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The Garden Center Group Retailer’s Choice Award

Silver Bar – Mejor utensilio de cultivo

Silver Bar – Mejor utensilio de cultivo

ExpoGrow Irun, Spain

II Axarquia Medical Cup

En Agradecimiento a Smart Pot por su Colaboracion, Velez Malaga

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City,

PS#1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens –

Public Farm One Exhibit on Urban Farming 2008

Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago,

Smart Home Display 2012

Smart Home Garden

Techstyle Haus (Fabric House) 2014

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)/Brown University/University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (Germany)

Display in Providence, RI & Versailles, France

“I first heard of Smart Pots at a gardening event about 5 years ago, and have been using them as my container of choice ever since. I’ve used them indoors in flood and drain tables, indoors for soil gardening, for container gardening outside, and have probably grown just about any kind of plant in them.

I first started with just a few samples and they were phenomenal. Then I gave out samples to my dad, who’s since switched over his 1-acre garden to all Smart Pots.

The difference I found between a Smart Pot and your typical plastic nursery container is something called air pruning – a term I wasn’t familiar with until I learned about Smart Pots.
In many hard sided containers, a plant becomes root bound, with one spiraling root that can only uptake nutrients through its tip. When you switch over to Smart Pots, the fabric actually air prunes the roots, creating lots of roots and lots of tips, so you have better nutrient absorption and larger plants in smaller containers. Compared to a plastic nursery container, you can see a difference in plant size completely – Smart Pot being the winner with healthier, larger plants.

Other fabric bag competitors try to do this, too, but some of them have different material used in each batch. Sometimes if you bought at two different times, you could see almost two different products because it was different material. So I’ve found the inconsistent material of those containers produces inconsistent results, and inconsistent success. Smart Pots are made in the USA, with the same material, producing consistent, successful results every time.

I really like the Big Bag Beds. If you’re renting or just anywhere you can’t build any garden structures, you could use one of the Big Bag Beds and have a raised bed garden in about ten minutes, or however long it takes you to fill it up with bags of soil. I don’t have to use power tools, so that’s golden. It’s easy to put up yourself and use if you are the only person in the garden. Probably some of the best results, and probably the best looking strawberry patch I’ve ever had, was grown in the Big Bag Bed. Pro tip: If you’re planning on using a drip system, just install it before you plant anything. It seems like my plants have grown so fast, it would be hard to insert it in later, and I could damage some of them.

I use Smart Pots as my container of choice, and recommend them to others on my radio show all the time.”

“I would never use another kind of container in my garden other than Smart Pots. They’ve got me for life. I started using Smart Pots about 8 years ago, before that I had used every grow medium, every grow method, tried almost every brand of nutrients in my hydro store. This is my love, my passion, and that’s my business too, so I have to know how everything works. After trying them I knew, without a doubt that Smart Pots worked, and I’d be using them forever.

Not only do I host The Heavy T Grow Show and own 2 retail locations in California, but I use the 200 and 300 gal in my backyard as planting beds, and the 3 and 5 gal in my indoor garden. I grow all types of plants in my Smart Pots – flowers, fruit, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, etc.

People that use them know there is no comparison to plastic pots, but compared to other fabric pots on the market, nothing performs better than a Smart Pot. They’re the original and they’re going to last you 3 or 4 growing seasons
easily. I use them over and over without ripping, and I get a higher yield with the additional air that flows to the roots.

Now you have these knockoffs trying to replicate the Smart Pot, claiming they’re the same. But you get them in your hand and feel the different in consistency of the fabrics and you know- if it’s way thinner, it’s going to break down real quick. Way thicker, it’s not going to let the air flow right. The Smart Pot did the heavy lifting to figure out the optimal fabric thickness necessary to maximize oxygen intake and longevity of the product.

Since the Smart Pot is patented and the knock off companies can’t replicate the Smart Pot they try to distinguish themselves with gimmicks like velcro, springs, or zippers on the side. I’ve tried them all, and those other fabric pots are just not as good.

Every gardener’s best tool in their garden is their observation and what they learn from that, a green thumb is a myth but dirty hands are a reality. I could go on and on about Smart Pots but not until you experience a Smart Pot for yourself will you be a full believer.”

“I’ve been using custom produced Smart Pot fabric for urban garden installations primarily for private gardening clients. I developed a way to use milk crates to install rooftop gardens around the city, using their Smart Pot fabric as liners, and it works great!

