the wife strain

The wife strain

The Wife Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 1%, CBD: 20%

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It’s very good for floating feeling relaxing. Helps a lot with migraines and anxiety

This strain hands down is the best I have ever had! As most people are I am a fan of thc but this cbd changed my whole understanding of proper cannabis use. I first got it from a delivery system in Toronto on a whim when my medical supplier had zip and it quickly became apart of my every sesh for it’s flavours, smell, uplifting energy and it’s impeccable ability to ease pain, nausea and anxiety. Unfortunately I have not been able to track it down since and I am on a mission! I used it personally but would love it in all of my medicated wellness products. Hopefully we can get it in circulation in Canada soon! Any GTA growers pass it on.

I’ve tried this for the first time, and with not much knowledge of CBD products. Trying to find relief for nerve pain associated with a heriniated disc and I’m at the end of my rope with it. I used this yesterday afternoon, and I can say, undeniably, that there was a positive effect! Little to no pain and relief that lasted for hours. I’ll need to experiment a bit more, but on first impressions alone, I love The Wife!

By far my favorite cbd strain other than Mystery 98 #1. Very relaxing, calming, pain relieving strain. Has a distinct smell as well that is mouth watering. The smell has a mix of cheese, sour, earthy, sweet twist to it. The buds are very dense, covered in trichomes and sticky. This strain definitely doesn’t look a like a cbd strain.

The Wife is a super rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain with unknown parentage due to a general lack of information about its heritage. Despite so little being known about its background, The Wife is one highly sought after strain thanks to its insanely high 20:1 CBD:THC r…

The Wife Strain CBD Flower

The Wife Strain CBD Flower is legendary for it’s robust cannabinoid profile and elusive genetic origins. It’s buds are vibrant green, small amber hairs, and appealing fruity and earthy scents.

  • 19.18% Total Cannabinoid
  • 0.1% Delta 9 THC
  • Grand Traverse Grown – Outdoor

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The Wife Strain CBD flower is notoriously known for its high CBD concentration and its mysterious strain lineage. Although she shines in the cannabinoid-rich hemp department, it has a unique sent and hearty texture.

A true testament to her namesake, The Wife has such a stunning CBD profile, this hemp flower will leave you wondering where it has been all your life. This strain typically has cannabinoid content that hovers between 14-20 percent. However, due to our exceptional growing conditions, our CBD content is nearly 20 percent!

It offers an exceptional CBDa and total CBD profile AND potency which you can find under ‘Cannabinoid Profile,’ ‘Cannabinoid Compounds’ and ‘Official Lab Results’ tabs.
The Wife buds boast a thick resinous coating with small amber hairs and they smell like blueberries with earthy undertones.

Our industrial hemp is hand grown and harvested using all organic practices, no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We are MAEAP certified and practice sustainable framing.

The Wife strain CBD Flower has high CBD content and elusive genetic origins. It's buds are vibrant green, small amber hairs, and appealing fruity scents.