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Cannabis Ted Talks — The Best Ted Talks About Weed

TEDx is a local, community organised offshoot of TED, a conference dedicated to the spread of ideas. In this article, we highlight some of the best weed-related Ted Talks out there.


Cannabis is a hot topic, and TEDx is catching on. Below is our specially curated list of the top TED Talks on cannabis. From entrepreneurs to doctors and alchemists, the Talks below offer very unique insights into cannabis, its history, uses, and much more.


Ben Cort is an author and addiction treatment specialist. In November 2017, he was invited to give the above talk at TEDxMileHigh in Denver, Colorado. Cort focussed on analysing the legal cannabis market in the States, which he put under some pretty harsh scrutiny.

Cort argues that dispensaries in the US don’t really sell cannabis, but THC. He also scrutinises some of the big players in the North American cannabis industry for trying to build a market that not only satisfies, but also increases our desire to “get high”. He also talks about how legalization in Colorado has led to changes in weed-related crime rates, but not in a positive way as you might imagine.

If you’re interested in a conversation about cannabis that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, definitely check out this TED Talk.


If you’re a fan of the rich history of cannabis, this one’s for you. In her talk, “The Cannabis Mirror”, alchemist and energy guide Blair Brown takes her audience through the history of cannabis, beginning with ancient Chinese medical texts dating back to 2600 BCE.

In her historical account of cannabis, Brown covers the many different uses of cannabis and hemp, but things get really interesting when she covers the last 80 years of prohibition. Brown talks about the move to prohibit hemp as an agricultural crop in the US, propaganda campaigns like Reefer Madness, Harry Anslinger and the DEA, and much more. She also talks about the impact of Mexican immigration on cannabis regulation.

If you’re not familiar with the rich history behind cannabis, definitely check out this informative and entertaining talk.


David Casarett is a palliative care physician. He literally works with hundreds of people facing all kinds of chronic illnesses. In this chat, Dr. Casarett opens up about his experience with medical cannabis.

Dr. Casarett recounts how an elderly patient of his introduced him to most of the literature on medical cannabis mid-appointment. He also offers up his personal experience at cannabis dispensaries around the US, where he visited to get an inside perspective of life as a cannabis patient. Finally, he contextualises the benefits of medical cannabis and shows the audience what these benefits mean for his patients, many of whom have lost control of their health.

If you’re interested in a unique take on medical cannabis from a doctor, Casarett’s talk is highly recommended.


Zachary Walsh is a psychologist and assistant professor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Psychology. He specialises in studying drugs and human behaviour, and has recently spent a lot of time and resources studying cannabis.

In this talk, Professor Walsh really focuses on setting straight our relationship with cannabis. He makes it clear that our history with this ancient plant dates back thousands of years, and that the origins of most of our negative opinions about cannabis only date back less than a century. Professor Walsh shares some surprising findings from his research into why and how people in Canada use cannabis, and how it affects their mental health.

Check out this TED Talk if you’re interested in a psychologist’s opinion on cannabis use, both for recreational and medical purposes.


If you’re looking for an emotive talk about medical cannabis, this is it. Dedi Meiri is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Biology at the Technion and a member of Technion’s Integrated Cancer Center in Israel. In this talk, he takes an in-depth look at the complexity of cannabis as a medicine.

In his lab alone, professor Meiri has over 500 strains of cannabis. Every medical cannabis product sold in Israel passes through Meiri’s lab, where it is tested in order to know exactly what compounds it contains. In this talk, professor Meiri really makes it clear that we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding the cannabis plant. He also raises some really interesting questions about turning cannabis into a reliable and consistent medicine.

For a unique talk about cannabis that goes far beyond what you’ve read/heard elsewhere, we highly recommend this Talk.


Ricardo Baca made international headlines when he was appointed the Denver Post’s first-ever cannabis editor. In this talk, Baca focuses on the painkilling properties of cannabis and contextualises that in relation to the US’ opioid crisis.

Baca’s talk takes a close look at America’s opioid crisis, which, in 2017 alone, took over 47,000 lives. He makes it very clear that, given the huge body of research into cannabis and its effect on pain, it’s high time we start treating cannabis for what it is, an effective and safe painkiller, and not a dangerous, potentially lethal “gateway drug” like so many of us were taught.


Dr. Alan Shackelford is a graduate of the University of Heidelberg School of Medicine in Germany and Harvard Medical School in the US. He has attended to thousands of patients throughout his career, but none like Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet syndrome, who made headlines after finally finding relief using cannabis.

In this talk, Dr. Shackelford gives us unique insight into medical cannabis. He makes it clear that he is a “classically-trained, very conservative physician”. He isn’t a cannabis activist, and he isn’t ready to prescribe cannabis as a cure-all. What Dr. Shackelford does know, however, is that cannabis can work wonders for many patients, especially those who don’t respond to regular treatments.