Clients want gardens that don’t require loads of maintenance – having to go up to the roof and water 3 times a day, or repairing ripped up fabric from the elements and tool damage. And I want to provide that for them with the easiest installation possible. The Smart Pot liners are awesome helping to do all this.
I used to use landscape fabric liners, but it was a huge problem cutting out the fabric to size, lining the milk crates, and making sure you’re not losing soil over the the edge. They didn’t allow for a lot of error, puncturing easily with basic garden tools and moving around, losing valuable growing space and soil.
But the Smart Pot liners are custom fit for my milk crates, so I can just place them right in and roll the edges over the top for a snug fit. And the fabric is almost indestructible. I literally took a hand cultivator to try my hardest to rip the thing and it wouldn’t rip. That’s really great for knowing you’re not going to have to replace it any time soon, or lose soil through puncture holes.

The Smart Pot liners have great water retention, too, which is really important. Growing crops like tomatoes in containers is a lot easier if you’re not worried about keeping up with the water.
They’re a little more money up front, but they are definitely worth it in the long run. If you’re planning on installing the garden you plan to have around for a while, get invested. People ask me all the time, “How do you do this?” I tell them, “Well, you could do it with landscape fabric, or you can do it the easy way.” It’s best to do it right the first time. Using Smart Pot fabric lining does it right the first time, the easy way. I recommend them to everyone.”

“Smart Pots/Big Bag Beds weren’t available to home gardeners about 13 years ago when I first started using them. An industry friend introduced me to these fabric grow bags that were being used by nurserymen to grow their trees and shrubs.

My long term Smart Pot/Big Bag Bed, (Big Bag Beds are the larger Smart Pot raised beds), marriage began the day I wondered how would strawberries do planted in these containers rather than in the more traditional strawberry jar planters?

So I planted a few and watched them grow and wound up with a crop of outstanding strawberries. The following year I grew potatoes and used larger size Smart Pots. I grow three different varieties and used a 20-gallon container for each one, and again, the results were terrific. I soon realized that in addition to those being used by commercial growers these fabric bags could be a blessing to home gardeners. So I started sending out some samples to gardener friends in the industry, asking them to grow whatever plants they wanted to and give me feedback after doing so.

Over the years, my experiment took on a life of it’s own. I loved these containers and each growing season I would challenge myself to grow something new, plants I previously hadn’t tried in these containers. As the years passed so did the size of my container garden. The year before I put in a permanent Smart Pot garden, I counted 150 Smart Pot containers, all growing plants, happily sitting in my driveway. They occupied so much space that I had to park my car that on the street.

I also started to use Smart Pots to for my houseplants and found them particularly useful for fussy plants that require excellent drainage like orchids, succulents and cacti.

Outdoors I grow: culinary herbs, flowering annuals and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits including: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, garlic, onions, peppers (both sweet & hot), beans, tomatoes, watermelon, squash, potatoes, salad greens, spinach, corn, cabbage, carrots, eggplants, radishes, peas, kale, Swiss chard, cucumbers, horseradish, rhubarb, blueberries, raspberries, dwarf apple and cherry trees.

One of the tips I’d like pass along is to fold over the top and create a cuff when filling the containers. It gives the pots just enough support to make filling them easier.

The porous, durable fabric is the reason Smart Pots work so well and in my opinion outperform other containers. In short, they create an ideal environment for plants’ roots. The entire fabric consists of millions of tiny pores that affect the containers’ physics and provide exceptional drainage, air root pruning and the release of excessive heat during hot weather.

In many cases plants do even better in Smart Pots then if they were growing in the ground. It’s hard to believe but true. Roots growing in Smart Pots have as close to an ideal environment as possible and this often isn’t the case in ground soil. Drainage is ideal, the growing media can be amended to individual plant preferences and plants are free of competition from weeds and tree roots. Also roots, bulbs and tubers don’t have to contend with other underground obstacles such as rocks or hidden debris. With Smart Pots, you control the environment. Smart Pots also warm up earlier in the springtime than soil, allowing you to plant earlier and have a longer growing season.

Smart Pots also last for years. The literature says to expect as least 3- 5 years from them. I can personally attest that some of my pots are 12 years old and still very usable and mine are left outdoors year round completely covered during the winter with lots of snow and ice.

I’ve been gardening for more than fifty years and I can truthfully say Smart Pots/Big Bag Beds are the best containers I’ve even used.”

