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Benefits of Growing Autoflowering Cannabis In a Sea of Green

If you are new to growing Cannabis, you may have come across the terminology S.O.G and been left wondering what it meant. Thanks to the genetic diversity of Cannabis plants, as growers we are able to adapt our grow spaces, schedules, budget, and level of plant maintenance to specific cultivars that are more practically suited. Read on to learn all you need to know about Sea of Green, the benefits associated including our top tips and why autoflowering cultivars are the best choice, due to their short size and fast flowering traits.

1. What Is the Sea of Green?

This basically refers to the end goal being a room filled from wall to wall, with small-sized uniform Cannabis plants. Purposely grown in small pots with a very short growing period, no training applied and packed closely together. It may sound like an amateur’s set up who does not know what they are doing, however, there are many benefits associated with this style of growing.

2. The Advantages Associated

Small pots of 6.5L are commonly used meaning a small amount of growing medium is required. With such a short growing time, roots will settle and expand as much as they can anchoring themselves to the base of the pots.

Nutrients for the vegetative period are only used once or twice, ensuring your nutrient lasts much longer every time you produce a crop. Over multiple grows, the savings on root boosters and grow nutrients will be evident and dependent on the size of your crop, one nutrient bottle may last several cycles.

It is possible to easily fill an entire room wall to wall with flowering plants being as efficient as possible space-wise, however it is necessary to create an aisle to allow access to your canopy. As long as you can access your plants in case of an emergency, this is oftentimes the best way to grow in terms of efficiency.

Some very fast flowering cultivars that flower as quickly as 7-8 weeks allow for a grower to restrict each grow cycle to a total of 8-9 weeks in total. It is easily possible to achieve large scale commercial growth in a very short time of up to 10 weeks including the drying process.

Commercial growers are able to achieve multiple harvests per year, in comparison to long vegetative phases that demand some training and hands-on maintenance. The only work required is to plant clones or seedlings, flower and harvest and rotate.

Plant height is reduced to around 30-50cm meaning it is possible to achieve a very successful SOG set up, in a low space such as a bedroom closet, loft conversion or low ceiling cellar space.

3. Which Strains Are Best?

The goal is to flower your Cannabis plants as fast as possible, using an autoflowering cultivar that is a solid, reliable performer. Anything that takes over 10 weeks may be impractical and increase the number of days between harvesting and rotation. Indica dominant or hybrid cultivars is the ideal choice for Sea of green. Thanks to their ability to stay low and uniform, with very little internodal spacing, these are the most preferred.

One of the best things about autoflowering strains is that they are created with the fast-paced grower in mind. It is possible to harvest an entire crop in as little as 9 weeks with Gelato Auto, Blackberry Auto, and Wedding Cheesecake Auto.

Cannabis plants that grow with one main central cola surrounded by thick side branches are a great candidate. The growth structure associated with this variety of strain allows for the uniform, top-heavy green blanket effect once blooming has commenced.

4. Top Tips on Sea of Green Farming with Autos

1. Fast autoflowering strains are much better at reducing the amount of time they can be exposed to an airborne pathogen such as Botrytis. Indica dominant cultivars are often more resistant to plant disease and a better choice for Sea of Green.

2. Find an autoflowering strain that is reliable and does not require much hands-on training, or maintenance. A wise choice for beginner growers and those still learning the ropes.

3. Make sure that you leave plenty of space for an aisle that you can comfortably walk down. In the event that the plants need to be treated, then your ability to easily access and freely work is essential.

4. Avoid letting plants touch the sides of the grow tent or walls of the room. It is very important to keep a consistent airflow around the plants and allowing them to touch moist walls during flower can be hazardous.

5. Using a pump and drip emitters can save a lot of work and physical labor, especially when you are working with rows as large as 35 plants and upwards. Setting a timer to do all the work for 15 minutes a day reduces work and saves you a bad back every time.

5. In Conclusion

There are a number of highlights to why a grower who is harvesting every 12-14 weeks, may want to switch to Sea of Green farming using autoflowering cultivars. The obvious reason is the crop rotation that is possible every 9-10 weeks, and the other is the reduction in electricity use, nutrient use, and plant training.

On the other hand, many growers love nothing more than getting hands-on with their plants and enjoying a good 5-10 week growing phase. Some may argue the amount their plants harvest is worth the extra wait, yet the reality is a room full of buds from wall to wall will always harvest the same amount if using lots of small plants or a few large sized.

We hope you enjoyed this article and have discovered a new, fast, productive and stress-free way to grow. Good luck with your fields of high-grade flower!

If you are new to growing Cannabis, you may have come across the terminology S.O.G and been left wondering what it meant. Thanks to the genetic diversity of Can

SCROG vs SOG: What Is Better For Your Autoflowers?

Scrog vs Sog is one of the most asked questions by many growers indoors. These are two different techniques that even being so different both give a solution to the same problem: to increase cannabis yields and quality per crop.