Cannabis has a very rich and important history throughout India. That history, however, seemed to be forgotten when India decided to outlaw cannabis in 1985 under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

Viki Vaurora is the founder of The Great Legalization Movement, an advocacy group fighting against the stigmas and taboos surrounding cannabis and prohibition of the plant. In this talk, Vaurora opens up about a personal experience with Leela, a terminal cancer patient. Leela was suffering from multiple vomiting fits a day and had stopped eating completely. Using Rick Simpson Oil, Vaurora was able to stop Leela’s vomiting and helped her regain her appetite. After 3 months of treatment, Leela was declared completely cancer-free.

Check out the talk for more information on this incredible story and a brief insight into the rich history of cannabis in India.


Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of cannabis cultivation? Well, you’re not alone. Dan Sutton is the founder of Tantalus Labs, which specialises in sun-grown cannabis in British Columbia.

In this talk, Dan shares some pretty shocking statistics about the environmental cost of growing cannabis, especially in illegal markets. For example, according to Dan’s research, cultivating 1kg of cannabis from seed to harvest indoors requires as much energy as driving a car from Los Angeles to New York—11 times. However, Dan has a solution: moving from small indoor grows to the modern industrial greenhouse.

If you’re a grower or a stickler for the business side of cannabis, make sure to check out this talk.


Ever since the story of Charlotte Figi, there’s been a ton of conversation on epilepsy and cannabis. Unfortunately, this conversation can be hard to wrap your head around, and sometimes doesn’t do a very good job of explaining the immense complexity of this topic. In this talk, however, Dr. Ziburkus does exactly that.

Dr. Ziburkus is a Lithuanian-American neuroscientist and founder of CannaTech, a cannabis innovation and education company from the Innovation Center at the University of Houston. He has dedicated himself to the study of epilepsy and finding new, alternative ways to both understand and treat the disease. In this talk, he gives a detailed account of what happens in the brain during epilepsy, how that applies to cannabis, and what that means for the future of epilepsy research.

Cannabis is a hot topic. Here are some of the best Ted Talks on cannabis, covering everything from its history to its commercialisation, and more.

Ted 2 (weed smoking scenes)

Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) sits around a fire with John (Mark Walberg) and Ted and offers them a smoke from a penis-shaped bowl. She seems to enjoy it very much. Walberg is offered some, but politely declines.

TED 2 (2015) Universal Pictures presents…

Funny mix from Ted 2 (Ted smokes weed)

Ted the teddy bear gets so high on weed, he tries to smoke it from a phallus-shaped bong much to the disapproval of his friends. He then tries to blaze it again sitting next to a pile of freshly cut cannabis buds, but chooses not to.

Ted 2 funny scene: Ted smoking a dick bong

Mark Wahlberg Is Too Stoned to Function in New ‘Ted 2’ Red Band Trailer


Ted 2 has released a new red band trailer, and it does little in the way of mentioning its plot. The foul-mouthed teddy bear’s fight for citizenship is hardly even mentioned, as the minute long teaser focuses on what we love about red band spots: mostly drugs and swearing.

Amanda Seyfried and Seth MacFarlane ‘s characters have no problem handling a new strain of weed called “Help Me Get Home,” but Mark Wahlberg can’t hang.

Look out for Ted 2

Article source Complex

Ted 2‘s Amanda Seyfried reveals what Mark Wahlberg’s really like on set

by Shanee Edwards

The fuzzy, lewd teddy bear we all know and love is back for a sequel — only this time he’s trying to get recognized as having the same rights as a human being. We can’t think of anyone more perfect to help him than the lovely Amanda Seyfried, who plays his 420-friendly lawyer.

Part of the fun of hanging out with the raunchy plush toy in both films is that he and his best bud, John (Mark Wahlberg), love to party it up. In fact, there are very few scenes in this movie where they aren’t smoking pot. And Seyfried’s character Sam fits in just fine.

Though a pot-smoking lawyer may seem like a bit of a departure for Seyfried, she said she didn’t need to do any research into the marijuana culture at all. “I just know how much pot they smoked in the first movie and that’s all the research I did,” she said.

Hilariously, one of Sam’s prized possessions is an anatomically correct, penis-shaped bong — called a “dong bong” by potheads.

“Mark [Wahlberg] was as terrified of that bong onscreen as he was in real life. He was like, ‘Get that shit away from me!’ I really tried my damnedest,” she said.

Of course, the bong wouldn’t even be in the film if it wasn’t dreamed up by the movie’s writer/director, Seth MacFarlane. But certainly MacFarlane couldn’t be the easygoing stoner we all like to think he is. We asked if he was more uptight while on the set.

