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Space Queen Strain Review

Now that Canada has fully legalized marijuana , we expect the industry to enjoy a fantastic spell of growth. Not only will we ultimately see more dispensaries in Canadian towns and cities, but breeders can also create new hybrids, and Space Queen is one of the best recent efforts.

Just a word of warning for any Canadian marijuana industry worker: If you intend on traveling to the United States, you can be refused entry and even barred from entering for life due to your role in the cannabis sector. Be warned!

What Is the Space Queen Strain?

The Space Queen marijuana strain is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Romulan and is known for the mellow high it provides. It was bred by the British Columbia Growers Association and is one of Canada’s most popular weed exports.

It is a sativa dominant hybrid occasionally known as Space Jill, and is used by numerous breeders, such as Subcool from TGA Genetics, in several projects. It is rumored that the original Space Queen strain no longer exists and has been replaced by Space Queen F2!

Space Queen Aroma

Once you give this strain a sniff, you will love the fruity and spicy aroma which carries several savory notes, too. The combination of smells can be anything including vanilla, cinnamon, berries, and apples, combined with a cheesy scent.

Space Queen Flavor

The sweetness of this strain goes right to the tongue, and you are in for a treat because twists of citrus also make an appearance. Depending on the phenotype, you could receive a woody or creamy aftertaste.

Space Queen Appearance

This strain’s nugs are rather dense and have a football-type shape. In certain phenotypes, you will also see a few specks of purple in the plant’s calyxes.

Space Queen Strain Grow Info

Once you have your hands on Space Queen seeds, you can grow your crop inside or outside . If you are growing indoors, pay special attention to this plant during the first three weeks of flowering because it gets exceedingly tall. It is not the easiest strain to grow, and it performs best in slightly acidic growing mediums with a pH of around 6.0.

As Space Queen grows so tall, indoor growers will need to utilize a training method or two to keep vertical growth in check. We recommend trying the screen of green (SCROG) or sea of green (SOG) methods. It tends to grow lanky which means it requires canopy support. These plants should be ready for harvest after flowering for about eight weeks.

When growing outdoors, make sure your plants are exposed to a warm, mildly arid climate filled with CO2 if necessary. Keep the daytime temperature to around 85-90 degrees, as this plant can tolerate plenty of heat. You can bump the temperature up to 95 degrees if there is an elevated level of CO2 in the air.

Space Queen THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Space Queen varies significantly. While you may find a strain with 16% THC, there are versions containing a whopping 23%; far too much for a beginner!

Space Queen CBD Content – Highest Test

In contrast, the CBD content is minimal; you are unlikely to find more than 0.2%. As a result, the THC to CBD ratio is likely to be 100:1 or higher.

What Can I Expect When I Use Space Queen?

In general, Space Queen is a perfectly fine strain to use during the day, but only take a few tokes per session or else your red eyes and spaced out look will give the game away. Its impact has often been described as being akin to a caffeine overdose ; your mind becomes filled with a thousand random thoughts and no way to focus them.

In most cases, you will feel the strain’s indica properties first as the cerebral high makes you feel happy and eases your stress. We have heard reports of users feeling as if they were floating after taking Space Queen for the first time. Eventually, its sativa effects take over, and you feel creative and energetic. For most users, they will reveal their stoned nature through their silly grins. There is little or no ‘comedown’ to speak of if you use it sensibly.

Medical Benefits of Space Queen

In the medical marijuana community, Space Queen is usually recommended as a possible treatment for conditions such as PTSD, mild depression, anxiety, and stress . It can also be used to battle headaches, fatigue, and nausea. If you are having issues with appetite, Space Queen has been known to help which means expect a case of the munchies!

Possible Side Effects of Space Queen

This strain has been known to cause dry eyes and a dry mouth. You can ease these symptoms by drinking water when using Space Queen. It some cases, novices have reported feeling dizzy, and it may also cause paranoia . This is a strain that works fast, so we recommend avoiding the urge to continue smoking because it is far too easy to overdo it.

Final Thoughts on Space Queen

Space Queen is an excellent option for a daytime smoke, but you can also use it in the evening or at night to unwind. It is a reasonably powerful sativa, so please make sure you ingest it in small doses first to understand the effects it may have on you.

It is a difficult strain to grow, and cultivators often complain that it is hard to bring out Space Queen’s full flavor profile. When you get it right, however, the trichomes will appear en-masse. We have read stories of how the trichomes of this plant almost glow in the light; an effect that looks especially incredible when the buds begin shows traces of violet.

It is a plant that requires all of your attention when growing because of the need to top it constantly, not to mention the exceedingly strict light schedule coupled with a mediocre yield! Even so, while it is hard work to grow, it is a joy to use, which is why so many growers persevere with this strain.

Everything you need to know about Space Queen marijuana strain including medicinal benefits, effects, growing tips, and more.

Space Queen Has a Subtle Sweetness To It

Space Queen genetics can be traced to Romulan mixed with Cinderella 99. This type of medical marijuana has a very fruity aroma, with a hint of sweet pineapple. There is some definite spiciness and woodsiness to the buds, presumably from the Romulan.

After the medicating session, there is a clear head-rush similar to the effect you would get from smoking any type of Haze. It is a very sativa-like hybrid that causes more of a mental high than a body high. Uplifting medication that helps patients relieve stress and bring a smile to those who medicate with it.

“It is generally incorrect to link a lack of potency to a specific strain in general. There are a lot more factors to consider than the genetics.”

The one noticeable down-side to this batch of Space Queen was it’s obvious lack of potency. It seemed like this was one of the strains that needed more than a few hits to get significantly medicated… and even then, the effects began to ware off within an hour or so. Please understand however, it was most likely our specific batch of Space Queen that we tested that lacked potency.

You see, the quality of a strain depends on a variety of factors: the grower of that strain, growing method, and the genetics behind the exact plant you are medicated with. Having said that, we look forward to trying Space Queen again real soon.

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Space Queen genetics can be traced to Romulan mixed with Cinderella 99. This type of medical …