thin mint cookies weed

Thin mint cookies weed

This is definitely one of the top strains to vape. Straight ?

The Thin Mints GSC really feels like a 50/50 hybrid. It starts out like a Sativa but ends like an Indica. It’s good stuff but for me I have never loved the smell or flavor of the GSC line. I prefer skunky, piney, diesel flavored weed. GSC usually has a more bland smell and flavor to it in my experience. The buds look great and the high is good. I just wish the flavor was better.

Like most GSC strains this thin mint GSC was very tight wound nugs with a very nice frosty look to them. It’s very stoney and the high is truly a 50/50 hybrid mix as it starts out like a Sativa but ends like an Indica. Kind of cool in that regard. My only knock on this weed and all GSC crosses is the bud looks amazing and the high is pretty good but I don’t like the blah smell or bland taste of GSC strains. I like more skunky, piney, diesel flavored nugs that smell skunky and GSC’ just doesn’t really deliver there.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a finisher at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup, should not be mistaken for the similarly named Thin Mint. Thin Mint Cookies, as former is also known, is a cross of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, the even more legendary OG Kush, and F1 Durban Poison. That combination … ]]>