“I first found out about Smart Pots a few years ago at a green industry trade show in Denver, Colorado. When I saw them, I wanted to try them. I was impressed when told how beneficial they would be to plant roots thanks to the air pruning design that allows the roots to grow so much larger and healthier. Plus I was excited about the portability of Smart Pots and easy storage after the gardening season. And I like the fact that Smart Pots are quality made in America.

I learned at the trade show, and from reading the helpful instructions on the bag tag how to plant in Smart Pots. Potting soil needs to be packed down firmly and to use a tray or plastic tarp underneath to prevent possible soil stains on concrete. Sounded easy to me!

Currently, I use Smart Pots to supplement my raised bed vegetable
garden. I grow lots of vegetables, and I use the Smart Pots mainly for broccoli,
potatoes and eggplant. Smart Pots
are versatile; they can be moved around the landscape which is helpful for crops
like potatoes. They appreciate afternoon shade (especially in Denver with our
extreme sun) so after a few weeks growing in full sun during early spring I move
the potatoes to a spot with afternoon shade.

Although I use Smart Pots for vegetables, they can be used for flowers and herbs. They would work very well on a patio or in a small space, and now that the Smart Pots come in different colors, it would be fun and easy to match décor and add a pop of color.

Smart Pots can be used by gardeners of all skill levels,
especially beginning gardeners. Watering vegetables in containers can be
somewhat confusing for new gardeners. Plastic containers aren’t porous so hold
onto water, terra cotta containers are very porous and need watering often.
With Smart Pots water moves easily
out of the bag, so it’s hard to over-water. With a healthy root system and easy care
gardeners will be delighted with their harvest (I am).

My Smart Pots are three years old and look like they are showing little wear – they’re certainly very high quality and
durable, I like that.

Smart Pots equal healthy plants and vegetables. I have recommended them in the past and I will definitely continue to recommend them in the future.”

“We’ve been using Smart Pots for six years now, as part of Urbainculteurs installations. Urbainculteurs is all about urbanised culture, and the Smart Pots have been a huge part of that as they make it so easy to grow in the city. It really doesn’t matter where you live – with Smart Pots you can grow on your balcony, your terrace, your roof, even in a parking lot. Basically, you can grow with theses bags anywhere.

We were initially drawn to Smart Pots because we were looking for grow-in bags, and these pots are a really professional option. We wanted bags instead of hard containers because of the flexibility they provide, and Smart Pots are perfect for that. You can have so many different sizes, and it lets people create and produce organically no matter where they are, and no matter how much space they have.

At Urbainculteurs we use the Smart Pots to grow all kinds of things – edible plants as well as medicinal plants and herbs. We also use them to make gardens for hotels, restaurants and to promote urbanite culture. Smart Pots are so easy to use that it hasn’t been hard to get people to try it themselves at home. At the moment, we have 30 installations throughout Quebec City and Montreal, and many of these are public so people can see the installations and how well the Smart Pots work.

Urban gardening is really popular at the moment, so the demand for a product that works in an urban environment is really high. The Smart Pots can adjust to practically any environment, and you get excellent quality produce right in the heart of the city. We also love Smart Pots because they are a really simple et efficient solution so they make it easy for beginners to succeed in gardening. They’re definitely the best thing for urbanite gardening.

People have been really amazed with what Smart Pots has enabled us to do. We can grow trees in bags during the winter with no protection. People are looking at us like, “What? Impossible.” But we can do it with these pots. We’ve grown trees in front of the National Assembly – they’ve been there for three winters now in -30 °C weather – and we don’t have to do anything to them. We can just leave them there. People can’t believe we don’t have to move them. We’ve never had to replace the bags either – Smart Pots just do all the work for you, and the quality is unbelievable. We even grow mushrooms in them: they grow through the material and you can have oyster mushrooms along with your veggies!

We use everything from the Smart Pots line – the Big Bag Beds, the Wall Flower Planter – everything. We love them all! They are incredibly durable, flexible and so easy to use. As well as this, the customer service has been perfect from Smart Pots – we could not have a better partner.

You really can grow anything with Smart Pots, all you need is good soil, fertilizer and water – that’s it. They make it easy to grow anything you want no matter where you are.”

“I host two gardening programs, and I rave about Smart Pots on the air all the time.
Five to six years ago, I tried the Smart Pot because I wanted to see how things grew in it. I heard a guy making lots of claims about them at a Gardening Writers meeting I was attending. He was talking about how the plant roots in this fabric pot don’t hit the side and then go around and around, becoming congested all on the outside of the pot, as they do in other containers. He said that the roots become air-pruned because the sides are porous. So I wondered if the plants would do as well as he said they would.

