sour flower strain

Sour flower strain

I grew sour flower a few years back in a dep and it was straight fire. One of my all time favorites. I have never been able to find it again though. If anyone knows where to get some clones of it I would be stoked. If you have this strain don’t lose it, its hard to find and s great sativa. thanks Slickone

I test cannabis potency and terpenes for a living and have tried hundreds of strains. This one, grown well, is among the very best daytime sativas there is. I am also a big fan of its parent, super silver haze, but sour flower is even better. Its a more clear headed focused high and spurs greater creativity than SSH, or another favorite of mine super lemon haze. Only problem is its rare, very hard to find. My first taste of it was a donation that only registered 17% THCA so I was skeptical. But after smoking it, I started looking at my other more potent strains as deficient. I’d rank it with green crack(the sativa pheno) as a daytime burn, but even better is that it doesn’t tend to drop you into sluggishness after a couple hours like GC does.

With a THC content of up to 18%, Sour Flower can add pep and vitality to any busy day without the full slap to the face that a more powerful strain would deliver. This strain is a direct descendant of Super Silver Haze, an even more potent sativa-dominant hybrid that was subjected to selective in… ]]>