the vortex strain

The vortex strain

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One of my favorite and most reliable strains. Versatile, tastes great, lasts long. Lifts the mood with some creativity and focus without the raciness or paranoia. Good for any time of day except maybe before bed.

It is truly incredible to have Queen of Soul.. a potent male Vortex makes up the cross.. Vortex x Princess x C99 . Queen of Soul! Incredible Schtuff too! Nummmy red haired budz..

The best head focus ive ever had . My fav for sure❤

Still looking for this one and not sure why I love it. Probably as it treats my fatigue and depression from Lyme and gets me through a productive day while feeling now pain. So enjoy the free information from a medical users (never a bot) bwhwhwahhah!

Gets me where I wanna go which is up. Some may not like the high as it is good for PAIN, depression, and PTSD. I specifically use it for fibromyalgia. The only problem with this strain is when I run out 🙂

Light green & golden amber colored buds with fine trichomes & orange hairs. Taste & smell reminded me of a sweet cherry vanilla coke. Effects made me uplifted, happy, & relaxed. This Strain was by Top Nugs Only (FYI: not even close) & contained 17% THC. I got your average Sativa high but, nothing to write home about. Medicate on.

This is a sativa-dominant medical marijuana strain with the indica/sativa ration of 20:80. This is a hybrid strain that was first created by TGA Genetics by crossing 'Apollo 13 Strain' with 'Space Queen Strain'. This strain won the #1 rank in "2010 Cannabis Cup" and "2010 High Times Medicinal Cup…