swami organic seeds

Swami Organic Seeds?


I have an all-Swami grow going on right now, end of week 6.
He is on Instagram too with a lot more pictures ect They have a few 1/2 pack deals on a few strains too. Otherwise, most of the strains are $100 for 15pk and a freebie.
Here are some pictures.
TheOne x RKS/Uruapan on the left, Blue Orca Haze in the middle, and the super-stretchy one on the right is NL#5/HazeF6.

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@goingtoguano a year later, how did those Swami strains smoke? I’ve got a bunch of Swami genetics and happen to have the three you pictured.


@goingtoguano a year later, how did those Swami strains smoke? I’ve got a bunch of Swami genetics and happen to have the three you pictured.

Hey @AAA1971.
I liked them all (of course I might be biased). The BOH was the best of the three without a doubt. It has a lot going for it, potency, good yield, pungent terps, and bag appeal. The blue color shows the trichs well and is a definite crowd-pleaser. It was also one of the best structured plants I have grown with just the right amount of stretch, a nice shape, and branches that could hold up the buds without additional support. until I tried to carry them upstairs to trim, and then all hell broke loose 🙂

TheOne x RKS/Uruapan was also very good in a lot of aspects. A little taller (with a little better yield), really frosty/ good potency, and nice and tasty. The branches needed a little support at the end and I was hoping for more skunky terps but, all in all, I’d grow it again if I didn’t want to try new stuff (which is always the case).

The NL5Haze was a wild one. I popped a few beans to have a choice of girls to keep and I picked one wide-leaf pheno and one narrow-leaf. The wide-leaf one ended up being somewhat of a dud/ really disappointing. It only grew like 18″ tall and thick, it smokes fine but just doesn’t have it, What really sucks about that was I threw at least one average girl out for it. Oh well, live and learn. The narrow-leaf one was the exact oppposite. That fucker stretched 5x and never stopped growing. I finally gave up on it after day 122 I think. It could have gone longer, I just got tired of looking at it. I think it was basically all Haze. It yielded the best due to its size but the buds have a more sativa looser-look to them (less bag appeal) but the smoke is very good I think. I have seen pictures of other peoples grows of this strain and they dont look like either of the two I grew. If you try this strain, I would pop a few extra beans and be very selective about the ones you keep.

Any heard about this breeder. They supposedly have strains from brotherhood eternal love and land race genetics. Very interested but dont wanna waste 150$…