I have found they do.

I’ve grown many vegetables in them since then. My husband and I grow all of our potatoes in Smart Pots now. They’re very easy to harvest without any damage to the potatoes. Unlike when in the ground, you know exactly where they are, and you can either tip the dirt out of the Smart Pot and pick up the potatoes, or just reach your hands into the dirt in the Smart Pot and pull the potatoes out.

One concern was whether they would dry up a lot faster or need more frequent watering. But I’ve found that they don’t dry out any faster than any other container in my landscape.

I love the black ones because they warm up early in the spring and give everything a head start. We also use the Smart Pots in a solar heated cold frame in the winter and grow salad greens in them in the winter. I find they’re also perfect for lining large containers. If you don’t want to fill a very large container completely with soil, you can put a crate or something in the bottom, then put in a Smart Pot as a liner, which doesn’t take up much space. It fits the container well because it’s soft. They are perfect for lining troughs and big urns and that sort of thing.
Smart Pots are convenient, long-lasting, lightweight. You can put them anywhere and grow things very quickly. You can even use them for over-wintering plants in your garage or growing things in cold frames. Gardeners will find ways to use Smart Pots almost 12 months a year.”

“I’ve used the smart pot probably fifteen to twenty years.

Probably the biggest thing is the amount of growth. My blueberry plants grew two and a half feet the first year. I mean just astronomical. I’ve had people say it takes six to seven years to get a plant that size in the ground.

With air pruning in the smart pot we get a root system that will fill up the bag which is fourteen inches deep and a normal blueberry plant planted in the ground you only get about six inches worth of depth out of your root.

So we put on probably ten times the root system in the smart pot that we ever would in the ground. The smart pot builds the root system. So you have more root system with bigger, better, more fibrous and more feeder roots. More feeder roots means more fruit.

More, bigger fruit. And sweeter fruit. Because you have enough root system underneath that plant to sustain the amount of all the fruit it can produce.

You don’t ever over water it. Because you’ve got that porous bag and it’s going to go out the bottom. The smart pot controls the water.

Another big key to the smart pot, which is very important, the smart pot releases heat. In the middle of the summer when it gets one hundred degrees outside that smart pot releases heat. Because of the airflow through the bag, through the fabric, it’s causing an evaporative cooler inside that root system. A black plastic pot just retains heat and it just gets hotter.

They’ve also lasted a lot longer than I really expected to. I really kind of thought the sun’s UV rays would work them quite a bit. I’ve got fifteen gallon smart pots on this farm that have been here for seven or eight years, out in the sun, in the winter, in the cold, and the heat, and they’re still going.

It’s a quality product that makes my farming possible. Cause I couldn’t do what I do without the Smart Pot. It couldn’t be done.

And it makes farming fun. You can grow things without picking in the dirt. When you plant it in the ground you’re fighting weeds, you’re fighting grass, you’re fighting all these things, but when you plant it in a smart pot, you just don’t have those problems.
Or need to move? You can pack that garden in a U-Haul trailer and take off. And I’ve had customers do that.”

“Smart Pots are great. As a retail nursery, we’ve been pleased that the Big Bad Bed has performed as well as raised beds — plus we’re able to use it and move or store it as needed. The Smart Pot fabric keeps weeds away, is durable and long-lasting and provides great air circulation — whether on the ground or hanging Wall Pockets. Best of all is knowing a quality product like Smart Pots is American Made makes it something I sell with pride.”

“When I first saw Smart Pots at a trade show, I thought they were a brilliant idea. The price point was also really good compared to regular ceramic pottery, seeing as you can fold up the Smart Pots easily and store them for winter without worrying about them cracking. Aside from this, there are just so many benefits to Smart Pots such as the porous container and the self root pruning that we thought: “Hey, this sounds really great. We have to give this a try.” So we did, and I’ve been stocking Smart Pots in store for about five years now.

Our customers have had a lot of success with Smart Pots. Since we started stocking them, people have been buying more and more of them because they’ve seen such excellent results – we’ve even incorporated them into our classes. Some customers don’t know what they can use the Smart Pots for, and they have certain questions, like “How long do they last?” and “What size do I need?” but by talking about the Smart Pots and using them in our classes, people soon realize the benefits. A lot of our customers become serious Smart Pots advocates – even telling their friends and family to go out and get them.