1. What is SCROG and SOG?

SCROG and SOG are both low stress training (LST) techniques used to control the growth of cannabis plants. This is done by creating a horizontal even canopy, this ensures all bud sites receive light uniformly and grow at the same rate.

Usually, the lower branches can’t absorb much light and don’t develop well. These techniques were created to focus on the top part of the plant, producing big colas and denser buds in less time.


The Screen of Green (aka SCROG) is a type of low stress training involving a net screen between the growing lights and pots and little bit of plant training.

In this method, the cannabis plant will eventually grow up to the net screen and with a bit of training achieve the desired objective. T he training needed after they reach the net is relatively easy, you just need to push the branches that have outgrown the net back down, this will make the branches grow horizontally and slowly create a large and even canopy.

This is an excellent way to take full advantage of the area covered by your lights, by training your plants into a spread out canopy you allow multiple bud sites to develop to their full potential instead of one large one at the top.

Once the canopy is established, most growers prune all the lower growth as they are in the shadow of the canopy thus not getting light, this way you avoid wasted energy.

An important factor to take into account when using the SCROG technique is the strains being used. Depending on the genetics, cannabis plants can react differently when switched over to a flowering photoperiod, some will stretch and rapidly fill out while others won’t.

This is a good method if you want to make the most out of every seed, generally using 1 plant per 30 cm of net.

The main difference between SCROG and SOG is that in the Screen of Green you will use way fewer plants to fill the canopy than in the Sea of Green.

Where in SCROG you may need up to 4 plants per m², in a SOG you can have 12 or more per m², depending on the type of strain.


• It can be done with cuttings and seeds.

• Offers multiple bud sites from only a few plants.

• Low maintenance as you only have a few plants to take care of.


• Takes longer than SOG.

3. SOG

The Sea of Green (aka SOG) is especially used in small grow spaces or when you want to grow your plants really fast and you can (or not) use a net to help you maintain the plants short.

Where the SCROG technique focuses on producing multiple bud sites, the Sea of Green technique does the opposite, forcing the cannabis plant to put all its energy into one main cola.

Unlike SCROG, the SOG technique is recommended to be done with autoflowers or clones.

To grow in a Sea of Green, plants are packed into a tight space reaching up to 40 or more per square meter.

Even though there are strains that may take more time, after giving around 2 weeks for clones you should switch to a flowering cycle so they can flower while still being short, producing a thick stem and branches.

This growing method does not require pruning or trimming as long as you have proper airflow. When growing a large number of plants together it is recommended to add fans to not only strengthen the stems to allow your plants to not fold down but also reduce the risk of pests and diseases.

For autoflowers it is recommended to use a net, after 3-5 weeks of growth and slight training the net should be completely filled and ready for the production of flowers.

There are strains that are better well suited for this kind of grow method, generally, Indicas tend to be most suited to this. Plants should rarely grow beyond 30cm tall using this method, so all energy is in the main cola.

The way plants need to grow in this method is why you use clones or autos, feminized plants grown from seed will still grow high before they can start flowering.


• Very fast growing time.

• Great for small grow spaces.

• Faster than SCROG.


• A lot of plant material means a higher chance of pests.

4. Which Technique Is Better For Autoflowers?

As we all know, autoflowers don’t take too well training and even LST can shock them if not done properly and even though it is possible to perform SCROG with autos, it is not recommended.

Most autos don’t grow as much as photoperiodic cannabis and it can be really difficult to trim unwanted growth without encountering a lot of problems, that’s why SOG is highly recommended for autoflowers.

It’s better to grow Indica-dominant strains in SOG, we recommend our Girls Scout Cookies Auto as she will naturally grow shorter and if done correctly you can harvest up to 15-20 plants per square meter, resulting in a huge yield per cycle.

Sea of green is considered one of the most efficient methods for harvesting buds from autos as soon as possible. It does not require the training and extended growth time that it takes to grow plants using the screen of green (SCROG) cultivation method. And if you choose proper strains, you can save time and space.

If you want to use a SCROG method on your autoflower, Wedding Cheesecake Auto will be the best option as she performs extremely well under Screen of Green.

Generally, autos grow up to 80cm and need around 3-4 weeks to start flowering, these characteristics that make them unique also make them perfect for growing in SOG especially if you are using a net to control height.

5. In Conclusion

SCROG and SOG are techniques with similar objectives, they help you grow the best quality and yields while making the most out of your lights, grow space, and plants.

If you’re interested in trying them out, have in consideration that the strain you use can deeply affect your final result, try to grow the same strain because if you choose different strains it can get really difficult to train them equally.

Even though it may seem hard, these are one of the simplest techniques with the tips given in this article, and a little bit of experimenting even an unexperienced grower will be able to perform them successfully.

Scrog vs Sog is one of the most asked questions by many growers indoors. These are two different techniques that even being so different both give a solution to