stealth grow outside

Tips on Stealth Growing Outside!


If your soon starting a large scale outdoor grow somewhere hidden in the forest heres some tips to help you.

1. Use google maps to find a spot: from a satalitte view youll be able to sus out spots that would be good to grow in with no canopy to block sunlight or rain from reaching your plants.

2. Test the spot: if you have the time or resources before the growing season starts just pop an unimportant plant in the spot or even leave $20 sticking out under a rock so if some one sees it they’ll take it and you’ll know you need to keep looking for a new spot.

3. Cover your tracks: when your accessing your spot regularly a path will start to form so try to avoid stepping on bushes or snapping branches, when leaving use some foliage to cover the entrance to your path.

4. Move supplies at night: this one explains itself, you don’t want to walk past some random while your holding 6 20 gallon pots or 10 liters of water.

5. Never leave anything traceable at your spot: for example you just plant some seeds you got mailed and you leave the envelope in your supply box, the cops will be knocking at your door in no time.

6. Don’t tell anyone youre growing: yep this is the number 1 rule of growing weed but you gotta remember how important this is.. Trust me.

7. Use pots: you’ll be able to control nutes, flushing, size but most importantly you’ll be able to haul ass if someone were to find out about your plants.

8. Use 3-5 liter PETE recyclable bottles with a carry handle: PETE/PET bottles are made with a special material that actually filters water when exposed to UV rays.

9. Don’t use a regular route to get to your spot: people notice patterns, if you walk past someones house twice a week at the same time on the same day on the same route, people will get suspicious and follow you.

10. Take a detour sometimes: every now and then you can purposely walk the wrong way, like in tip 9, if someone if following you it will throw them off.

11. Always check your spot when you’re leaving: this one speaks for its self.

12. Grow near water: if you’re doing a soil grow this will be very beneficial, and can be very handy if your growing in pots

13) spots with multiple areas: if you can find a spot with multiple areas (separated by bushes or pathways), that can be good to isolate your male and female plants if you plan on making seeds

14) transporting: take a empty cardboard box to your spot when you need to box your plants put the box over the plant and hold it by the rim of the pot, this way it wont get damaged by other tree branches when moving through the bush.

If your soon starting a large scale outdoor grow somewhere hidden in the forest heres some tips to help you. Finding a spot: 1. Use google maps to find a… ]]>