‘snob’ when watching TV or movies while high! This phenomenon is down to the intoxicating effects of THC. It has a different impact on everyone’s perceptions of art, literature, music, and movies.

If you recall #1, there is evidence that cannabis increases some aspects of creativity. It may take some experimenting, but you will eventually learn more about what you like watching when stoned.

#3 Read a Book

If you’re a bit of a closet bookworm, try getting out your favorite read while you enjoy a joint. It may sound a little dull, but a story can come to life when you’re high. From plot to character development, you are likely to absorb the words faster than ever before.

This is one of our favorite things to do while high, but it is important to note that this one isn’t applicable to every strain. If you are high as a kite on a potent strain, you are probably unlikely to take in any words. Indeed, you are much more likely to re-read the same line 10 times.

Once again, everyone is different. The only way to find out is to try. You may forget what you read the following day, or become incredibly immersed in the tale. Alternatively, you might discover that poetry resonates with you more when high.

We advise a great mellow strain, a comfy set up with snacks and drinks at hand, and enjoyment of the reading experience through brand new eyes!

#4 Have Sex

This is probably very unoriginal of us, but the fact is, sex is insane when you’re high! In #1, we pointed out that your sensory perception increases when stoned. Imagine every single touch being magnified by 100, and then you’re close to understanding what high sex is like!

A study by Lynn et al., published in Sexual Medicine in June 2019, had some exciting news for women who use weed. The researchers found that females who used Mary Jane were twice as likely to have a satisfactory orgasm as when they were sober.

Sexual relations are just more fun and can often feel way better when you’re both high. It’s a way to bond, get closer, and above all else, it is just a bit of excitement. There are plenty of strains engineered towards a bit of intimacy with a loved one (or even on your own, who are we to judge!) Do a little research on the best strains for sex, and then when the time is right, enjoy!

Some strains won’t lead to a night of passion, so make sure you check the properties of the herb in question. Additionally, it’s wise to go slow and steady with the consumption, as too much of most strains will leave you both fast asleep and fit for nothing!

#5 Listen to Music

Have you ever heard your favorite song come on while you’ve been high? Imagine listening to a back to back playlist of your most treasured artists through a high-quality sound system. If you do this high with your eyes closed, it’s almost like they’re in the room!

Seriously, listening to music is one of the simplest yet effective things you can do while stoned. Every note change, lyric, and instrument will come through crisper than you’ve ever heard it before. It gets pretty intense!

Grab your headphones, your favorite playlist, and a joint. Then unwind to the tunes you know and love, or even listen to something new and take yourself on a journey of musical discovery!

Final Thoughts on Things to Do While High

Everybody’s different, and there are probably plenty out there who prefer to sit and do nothing while they’re high. But for those who are on the market for trying something new, we hope our suggestions come in handy! Other fun examples of what to do when stoned include seeing a live music show alone, or else you can turn on some tunes and start dancing!

There are a lot of cool and crazy things you can do while high that you wouldn’t try when sober. However, as our list shows, marijuana can also intensify the enjoyment you derive from everyday activities.

Most smokers will grab a joint, sit on the couch and simply relax, but if you are looking to try something new you must try one of these 5