stardawg strain review


Taste & Smell


  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Talkative
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Pairs Well With

  • Exercising
  • Walking in the City

About this Hybrid Strain

If you are looking for an uplifting and long lasting strain as reported by consumers, then the strain dubbed StarDawg might be right for you!

A cross between ChemDawg4 and Tres Dawg, this heavy sativa’s effects have been described by users as being a buzzy and euphoric strain that can leave you talkative and giggly. Others share that they enjoy StarDawg to increase creativity, energy, and use this strain to help ease their symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and appetite loss.

When you open up a package of StarDawg, you will be greeted with a strong and unique aroma that can easily fill the room. Notes of skunk, fuel, and pine are prominent with a slight undertone of earth and citrus when broken apart. The taste is quite similar having a strong diesel / cleaner flavor on the exhale.

A well cured and cultivated batch of Stardawg will produce dense and popcorn shaped buds that are mint green with hues of olive and gold with fire orange pistils that poke through its frosty white trichomes.

THC percentages can be potent ranging in the upper teens to mid 20’s.

If you are looking for an uplifting and long lasting strain as reported by consumers, then the strain dubbed StarDawg might be right for you! A cross between ChemDawg4 and Tres Dawg, this heavy sativa’s effects have been described by users as being a buzzy and euphoric strain that can leave…

[REVIEW] Stardawg Cannabis Strain: How to Grow, Yield, Genetics

[REVIEW] Stardawg Cannabis Strain: How to Grow, Yield, Genetics

When it comes to dank, strong cannabis strain, Stardawg takes away the prize with its pungent, overpowering aroma and the high journeys. If you’re someone who is looking to enjoy the cerebral rush that is coupled with creativity and spiritual headspace, you’re gonna love this little skunky bud.

In this article, we are discussing the Stardawg Strain along with its growing conditions, yield, genetics, aroma, taste, & effects. By the end of it, you will be a true fan and will be rushing to the headshop to get your hands on this beauty. Trust me!

Overview – Stardawg Strain

This section is dedicated to those who don’t like to go in-depth into the research. If you’re looking for a quick overview of Stardawg Strain, here’s a little summary to get you well-acquainted with all the major features of the strain.

Origins and Genetics

As interesting as the name, Stardawg strain has a strong lineage that lends their dopeness and potency to it. Chemdawg originated in the early 1990s from a bag of dog bud that was travelling from Massachusetts from Colorado. Since then, the Top Dawg Seed Company has been working on it, making it what it is today.

With mighty ancestors, the strain depicts the authentic dankness of a strong, resinous, and terpene-lined cannabis bud. Its parents are the very favourite ChemDawg and Tres Dawg, who have both lent their best qualities to the strain. It probably gets its name from the bright, attractive crystal trichomes that blanket the strain like stars.

The parent’s strain is very carefully bred, making sure they pick their most desired traits, thereby making the Stardawg Strain a one-in-a-million strain that every cannabis connoisseur dreams to have. Let’s face it, with such strong lineage, there was no way this strain would have failed. With a strong THC content of around 16-25%, this is one of the ‘baddest boys’ in town and newbies, you might want to start from the more mellow strains before moving on to this one.

Growing Info and Yield

Many cannabis connoisseurs like to grow their own plant, and Stardawg Strain is not the most ideal plant to grow if you’re a beginner. There isn’t any tough job involved here, but the plant does need care and tending frequently and with precision.

If you’re growing indoors, remember that they are Sativa-dominant plants and will need the space to space out and grow completely. They are known to grow up to 7 feet in height sometimes, with an average ranging from 4-5 feet. They will also need lots of sun and warmth and are sensitive to moisture and intruders. Stardawg Strain has a typical flowering period within 63-73 days, with the early mid-October being the best time.

It also appears to work well in an indoor controlled setup, so you can consider growing them indoors, out of doors, or in a greenhouse.

That’s a lot of work, but it does give a good return in terms of yield.
The yield is known to be around 6 ounces (170 grams) per square foot, making it one of the strains that produce abundant herbs.