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The Hilarious Ted 2 Weed Scene

For those who have seen the movie and possibly haven’t seen it since it came out in theaters, relive the awesome and hilarious Ted 2 weed scene below. This was undoubtedly one of the movies best “high” points and definitely was a perfect scene. If you were not high for this scene, you get a second chance now!

The best part is that the iconic Jurassic Park theme song plays as the camera pans to the incredible weed field. Since we don’t want to spoil more for those who haven’t seen the movie in general, the Ted 2 weed scene is definitely a stand-out piece of the movie as a whole.

So while you are able to, sit back and enjoy this hilarious and awesome weed scene from the movie!

Article source HERB

Ted 2’s Amanda Seyfried, Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg think the U.S. should legalise marijuana

Hanna Flint for

The amount of weed smoking in Ted 2 could give Pineapple Express a run for its money.

So it’s no surprise to hear that it’s stars are big supporters of the legalisation of marijuana.

Ted 2 creator Seth MacFarlane and his stars Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried all shared their views on the green stuff with, and all struggled to understand why the U.S. hadn’t made it legal across the country already.

Though Amanda doesn’t smoke it herself she has a lot of friends who do and seemed pretty flabbergasted as to why the government were dragging their feet on the issue.

Article source Metro UK

U.S. Should Legalize Marijuana: ‘Ted 2’ Stars Amanda Seyfried, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane

Conviron Altatis | Yibada

The United States should legalize marijuana already across the country, according to “Ted 2” stars Amanda Seyfried, Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane, the creator and director of the comedy film.

“Ted 2” features scenes of the large teddy bear named Ted smoking weed so it is not surprising for Seyfried, Wahlberg and MacFarlane to support the legalization of marijuana in the U.S., where it is legal to sell and possess marijuana both for recreational and medical use only in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

In an interview with Metro, Seyfried said she does not smoke weed herself but she has many friends who do. She said is quite surprised that the U.S. government has yet to legalize marijuana in all states.

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Amanda Seyfried Plays a Pot-Smoking Lawyer in ‘Ted 2’ Red Band Trailer

by Meredith B. Kile

Seems Amanda Seyfried’s Ted 2 character got her law degree after years of “higher” education!

In the newly released red band trailer, Seyfried’s lawyer character isn’t winning over Mark Wahlberg and his titular teddy bear friend, who think she’s too young to take their civil rights case seriously.

“I just don’t want my lawyer singing Frozen songs during the opening arguments,” Ted tells her.

Seyfried’s character changes their minds, however, when she pulls out a bong and takes a long rip, for her “migraines,” of course.

“We trust you completely,” Wahlberg tells her.

“Yeah, we really feel like you’ve got a lot to offer,” Ted agrees.

Article source ET Online

The Scene with the HVY Glass Bong in Ted 2

First of all, let me start by saying if you haven’t already watched both installments of the Ted movie series, this article contains some real spoilers. After a successful launch of the first part of this movie, Seth MacFarlane decided that the world wanted another.

After we learned the whole story about Ted and his human buddy John in the first movie, the sequel had to take a different angle. After Ted hooks up with Tami-Lynn, the two lovebirds decide to get hitched and have a baby. One problem becomes apparent though; Ted is is not recognized as ‘human’ in a court of law, and is consequently denied the right to parent a child. Ted and his best bud John (Mark Wahlberg) set out on a mission to change this.

The HVY Glass bong scene

Ted 2 is jam-packed with hilarious scenes, with weed references throughout. One scene in particular had me in stitches.

Lawyer Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) is sitting in her office with Ted and John, discussing their legal issues. The two buddies are initially a little apprehensive about the lack of experience that the 26-year-old lawyer has behind her. However, this uncertainty goes straight out the window the moment Samantha pulls out a HVY Glass bong and takes a massive pull.

Samantha quickly explains that she smokes pot to help her deal with migraines, and it quickly becomes clear that Ted and John are not the slightest bit phased about her marijuana use, and are in fact more interested in trying out her bud. Ted and John love to smoke and get high, so they are only too happy to work with a lawyer who shares their passion.

Samantha comes out with one of the best lines in the movie at this point. When Ted questions that Samantha, a lawyer, is getting high, instead of “fighting the war on drugs”, her response is pretty spot on:

“Please, the war on drugs is a joke. It’s just a way for the government to inflate law enforcement budgets and lock up minorities for no good legal reason. And you, my friend (Ted), are a minority.”

Here is a censored version of the scene on YouTube. The part when she actually takes a rip of the bong has been removed, but you can see the HVY Glass bong sitting on her desk in the second half of the clip.

Article source Stoner Things

Ted 2 (weed smoking scenes) Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) sits around a fire with John (Mark Walberg) and Ted and offers them a smoke from a penis-shaped bowl. She seems to enjoy it very much.