At the moment, we’re carrying most of the Smart Pots line. As well as the Big Bag Beds, we have the Juniors and the Mini Beds, and we stock a large range of pot sizes, between 3 and 20-gallons. The only problem we’ve had has been deciding how much to stock of each, as everyone wants to grow different things. Last year we sold out of Big Bag Beds, but this year we’ve been selling out of the 15 and 20-gallon containers as well as our garlic and onion sets. We never know what’s going to sell the fastest! In the end though, we always sell our entire inventory each year.

The demand for Smart Pots goes up every year – as soon as people try it once, they come back for more. A lot of people don’t have big farms or back yards to grow plants in, but Smart Pots makes it so easy for people to be successful in the garden. It’s also really easy for us to stock Smart Pots because they fold up, so they don’t take up the shelf space that regular pottery does. It means we can fit a lot more into a smaller area and sell a lot more.

As well as this, the Smart Pots company itself has been really fantastic. We always see them at trade shows, and they’re great any time we have any questions or need samples. Giving out samples is really important for a business like ours, as it gives us the opportunity to plant veggies ourselves and show our customers how it’s done and how easy it is. It’s been such a good customer service experience.

Overall, Smart Pots are really functional, great value and high quality products. Not only do we love them, but our customers love them – and we love that! It makes growing your own so easy for our customers and helps them to be successful. I can definitely recommend Smart Pots to other garden centers.”

“I’ve stocked Smart Pots in my stores for as long as they’ve been around. They were one of the first, if not THE first, and continue to be the best pots out there. They’ve set the industry standard. In fact, they made such a name that the fabric pot IS the Smart Pot in most people’s eyes.
For my business, they’re a staple. I have to carry them because that’s what people want. Someone runs in the store and says, “You got Smart Pots?”, ‘Yeah, we got Smart Pots.’ They’re like, “Oh, nice!”… so they come in.

Now every company is knocking them off, selling a dozen different fabric pots of lesser quality – the seams ripping on some. Others looking like carpet insulation, and people get freaked out by that.

But Smart Pots stand the test of time. They don’t break down in the sunlight. They don’t break down in the washing machine. They’re a nice looking black fabric material. And they work. They’re amazing!

Whenever I consider carrying a product in store, I look at availability, price and performance.
Smart Pots I can get from any of the three big boys in the industry, so I can have them throw on a case whenever I do an order. They’re competitively priced to plastic pots, getting even cheaper as the size gets greater. For performance, I will pay more, if I have to. And compared to cheaper fabric pots, Smart Pots perform, doing what they say they do. They’re durable, and actually prune the roots, creating a healthier denser root structure. This was proven many times over the time we asked customers to bring us their used soil for a university study a store employee was conducting. The people bringing soil within the Smart Pots, the root ball was so dense, I would have to break it up with a shovel. As they say in our industry, “More roots, more fruits.”

And the company provides us all the support we need to sell their product. They’ve helped us sponsor festivals, give us promotional material, and attend our ‘Ask the Expert’ and vendors days we put on. We love Smart Pot and couldn’t ask for more.

Simply put, Smart Pots work, the company supports us, and they’re wicked available. I’d recommend every garden center carry Smart Pots for their customers.”

“I’ve stocked Smart Pots in my stores for years – almost as long as they’ve been around. Customers ask for them, and most of the products in the store are down to customer demand.

Smart Pots were the original – the first ones on the market. They have the best quality control by far, and they continue to be the best in the business. For me, I always want to work with the original – I feel anything that comes after that just piggybacks on another’s success.

We carry pretty much the full Smart Pots line in store. The demand for different products varies depending on the season, but there is always a call for Smart Pots throughout the summer and winter. In the winter, most people use the products for indoor gardens, so we sell a lot of the smaller sizes, but in the summer we sell anywhere from 100 gallon sizes to the popular 200 gallon container.

In general, Smart Pots are a key part of my business strategy. They allow me to sell people a complete package – soil, fertilizer and containers. Before I decide to carry a product in store, I always consider price, shipping and placement. It was worth it to me to carry the full Smart Pots inventory, but it’s a huge commitment as the containers range between 1 gallon and 1000 gallons. To make it work, I stocked our warehouses with pallet racking – sturdy racks that can take several thousand pounds – just so I could stock the product in sufficient amounts to meet demand.

My customers make it clear that they prefer Smart Pots. They come in and tell me that other versions they’ve tried “fell apart” or “I’m not going to buy the ones that tear.” Other customers come in and rave about Smart Pots, telling me they can throw them in the washer and use them again and again. The quality of Smart Pots is really important to customers.

