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Won’t use bodhi again worst Hermies in 10 Bodhi

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I grown out 13 seeds of Sunshine Daydream! No hermie!
Grown out half pack of purple sunshine, and got alot of hermies. Realizing that even the slightes overfeeding will stress them. I just tooked 3 cut of one of these hermies, and flowering them atm a 2nd time, can tell you for sure in 2weeks, if it was a problem due to my feeding. No problems with the half pack of Chem D x SSDD, rest of the pack is flowering now too.

But to be honest, I have NEVER smoked anything that was fitting my needs better, than the sunshine daydream cuts (the appalachia leaning is my most favourite), my most potent and frostiest strain (my wife called em snow balls!). The shorter phenos (more bubbakush leaning) had not such a nice taste, but the greatest pain reduction!

And when bodhi isn‘t doing anything, than it is betraying people (my opinion)! Seeds never got replaced / reworked, he stored the once he maked in the freezer. He has so much to work on, soo many new strains, absolutly no need to fake a strain. where are the goji fakes than?! It‘s more popular and less avaible! The Appalachia male he used in soo many crosses, if there was a hermie problem, I think we would have realize earlier!

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I hate blaming the grower automatically but 1000% this.

How does one get to harvest and not know their shit has been pollinated?

I have nothing but good experience from my Sunshine Daydream cross.

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I’m just finishing up a whole pack of SSDD. Out of 7 females, six were duds in the smell department except one which is clearly the “blueberry muffin” pheno and smells great. I’m running that one again now. The others had a weak burned rubber nose with a bit of lemon but primarily this nutty smell that was just like Mothers Milk (also a dud in the smell department.) I also found a couple blown nuts at the bottom of my Mothers Milk while trimming which was a first for me.

So far I’m liking Snow Lotus better than Appalacia, Goji OG and Natural Mystic have had some amazing smells. I’m stillig holding out high hopes for Prayer Tower Sativa, Dream Beaver, Strawberry Mountain, Silver Mountain, and ASS. Next up for me is a wookie cross, Granola Funk. I was thinking BBHP was going to be my first 88G13HP cross but now I’m not so sure.

Before you chalk it up to grower skill, consider the possibility of taste. Most people just love to eat olives but I think they are nasty and the very strong flavor overwhelms everything else.

I do take issue with the price complaints. All of the Bodhi available from seed banks is $50 or $35 for an 11/12 pack because Bodhi has either 3-2 or 2-1 deals at all times. I don’t think Dinafem is that cheap.

From what I understand, HSO is European bulk seed, the Cannabis equivalent of truck booze, and has nothing to do with Humboldt or California. Therefore, not in the same league as Bodhi who chucks some of California’s finest.

So after reading up on all the hype about bodhi strains i decided to Give a couple of strains a go myself sunshine daydream And blueberry hashplant, I…