spongy weed

Rescuing Spongy Bud

Clean Glass + New Whip

I like to have variety in my stash.

So as time goes by when I find outstanding weed I buy a bit extra and store them in amber jars.

Deciding I wanted some especially trippy Blue Kush that I bought 4-6 months ago, I opened the jar and the buds felt spongy. Not exactly wet, more like oily. Hard to deconstruct. It smells a bit stale, not quite at the ammonia stage but still OK.

I vaped some last night and it was still very potent

But I needed to stop it from degrading any further, so I recharged a container of silica gel, put the buds in a paper envelope and put it in overnight.

They came out only slightly too dry so I jarred them. Checking later they had the proper aroma.

I decided to check my collection of store-bought bud and 3 more strains were in similar condition so I repeated the procedure fr each, being more careful of the time.

I just had some of the Durban and it is fine- maybe a little harsh but still tasty and strong. I put a little nug of organic Bubba aside for tonight. It smells better too, so hopefully it has kept it’s magic. The Purple Urkle was a bit farther gone, I’ll have to taste it another day but there’s a chance it goes into a topical.

This has never happened to my homegrown.

Some of these guys must be in a hurry to get it to market and don’t dry/cure properly. Too bad, really, with a bit of time they could make excellent weed even better!

Lesson learned.
If I want to save some store bought, I will have to burp and inspect it from now on.

I like to have variety in my stash. :jointman: So as time goes by when I find outstanding weed I buy a bit extra and store them in amber jars. Deciding I…

How to Tell if Your Stash of Weed Has Gone Bad

Avoid the conundrum by just storing it well in the first place.

Let’s say you chance upon a stash of weed you forgot about some time back. Happy day! But … is it even good? You don’t even remember stowing it away, let alone when you bought it. Can you still smoke it?

Can Weed Go Bad?

The good news is, weed doesn’t really “go bad;” its chemical makeup just changes. Marijuana is a plant, just like the veggies and herbs in your kitchen. Cells break down, molecules oxidize. Just as the dried oregano in your spice rack becomes less flavorful over time, weed becomes less potent. Old weed won’t kill you, but it also won’t get you all that high.

How to Store Weed

The best way to avoid this question in the first place is to store your weed properly. Glass or ceramic containers are your best bet. You want to make sure the container is airtight, and won’t transfer smells or flavors onto your precious weed. Store your pot in a dark, cool refuge that’s not your refrigerator or freezer — too cold environments can suck the sweet, sweet moisture out of those leaves.

Fresh weed is full of the cannabinoids CBD, CBC, and THC, but sit your weed down for a bit in ultraviolet light (i.e., sunlight), and your THC will break down into CBN, a cannabinoid that is way less potent and much more disappointing. Basically: Keep your weed in a still, dark, cool environment, and you’re guaranteed the best flavor.

But let’s say you didn’t get around to storing your weed like you should have, and now you’re stuck with a Ziploc bag of mystery marijuana that may or may not be good.


If your recently discovered stash doesn’t look much like weed anymore, just some dried out powdery leaves, it’s probably not going to be all that enjoyable to smoke. If you spot a fuzzy white powder growing on it, your weed is moldy and you definitely shouldn’t smoke it, unless you want to risk heart and lung problems. Mold spores, like moist places without a lot of airflow, which can happen if you store your weed where it’s too moist.


When you pull apart your re-discovered weed in your hands, you should hear snaps, not crackles, which can mean your weed is too dry. If your weed is silent, it has a lot of moisture, and you should be on the lookout for mold.


If your old stash smells musty, or like urine or a locker room, mold is probably the culprit. Chemical or plastic scents are a result of poor storage or pesticide contamination. Old weed might not smell as strong as the day you stuck it somewhere and forgot about it, but it shouldn’t have any off smells. Weed should smell like weed.


If it looks like your old stash is free of mold, and you decide to light some up, you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s really gone bad just by the taste. It should still taste like weed, without off flavors.

Smoking poor quality weed won’t hurt you (with the exception of mold) — it just won’t be quite as enjoyable as the fresh stuff. You probably won’t get as high thanks to a lower THC content, but that’s about it. Enjoy your re-discovered stash!

Avoid the conundrum by just storing it well in the first place.