Aroma & Taste

Let’s start with the aroma of the strain that has been the talk of the town for many years. If you’re expecting a sweet, earthy fragrance, the first sniff of this skunky bud will blast you right off the seat. There is no hint of delicacy or mellowness in its aroma, which is mirrored in the taste.

Pungent is the correct adjective to describe the mixture of the smell of Stardawg strain that hits your nose. For the noobs, this might immediately gag you and make the bud unappealing, but for the true cannabis lover, they know this means the extra potency and the resin-lined herb that will take them to the high’er path. The hardcore strain flaunts a chemical-like, funky aroma that depicts the impending, mild-altering effects of the bud. It has a slight pine scent coupled with the sour notes of diesel. This is precisely what was expected with such a lineage – You’ve been warned.
Be ready to take your olfactories for a ride.

The taste and flavour of the Stardawg strain do not wander far from the aroma. You might experience a very slight undertone of light citrus that is evident as you take the smoke in. As said before, this is a skunky breed, and the flavours are evidently lined with the diesel kick followed by pine and lemon.

Anyone who loves the skunk scent of the bud will definitely experience a dank hit from the strain. The taste is not a universally accepted one, but once you get used to it, it just keeps getting better. And the best part; it is known to create the thickest smoke, and the scent lingers long after in the room.


This Sativa-dominant strain is all for getting things done. From your everyday tasks to the creative spur that attacks you at 2 am, the Stardawg will get everything done. It creates a very subtle cerebral rush which is uplifting, leading to laughter and social conversations. It is not very heavy to disrupt your day-to-day life but makes an ideal one for situations where you need to work your brains and have fun, together or apart.

Recreational users of this dank herb also claim to feel high that seem like spiritual journeys, making it too intense for noobs. Known as a wake and bake strain, it works perfectly for days when you’re low on energy and need a little help to lift the mood. It allows you to start with a clean state, removing the cloud of gloom and over-thinking, heightening your presence and concentration. This makes it great for those pending tasks that you have been pushing behind.

However, with the cerebral high, it also entails an indica-induced body buzz that is ideal for relaxing after all the work.

A word of caution, the effect is supposed to last for a longer time than most strains, so make sure you’re consuming this beautiful strain when you have the relaxed timeframe.

Medical Effects

The Stardawg Strain is a balanced strain with a Sativa dominance and an underlying Indica effect. Medical patients take advantage of both these major qualities.

With the cerebral effect, it allows you to get up from the bed when you’re feeling lousy, tired, and low. There is an urge to get up and get on with work. It also helps people suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Patients also find relief from its range of relaxing properties including pain and tension. It blunts pain, alleviates digestive issues, and inspires the munchies so people can gain weight.

You can safely say that this is an all-rounder strain, perfect for physical and cerebral issues alike.


There are no exceptional side-effects that come with the potent strain apart from the general ones. Of course, since this is a high THC bud, it is important to keep it within the limits as it can easily induce paranoia and reverse the happy effect. For those who are not well-versed with the cannabis world, try to start with a milder strain as this one can make you panic, dizzy, and give you a mild headache.

The other side-effects are dry eyes and mouth, which can be battled by keeping yourself hydrated and with eye drops.

Is Stardawg Indica or Sativa?
Stardawg is a Sativa-dominant strain with a little backdrop of Indica which lends its relaxing qualities to those who seek.

What does Stardawg smell like?
The most pungent you can imagine. It has a skunky smell, that borders on diesel and pungent, taking you right to space with just a single whiff.

What does Stardawg look like?
The name depicts why Stardawg is named that way as it is coated with sparkling star-like trichomes along with deep green nugs that are pretty small-medium in size.

Is Stardawg good for anxiety?
Starwdawg is known to uplift and enhance mood, and increase productivity which leads to a decrease in stress and anxiety.

This brings us to the end of our guide on Stardawg Strain. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as you would love toking it.
For more such articles, keep watching this space.

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