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Wonka Stretchy & Tangy Laffy Taffy (24 ct.)

About this item

  • 24-pack box
  • Box can be used for sales display
  • Includes three flavors of Laffy Taffy candy: Herman Grape, Wally Watermelon, and Sparkle Jerry Cherry
  • Included is a joke on every wrapper

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Wonka® Stretchy & Tangy Laffy Taffy® is an ultra-stretchy, tangy taffy treat that’s super tasty and fun to eat. This pack is a great choice for a convenience store, concession stand, or as a special snack to hand out for Halloween.

What Flavors are Included in this Box of Wonka Stretchy and Tangy Laffy Taffy?

There are three delicious flavors in this box and each one offers a unique experience. Herman Grape has a tart, candy grape flavor; Wally Watermelon is chewy pink Laffy Taffy complete with candy watermelon seeds; and Sparkle Jerry Cherry brings a pop of flavor topped with candy crystals.

Is Wonka Stretchy and Tangy Laffy Taffy a Good Choice for Concession Stands?

This box of Laffy Taffy candy is a great choice for concession stands as well as convenience stores and other small shops that sell candy. It includes 24 individually wrapped 1.5-ounce bars and comes in its own display box. Just open it up and place it on the counter. Laffy Taffy is also a fun candy to hand out during Halloween. Not only is it really tasty, but there’s also a joke printed on every wrapper for even more fun.

Is There Really a Joke on Every Laffy Taffy Candy Wrapper?

Yes! The jokes put the “laffy” in Laffy Taffy. Some examples of these kid-friendly, punny jokes are:

  • What do you get when a cat eats lemons? A sour puss.
  • When do you stop at green and go on red? When you’re eating watermelon.
  • What is a room that no one can enter? A mushroom.

The jokes are usually sent in by children who are credited on the wrapper. Whether they make you groan or laugh, Laffy Taffy and its jokes are a fun combination—bound to make you smile.

Policies & plans


Display Box contains eight each of three flavors including:

  • Sparkle Jerry Cherry with candy crystals inside
  • Herman Grape
  • Wally Watermelon topped with candy seeds

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