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Snoop Dogg G Pro Bush

The new Snoop Dogg G Pro Bush vaporizer is Snoop Dogg’s latest vaporizer model, which includes a pot and a Bush seed, and a link to freely download his CD.

Snoop Dogg G Pro Bush description

The new vaporizer from Snoop Dog is perfect to vape the resin of your marijuana wherever you go. It comes with Snoop Dogg’s new CD and a pot with seeds to plant a “Bush” (which is the name of the album) along with other accessories.

It’s a marijuana vaporizer which is very simple to use. Just turn it on and it’ll be ready in a little more than 1 minute. The battery lasts for about 1 hour at mid-temperature. It’s one of the most satiating on the market because its high temperatures produce a dense vapour, which is more satiating than the rest.

To access its bowl (under the mouthpiece), prise it open with your thumb. The mouthpiece will come out and the bowl will be exposed. Inside, you can put up to 0.5g of marijuana, enough for a few puffs. That same amount of marijuana in a joint is 3 times less effective so you’ll enjoy a greater effect than smoking.Also, there’s no combustion so it’s less damaging to your lungs.

  • To turn it on, just press the power button 5 times in a row. The lights will turn on and you’ll know that it’s warming up. The button will display the color of the selected temperature. You can choose 3 temperatures:
  • Red 160ºC
  • Green 193ºC
  • Blue 215ºC

Hold the “On” button for a few seconds while it’s on, and it will automatically change the temperature. A LED below the button will be red while the vaporizer is heating. It’ll take about 1-1.5 minutes to warm up. When it’s ready to vaporize, the red light will turn green indicating that it’s reached the selected temperature. Inhale long and continuously, but not very fast. If you inhale too fast, you’ll burn yourself, but if you puff slowly but continuously, you’ll enjoy a great amount of vapor and taste.

The system automatically shuts off every 3-4 min when it starts overheating, thus preventing the resistance from burning and rendering our vaporizer useless. If it turns off, just have to turn it on again in a few seconds. Once there’s no more vapour, replace the weed.It’s best to wait until the vaporizer cools down, so there’s no risk of burning with the bowl. Once you’re done, clean it with the brush to leave it ready for a new use.

The vaporizer includes a USB charger, a wall charger with American plug (an adapter is needed), a pot and Bush seeds, a Snoop Dogg tray to grind your marijuana, 2 long mouthpieces for High temperatures, 3 short mouthpieces for low temperatures, spare screens, a cleaning brush and a link to download Snoop Dogg’s new CB, “Bush”.

Simple vaporizer with which you can begin to discover the vaping world and enjoy the taste of extractions. If you’re a smoker who needs more vapour, you should get a better device.

The new Snoop Dogg G Pro Bush vaporizer is Snoop Dogg's latest vaporizer model, which includes a pot and a Bush seed, and a link to freely download his CD.