Of course, you’re always going to get people who want to try the cheaper option. It’s like with cars, some people will want to go for a top-of-the-line model, but others will tell you it’s just transportation, and go for something cheap. At the end of the day, quality is what’s important, and you want something that’s going to last. Smart Pots are quality products – anything else is just entry level.

Smart Pots are different because they encourage a different kind of root system when compared with a common plastic container. With the sun beating down on a plastic pot, the roots get exposed – but not with Smart Pots. They work by creating a friendly environment for roots and they don’t break down – even in the Californian sunshine.

As well as that, the Smart Pots company has been excellent with their support. They’ve been available for my customer appreciation event, and they’re always available to talk to at their shows and expos. Their rep is very available to me – both by phone and at in person at events. They’ve always been at my events, and if a certain rep can’t make it, they’ll even pull one in from another state to be there instead. They are really committed – I couldn’t ask for any more support.

Overall, what I love most about Smart Pots is that they just work. Sure, they’re original and innovative, but they’re also about common sense. They work exactly the way you need them to work.”

“Worm’s Way—KY has carried the Smart Pot products for 6 or 7 years now. All the different sizes and variety of products sell. They’re just so popular that people request all the different sizes, and ninety-nine percent of the time, they ask for the name brand Smart Pots.

Our biggest concern about carrying any product is; does it actually do what it says it does. Once we used Smart Pots in the store, and our customers started using them, we found that all the benefits they state are true. Everything is on the up and up, and that’s why we “sell” them – because we believe in Smart Pot products.

There are lots of “copy cat” products that try to imitate the Smart Pot line-up, but there is only one Smart Pot!

We even tried one that claimed a slightly different benefit than the Smart Pot, but it just fell apart and lost the faith of our sales team. Customers saw through it too. It wasn’t worth going with this copycat product. The Smart Pot is priced reasonably and there is no reason to put something up against it directly or replace it.

Smart Pots are great for both soil gardening or in hydroponics.
Using them in hydroponics you can put all kinds of different hydroponic growing media in these Smart Pot containers – like shale rocks, hydroton type media, silica, and grow stones.
They just complement and, to a point, they replace the old traditional way that people were doing things with plastic containers.

High Caliper/Smart Pot is definitely in our top three manufacturers of products that we carry. They support their product by giving us whatever we need for any kind of promotion, whatever kind of class, whatever we’re doing that we want to give out samples of their product. They more than oblige our requests. The unmatched manufacturer’s support & service is why our sales team believes in the Smart Pot products. That just helps us, as sales people, be able to promote and push it even more. Standing behind their products 110% is why we too stand behind and push their products. The Smart Pot products are just amazing.”

“This is my fourth year stocking Smart Pots. Our customers are always looking for better options than traditional pots. I tried Smart Pots myself and I was amazed by the results – I ended up with plants that were four or five times the size of anything I had grown in a plastic pot. So, I decided to stock Smart Pots to give our customers better results.

I first saw Smart Pots as an opportunity to really get into the outdoor growing industry. Taking the decision to stock the Smart Pots was a huge investment for me, so I tried them out myself and became familiar with them so that I could sell them. A lot of customers aren’t too sure about what they can do, so it’s important to be able to answer their questions and advise them so they can feel confident about the product. Otherwise a lot of people will stay in their comfort zones.

Once customers hear that you can reuse the Smart Pots they get really interested. Smart Pots are an investment for people, but it means they can buy them once and store them at the end of the season to be used again. I have friends who bought knockoff versions of the Smart Pots, hoping to save a few dollars, but they ended up having a terrible growing season. In the end, it cost them a lot more than if they had used the Smart Pots in the first place.

When I first started stocking Smart Pots, I was a little concerned about the size of the overall investment, but it took off really quickly. Now, my orders increase every time, and I’m just trying to keep up with customer demand. We’re a hardware store with a nursery rather than a lawn and garden store, so at the start I’d sometimes find that I didn’t have the Smart Pots that customers wanted. Still, it only takes me two days to get an order in, so I can place an order easily. But now, if I see that my shelves are getting a little low then I stock up on Smart Pots again as I know I’ll always sell them.

I’ve noticed a big difference in sales and demand for the Smart Pots. We hold a customer appreciation day with lots of vendors, and the Smart Pots guys are always there, every year since I’ve started stocking them. They are fantastic because they give out samples and talk about different products such as the Big Bag Beds – that was how I was convinced to start stocking those. They are such a great product and the difference between those and a regular pot is just incredible. We actually ran out of them on the day and we ended up selling over 40 – we had never sold so many in one day before!

