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Old school skunk lovers will know what Super Skunk Feminized is all about. She will display hybrid vigor and bring you the best of two classic. G13 Labs Seeds Super Skunk Super Skunk by G13 Labs Seeds is Indica dominant, vigorous, potent and very aromatic. Mixing Skunk #1 with Afghan Hash Plant gave the results in low maintenance,

super skunk

Make sure your carbon filters are working overtime when growing and drying out this big yielding, easy to grow beast.

Super Skunk seeds represents the best of two old school veteran Cannabis strains. The ultimate expression in hybrid vigor and one of the strongest aromas around. She was the top of the menu at every Dutch coffee shop in the 1990s, and is still easily competing with the modern-day cultivars in terms of terpenes and yield.

Old school skunk lovers will know what this lady is all about. A medium-sized plant that will reward you with abundant harvests of pungent, acrid, bold terpenes with a potent effect and heavy resin profile.

An incredibly reliable and low maintenance strain, that is a must-have for beginner growers. She is a prolific producer of large and dense buds that reek of skunk spray and spice.


Super Skunk is created by using Skunk #1, known for her fast blooming, rapid growth and tough resistance to all climates. Then after crossing with Afghani genetics, the result was an indica and sativa hybrid that is an upgrade of both parents, displaying the most desirable traits.

A medium height strain who can grow stocky and produce heavy side branching. Pheno hunting through a pack of Super Skunk cannabis seeds will reveal some top quality plants that all express something unique.


She is an easy to grow strain that does not require much maintenance, and reacts very well to plant training such as topping, tying down and super cropping. Her final height will remain short to medium height, making her an excellent choice for growers indoors working with limited height and enjoy getting hands on with their plants.

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Under HID lighting, she can grow very fast and pack on some serious weight once flowering starts.

An exceptional choice also for hydroponic growers thanks to her short stature, and ability to take large amounts of nutrients and giant harvests.


Outdoors, Super Skunk certainly lives up to her name, and will impress you time after time under the worst conditions. She thrives under a hot climate such as California and will topple over with fist sized buds, filled from head to toe.

We advise growing in a Sea of Green, using small-sized pots to really maximize your grow space.

For the best results and largest yields possible, we recommend keeping plants in a South-facing location.

Fungal resistance

A solid performer who can take hot weather, cold nighttime temperatures, large amounts of nutrients and can repel insects very well. She will not grow tall, but can withstand strong winds and dry air.

It is well advised to check the buds during the final weeks of flower production, and to make sure there is plenty of fresh air around the buds.

Flowering time


Flowering time will vary between 8-10 week depending on phenotypes. Larger sized plants will require a full 70 days before harvesting; however, we advise using a microscope and inspect the development of the trichomes.


When planting Super Skunk Feminized seeds outdoors in April or May, harvest date will fall from the first to last weeks of October. Depending on the climate and how large the plants have become, flowering may vary, with plants requiring 56-70 days.

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Yields can go up to 650 g/m² (23 oz per square foot), meaning she is a good choice for commercial growers who want a fast flowering, tough hybrid.


Outdoors, Super Skunk can become enormous, and reveal her true superpowers! Yields of 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant can easily be achieved.

With training and under the optical conditions, it is possible to increase yields even further, making her a commercial scale cultivar.

Plant height & structure

This lady will fill out every branch with compact buds, coated in resin. Super Skunk Feminized will develop large sized, pointy buds that have a thick density to them.

Final height will be between 100-120 cm (39-47 inches).


A brilliant strain for training, where she can really show you her true potential. We recommend topping and pruning for a very thick and top-heavy canopy.

Smell, taste, and effect

The terpene profile can be described as deeply earthy and pungent, and will certainly let everyone in the room know she is present. When smoking, she will light up your taste buds with her deep, long-lasting bold flavors that carry all the way down to the final toke of the joint. Super Skunk is easily one of the most pungent, loud and aromatic profiles around, so be careful when storing your buds!

The effects from Super Skunk Feminized are not too heavy, and will keep you in a state of tranquility, motivated and focused. Over time, she can reveal her indica heritage and will put you in a sleepy, dream state if you blast this one with reckless abandon.

Well suited for smokers who enjoy an upbeat strain without the energy boost, and is ideal for daytime use also, although take her easy.

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If you want a blast from the past and to see why everyone still goes wild for Skunk genetics, then look no further. A true Dutch classic and Cannabis Hall of Famer!

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G13 Labs Seeds Super Skunk

Super Skunk by G13 Labs Seeds is Indica dominant, vigorous, potent and very aromatic. Mixing Skunk #1 with Afghan Hash Plant gave the results in low maintenance, massive colas fully covered with resin and hugely yielding in warm conditions marijuana strain. Well known by winning top cannabis seeds world competitions and quick finishing time (up to 50 days indoor). Super Skunk will require some extra time and experience but all of that will be rewarded in short period of time. It is the only variety in the world that needs more experience to smoke it than to grow it.

Genetics: Skunk #1 x Pure Afghan

Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Indoor: 500-600 gr/m2;
Outdoor: 800 gr/plant 60-65 days indoor; mid/end October outdoor
Flavour: Skunky, earthy with tangy back notes
Aroma: Skunky, citrusy with hardwood
Effects: Cerebral, long-lasting, relaxing and balanced
THC: 18-20%


G13 Labs seeds are sold as collectable adult souvenirs and for storage purposes only. Cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries and G13 Labs strongly advise you to check with your local regulations before bringing these seeds into any country. G13 Labs accepts no responsibility for people who do not comply with local laws, and advise people not to break any laws.