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Where to get a Star Wars Bong

When it dropped in 1977, Star Wars: A New Hope might have seemed like any other attempt at sci-fi, but the extreme attention to detail and potent storyline about legends, heroes and villains made it the cultural pillar that it remains today.

People of all ages identify with the age-old story of good versus evil, in this case, Sith versus Jedi, but Star Wars is a hit with the cannabis community, and fans of both like to show it with merch.

There are even dozens of strains named after Star Wars or its beloved characters, like Darth Vader OG, Skywalker OG, and the brand new Mandalorian inspired Baby Yoda strain popular on the West coast.

Über fans can buy Star Wars-inspired strains, but the truly devoted can plug their nugs into one of the literally thousands of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web.

Where to find Star Wars gear

While there is no official merchandise for this purpose, and despite all rights reserved by Disney, you can type in the name of any of the major characters into a search engine and you’ll be treated to their likeness in melty, psychedelic glassware, printed on stock basic bongs, shaped into artful and interpretative pipes and even etched on vape batteries. Most of these online marketplaces allow you to review customer reviews, place items in your shopping cart, provide shipping everywhere in the United States and have customer service email contacts for questions related to shipping and glass products.

If you’re on the side of the dark, or you prefer to hang with the light of the Jedi, some models that represent many of the themes and classic moments in the movie. More into the supporting villains of the SWU? Try going for a Darth Vader bong or Boba Fett bong or a Stormtrooper pipe, or maybe one fashioned to look like the hundreds of detailed space weapons that appear in the series: Lightsabers, blasters and even ships are turned into innovative smokeware.

The connection between Star Wars and cannabis won’t be dissipating anytime soon — people who like to expand their minds via science fiction might also enjoy doing the same with a little weed. Though when Star Wars first dropped, both it and cannabis were firmly in the counterculture. In today’s legal cannabis (and blockbuster packed) climate, they’re both iconoclasts.

Some Star Wars gear to consider:

Empire Glassworks Illuminati Death Star Mini Dab Rig

A beautiful work of art by Empire Glassworks. Any Star Wars fan who dabs should be honored to have this in their collection.

Star Wars Darth Vader Bong

Those who choose the dark side of the force will want to reach for this bong designed after the dark one himself.

Death Star Grinder

This stylish and sturdy grinder is a masterful ode to the Death Star. And unlike the space station that was blow up (twice), this grinder was built to last and includes a lifetime warranty.

Yoda Stash Box

This Yoda-approved stash box comes with a stash jar, metal grinder, rolling papers, and the box itself. Perfect for gifting to the Star Wars stoner in your life.

5-piece Star Wars Set

A travel-size stash box that comes with a Darth Vader grinder, Stormtrooper water pipe, and two stash jars for when you’re trying to be one with the force while on the go.

Truly devoted fans can plug their nugs into one of the hundreds of Star Wars-themed smoking accessories that exist on the web.

Light (Saber) It Up! 5 Star Wars Pipes and Bongs You’ll Love

Want to become a true Jedi? It’s easier than you may think when you have the right smoking swag. Click here to learn how with awesome Star Wars pipes and bongs.

The dedication that some people have to Star Wars is incredible. This film series – and associated television series, book series, and merchandising – is known worldwide, and has been a huge hit since it began, way back in 1977.

Many people are also equally dedicated to cannabis and the enjoyment of this natural substance. Since cannabis became legal for medical purposes in California in 1996 and became legal for recreational use in Colorado in 2012, it’s become a big part of American culture, too.

Since many people enjoy both, it makes sense to combine the two. Star Wars pipes and bongs are available, popular, and are a great addition to any Star Wars fan and cannabis connoisseur’s paraphernalia collection.

Cannabis and Star Wars: A Great Match

These two things go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Hit a bubbler while you watch the movies. Read a Star Wars book while you smoke. Puff before binge-watching The Mandalorian. Wear a Princess Leia headband while you do bong hits.

The possibilities are endless. Read on to learn about some great mash-ups of Star Wars items and cannabis tools. You won’t be sorry, but your wallet soon will be.

Awesome Star Wars Pipes and Bongs You Totally Must Have

There’s something for everyone in the Star Wars universe, so it should be no surprise that there are Star Wars-related cannabis smoking tools for every taste as well. Some of the following items are small and portable, but others you’ll want to only use at home.

Chewbacca Ceramic Pipe

There’s something about the entire Wookie species that implies they’d love to sit down with you and toke up. Although it’s unlikely that Chewbacca will stop by your spot for a session, you can smoke out of a pipe that celebrates all his hairy goodness. Your friends will love it when you pack this one up.

Lightsaber Steamroller

Every true Jedi needs a lightsaber. Even if you never leave your bean bag chair to take down The Dark Side, at least you’ll be prepared just in case with an awesome lightsaber pipe. This item, made by Chameleon Glass, comes in both Sith and Jedi options – but you want to be on the good guys’ side, right?

Yoda Bong

Yoda is so wise, and you will be too when you take some hits from a Yoda bong. you can’t go wrong with this little green man in your home and if you smoke enough, you may begin to solve some of the vast mysteries of the universe. Get very high, you will.

Boba Fett Helmet Pipe

Although this is listed in some places as a Boba Fett Helmet Bong, it appears that it is a dry piece. Either way, it’s beautiful, and it’s one of a kind, and it’s surely worth thousands of dollars; as a result, it’s pretty likely that none of us will ever have the opportunity to smoke out of this. Regardless, it’s still beautiful to look at, and is quite a sight to behold.

Stormtrooper Pipe

What a deal! A stormtrooper pipe is just five bucks, so you might as well buy a few of them for backups and for friends. These are fun for the whole family, even if most stormtroopers are idiots who can’t think for themselves and who can’t hit a standing target five feet away.

Happy Smoking

All of these pipes and bongs are fun and exciting and are a great way to start a collection that combines two of your most favorite things in the world. Enjoy, and happy smoking!

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Want to become a true Jedi? It's easier than you may think when you have the right smoking swag. Click here to learn how with awesome Star Wars pipes and bongs. The dedication that some people have to Star Wars is incredible. This film series – and associated television series, book series, and merchandising – is kno