Right now, we’re carrying the full line of Smart Pots products in store. I used to sell a lot of dirt before I stocked Smart Pots, but I’ve sold at least two more truckloads of dirt this year than last year as demand just keeps growing. When I’m selling a pot, I’ll sell the dirt to go with it, and vice versa. I want to be confident about what I’m selling the customer, and I know they’ll get a fantastic result with Smart Pots, so that has definitely contributed to an increase in sales all round.

Customers like to come back and tell me about their results. This year, I’ve had people come back and say stuff like: “Man, I’ve never had results like this before. You guys are awesome.” I tell them it’s a combination of the dirt they’re growing in and the Smart Pots containers. They are like magic – they really are! My customers are always smiling about them.

As well as that, everyone working at the Smart Pots company is the best. They do a phenomenal job, and our Smart Pots rep is the best one we’ve ever worked with. He always makes time for me whenever I call, and I know he’s busy! The company goes the extra mile to make you feel like a friend, and they are always there if I have any questions. My customers also count on vendors to be out here on customer appreciation day, and the Smart Pots guys are always here. It make me feel good and they’re always really supportive.

Overall, Smart Pots are truly amazing – they really are like magic. I’ve benefitted from an increase in sales and an increase in customers since I started stocking them, and I’ve also attracted new clientele with Smart Pots. I can’t recommend them enough.”

"I would never use another kind of container in my garden other than Smart Pot. They've got me for life." View more Smart Pot product reviews here!

Smart Pots vs Air Pots vs Regular Pots

Have you seen fabric pots (also known as “Smart Pots”) or “Air Pots” in a local gardening store or online in cannabis growing pictures? Wondering if smart pots and air pots are good for growing marijuana?

Smart pots and air pots provide extra oxygen at the roots, which is a good thing. In fact, that’s a big part of what makes hydro so effective at increasing cannabis growth rates, and smart pots capture some of that power. Growing cannabis in smart pots or air pots gives you some of the advantages of growing hydro, while allowing you to still hand-water your plants in soil or coco coir.

Smart Pots & Air Pots Make Cannabis Grow Faster!

Smart Pots
(Fabric Pots)

Air Pots
(plastic containers with holes on the sides like Swiss cheese)

However, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to growing weed. All types of containers have their strengths and weaknesses for growing weed, which I’ll outline for you quickly:

Quick Review: Regular Containers vs Smart Pots & Air Pots

  • Cannabis plants grow faster in smart pots or air pots (especially in the vegetative stage), in part because plant roots get plenty of access to oxygen
  • Cannabis plants in smart pots or air pots can’t really become root-bound, which is when roots wrap around the edges of the container and “choke” the plant. In a smart pot or air pot, it’s very difficult for the plant to get rootbound since it’s always receiving air from the sides which “air prunes” away any roots trying to wrap around the edges.
  • Cannabis plants are protected from becoming overwatered in air pots or smart pots. The air from the side helps make sure your plant always has plenty of oxygen so your plants don’t get “wet feet.”
  • However, in air pots or smart pots, plants need to be watered about twice as often as regular containers since the grow medium is constantly drying out from the sides.

Complete Cannabis Container Breakdown

Regular Pots vs Smart Pots vs Air Pots

Regular Pots for Growing Cannabis

This is a container with a hole at the bottom for drainage, plus a saucer to catch the water.

Tried and true method

Easy to find at any gardening store

Saucer captures runoff water for easy disposal

Helps keep growing medium from drying out too fast

Usually made out of ceramic or plastic

Smart Pots for Growing Cannabis

A smart pot is a plant container that has been made completely out of a stiff fabric

The shape is usually wider/more squat than a regular container, so it may be possible to grow plants in a slightly shorter space, especially compared to an air pot which is tall/thin. However, they take up more width than any of the other containers, so you may be able to fit less containers in a particular space.

Indoors, you need an extra large saucer or a tray to capture runoff water since smart pots don’t come with a saucer or tray and they seep out water from the sides. So in addition to the container taking up extra room, so will the saucer.

The wide base of a smart pot makes them well suited to growing really large plants, which is why smart pots come in huge sizes in addition to standard plant container sizes. Even giant plants won’t tip over in a smart pot. Many outdoor cannabis growers plant their cannabis in big (600+ gallon) smart pots since they help outdoor plants grow faster than just putting them straight in the ground.

