smoke weed eat yogurt

Smoke weed eat yogurt

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Smoke weed eat yogurt

smoke that shit

also i just hit 420 followers

mac miller solving problems

and lately i’ve been thinking about that a lot.
I’ve stopped caring, and its caused me to be happy again. I’m doing whatever the fuck I want and its awesome. I smoke a shit ton. I have sex. I swear. I dance. I love deep. I don’t love. I dont care what people think. Call me a stoner, call me a whore, call me a bad influence – none of it matters to me.
When life got shitty I found my way of coping was to wait for the problem to go away. That drove me crazy, and I started hearing and seeing things. So I started doing real drugs. And it got better for a while but the dependence on them scared me. Now its school time and I can’t be high all the time. The voices are coming back. I’m imagining colors around people again. It’s all in my mind. I know that, but its fucking scary. I cant eat without wanting to cut. I feel the need to workout all time. People are talking about me all the time.

I lie to my therapist. She cant know – she’ll think I’m crazy.

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