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Any FAQS? tips and or tricks? even good advice. ?

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Any FAQS? tips and or tricks? even good advice. ?

We looked all over for clean water. it seems to all hurt you. I am not sure why.

There is not really a tutorial, just wake up in the plane and GO.

so much I have no clue how to do.

I am still not sure WHY my sleeping house( tent/shelter ) falls down every morning and I can not recover any of the sticks.

Even fighting these things, I seem to have like a zero chance one on one. is the plan just to run into the water.

So much about this I do not know. Its overwhelming.

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The water is hurting you because it’s dirty, You can drink it to stay alive in a pinch but you want to try to drink clean water mostly which can be got several ways. One way is to boil the water but in order to do that you have to find the pot.

The pot can be found in different locations and I’m not sure where it is exactly but you should run into it at some point, It’s usually sitting on a fire or something like that in front of some tents so if you see a little camp area look around for it.

The best way to get clean water is to collect the rain water with Turtle Shells, You can find the Turtle Shells on most beaches, If you see dead sharks laying on the beach it’s usually a good area for the turtles. There is some land turtles as well but I always just find the Yacht because they’re always right at that beach area. Stand kinda in the edge of the water if you don’t see any for a moment and they should start to spawn.

You can only carry one at a time so have a friend grab one or make a few trips and set up some water collectors with them in your base camp. Then you can drink directly out of them after a good rain or you can fill up your Water Skin and Pot with fresh water to drink.

You can also use the turtle shell as a sled like thing and even survive fall damage with them lol.

Your shelter is disappearing because you’re building the Temporary Shelter, Build the Hunting Shelter instead and it will always be there.

For fighting the enemies there are many strategies people use to fight them and there are several different types of enemies that require a different approach. Me and my brother basically try to avoid fighting anything at all cost and we end up hiding in our base a lot of the time when it gets really hairy out there xD. Make sure you use the Left Trigger to block incoming attacks it helps. Use traps and Molotov’s when needed, They don’t like fire or water.

One tip is that the plane you land in will have it’s items respawn I believe every two in game days so if you ever need more food or sodas you can find them in there, I build a little camp around the plane when I start a new game just so I can always find it and I use that to get set up early game. Get you some drying racks up and try to get some meat on them. Make a spear or find one in and near ponds to spear some fish for some easy to catch food, Try to make the bow asap as it’s the easiest way to kill things like rabbits and lizards. The link below will show you the required materials to make the bow and basic arrows, Build a few bird houses around your camp as one of the items required for arrows is feathers and it’s an easy way to get them along side some bird meat as well.

Try to build a defensive wall around your base with doors and all that so you can get in and out and the enemies wont be able to get in very often, You might want to go into the pause menu and turn base destruction off so the really nasty enemies don’t destroy it. That’s up to you but I play with it off.

Another tip is that you can sleep and save on the Yacht if you ever need to in a pinch, I actually build a little base out to and around the yacht and use it as a little camp as well because it’s out on the water and has items that respawn like rope ect. You can find some tents in some areas that let you sleep and save as well.

Make sure you save at least once per in game day because this game is known to Blue Screen and you don’t want to lose progress.

You can find many guides for anything regarding this game on Youtube so just head over there anytime you’re stuck, There is far too much for me to type out.

Here is a basic Wiki page that shows you what is needed to craft different things.

For The Forest on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Any FAQS? tips and or tricks? even good advice. ?".

Old Pot

Old Pots have multiple purposes and are one of the most sought after tool items in The Forest.


  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Usage
    • 2.1 Collecting Clean Water
    • 2.2 Collecting Polluted Water
    • 2.3 Boiling Dirty Water
    • 2.4 Collecting Rain Water Trick
    • 2.5 Stews
  • 3 Building
  • 4 Locations
  • 5 Gallery
  • 6 Update History

Gameplay [ edit | edit source ]

Old Pots can be used to collect, carry, and drink clear water and can also be used for Sap Collectors. It works in a very similar way to the waterskin but also allows you to collect rain water and boil polluted water.

Usage [ edit | edit source ]

The old pot is a complicated item, it has many uses:

Collecting Clean Water [ edit | edit source ]

The player must have built a water collector first and it must have some water already collected from rain. The player then must press the ‘C’ key to fill the old pot from the water collector. This functions exactly the same way as Waterskins do.

Collecting Polluted Water [ edit | edit source ]

Red spots on the The Forest Map indicate all the areas where water can be collected from.

Approach an appropriate water source with the old pot equipped, move around until you see an E, hold down the E key and the player will perform an animation where they collect the water.

Boiling Dirty Water [ edit | edit source ]

The player must use either a Basic Fire or a Fire Pit to be able to boil the water. Once the player has one of these fires and has lit it, the player must equip the pot and press ‘C’ on the fire. It will place the pot on the fire and boil. It takes about 30 seconds for the water to convert to clean water. It has a one time use and it will replenish all thirst.

The boiled water cannot be stored and carried. Though it can be transferred to the Waterskin.

Collecting Rain Water Trick [ edit | edit source ]

Collecting rain water is currently bugged and does not work properly though there is a way to use the rain to convert polluted water into clean water.

  1. The player must have collected polluted water in the old pot
  2. When it is raining, equip the old pot
  3. Keep the old pot out for 28 consecutive seconds
  4. The polluted water will now be converted into clean water, that can be drunk straight from the inventory as if it was collected from a Water Collector

Stews [ edit | edit source ]

The pot is required to create stews, more information can be found on the stew page.

Old Pots have multiple purposes and are one of the most sought after tool items in The Forest. 1 Gameplay 2 Usage 2.1 Collecting Clean Water 2.2 Collecting Polluted Water 2.3 Boiling Dirty Water 2.4 Collecting Rain Water Trick 2.5 Stews 3 Building 4 Locations 5 Gallery 6 Update History Old Pots…