More oxygen is delivered to the roots than a regular pot

Smart pots help prevent your cannabis from becoming root-bound and needing to be transplanted to a new container. This is accomplished by “air-pruning” roots from the sides, which stops your roots from wrapping around the edges of your container and “choking” your plant.

Smart pots make it difficult to over-water your plants, but that also means you will end up watering more often

Because smart pots dry out faster than regular cannabis containers, you should get double the size as you normally would, and it’s recommended your final size should be at least a 5-gallon container (anything smaller than that dries out in just a day or two!). So if you would normally get a 2-gallon container for your plants, you’d want to get at least a 5-gallon smart pot to make sure you’re not having to water your plants all the time.

If you’re going to go big, go with smart pots – your plants won’t by tippy

Air Pots for Growing Cannabis

An air pot is a plastic container with holes on the sides

The shape is taller and thinner than a regular container, so it may be possible to put more plants in a smaller space as long as you have the height

The narrow base means plants tend to be less stable on the ground in an air pot, especially if they’re tall, which means large plants can be easy to tip over.

Although water seeps out the sides when watering, air pots are tall and thin so you can use a regular sized saucer for each container (if it’s a 5-gallon container, you can use a regular 5-gallon saucer).

More oxygen is delivered to the roots than a regular pot, though about the same as a smart pot

Air pots help prevent plants from becoming root-bound and needing to be transplanted. This is accomplished by “air-pruning” roots from the sides, which prevents your roots from wrapping around the edges of your container and “choking” your plant.

Air pots make it more difficult to over-water your cannabis plants, but that also means you will end up watering more often

Because air pots dry out faster than regular cannabis containers, you should get double the size as you normally would, and it’s recommended your final size should be at least a 5-gallon container (anything smaller than that dries out in just a day or two!). So if you would normally get a 2-gallon container for your plants, you’d want to get at least a 5-gallon air pot to make sure you’re not having to water your plants all the time.

The Blue Velvet cannabis plant on the left reacted beautifully to growing in an air pot! On the right is what your cannabis roots look like after growing up in an air pot – all of the roots are reaching to get oxygen from the sides, and absolutely no signs of wrapping like with a rootbound plant!

cannabis root pic by coco coir expert roll_it_large

Which one is the best for growing cannabis? Is it Smart Pots, Air Pots, or regular plant pots?

The truth is these containers are each good in different ways. Some are better suited to some grow setups than others. So let me share my personal opinion…

A Regular Plant Pot is Tried and True

As a general rule a regular plant pot tends to take slightly less maintenance than the others because the growing medium dries out more slowly. Since you can use smaller pots for the same effect, you may be able to fit more plants in a small space.

At the same time, it’s a lot easier to overwater your plant in a regular pot, and you may find your plants quickly become rootbound if you keep them in a too-small container. When a plant is suffering nutrient deficiencies and droopiness from being rootbound, there’s not much you can do to fix it besides transplanting the plant to a bigger container and that can be tough, especially if your plant is already in the flowering stage. I like that you never have to worry about plants becoming rootbound with smart pots or air pots.

Air Pots & Smart Pots Make Cannabis Grow Faster

I’ve tried them both and air pots and smart pots both work amazingly well at increasing cannabis plant growth. A few years ago I even did a side-by-side grow with a regular pot for comparison. From my experience, I don’t think either air pots or smart pots are inherently better than the other. They are both very effective at increasing the vegetative growth rates of your cannabis plants, and they work by doing essentially the same thing – bringing in air from the sides.

As far as I can tell, the major differences between the two is mostly physical. Air pots are taller/thinner and made of plastic, while smart pots are wider/shorter and are made of fabric.

If you’re trying to stuff a bunch of plants in a small space, you might want an air pot since they’re thinner, however plants become tippy if they get tall.

If you have a shorter space, you may opt for a smart pot to save a few extra inches of height, and a smart pot is less tippy so it’s more suited to growing outdoors, or any time you’re growing a big plant.

Personally, I like smart pots better, but mostly just because I prefer fabric over plastic. (Check out my last grow journal using smart pots)

Full disclosure: I currently have switched to hydro (you just can’t beat those cannabis yields!) but if I was going to do another hand-watered cannabis grow, I would never use a regular pot again! At least for me, the increased cannabis growth from a smart pot or air pot makes it worth a little extra watering! It’s like capturing a little bit of that hydro power, while keeping the hand-watered experience.

Do smart pots and air pots really make your cannabis plants grow faster? The answer may surprise you!