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Look at this sexy thang. It’s the Genius Pipe and it is one sleek and stealthy pipe. This baby’s got beauty and brains.

Hidden inside the snazzy case is a patented dimple design that creates a smoke-cooling vortex matrix. Just think of it, your very own smoke-cooling vortex matrix! Not only is the cooled smoke more pleasant, it’s easier on the lungs and throat.

The Genius One makes a great travel buddy. The magnetic cover keeps your herb locked in and the smell locked out. Just pack a bowl, stick it in your pocket and you’re ready to go.

It’s also super easy to clean. Wait…smart, sexy, discreet, easy to clean…if this were a Tinder profile I’d be swiping right for sure. Unfortunately it is not, and sadly you can not make love to the Genius One. Well you can, but it voids the warranty.

If you’re looking for a beautiful stealthy pipe that hits like a dream, look no further than the Genius One Pipe by Genius Pipe.

GENIUS ONE PIPE Look at this sexy thang. It’s the Genius Pipe and it is one sleek and stealthy pipe. This baby’s got beauty and brains. Hidden inside the snazzy case is a patented dimple

This Pipe’s Isn’t Just Smart, It’s Genius

  • The Genius Pipe ($90-$150)

While there’s been a ton of advancement when it comes to marijuana vaporizers and glass (from convection heating and concentrates to scientific bubblers, bongs, and dabs), there’s been little in the way of advances when it comes to regular, everyday pipes. Glass, wood, metal, and even plastic still exist, and typically in the same traditional form they have for decades. Until now. With the creation of the Genius Pipe, founders Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky have created the first regular, non-electric pipe that truly revolutionizes the smoking experience, and we sat down with Dyan to learn how.

So where did you guys get the idea for the Genius Pipe?

Well, the whole process began about 8 years ago when we were the first to apply vortex technology to cooling gaming computers and, in the process, we ended up creating one of the world’s best performing waterblocks.


Yes, the actual technology behind the Genius Pipe is based on vertex technology that was developed by one of our partners 20 years ago to cool nuclear reactors. Essentially our pipe is the best portable cooling and filtering device in the world. With every breath, thousands of small vortexes are created inside the Genius Pipe. These vortexes rotate at very high speeds, transferring heat to the walls of the pipe and leaving tar and heavy particles in the pipe’s dimples—effectively turning the Genius Pipe into a portable device that cools and filters smoke better than any water pipe or bong out there in the market today.

Pretty scientific…

Definitely. When we started building Genius, we wanted to create a NO BULLSHIT product. In our world where people are lied to on every screen, we wanted to create something that was true. A computer, a phone, a TV, all appliances, etc.—everything that we touch changes so rapidly and finds its way into the garbage in such a short period of time, so we designed the Genius Pipe to work virtually forever and function as effectively as the first day it was purchased. Buying any Genius Pipe now, our customers know that they’ll likely never need to buy another pipe again.

What was the design process like and how long did it take to get the final design created?

The first Genius Pipe, the 1.0 version, was created about 2 years ago. Since then, we’ve constantly been innovating and adding features while staying true to our core design principles.

And what are those principles? What is it about Genius Pipe’s design that makes it so unique?

Well, normally if you want a smooth, clean smoke, you need water to cool down it down and help filter out the air. Hence the popularity of bongs, bubblers, and hookahs that provide for a smoother, more pleasant cough-free smoking experience. But with the Genius Pipe, we’ve figured out a way to provide that same smooth smoking experience without the use of water thanks to our patented vortex cooling technology.

As I briefly mentioned earlier, this technology consists of 2,000 tiny anodized aluminum dimples located on both the top and bottom of the pipe that act as 2,000 separate air vortexes, and all these vortexes work together to simultaneously cool the smoke to room temperature. This effectively assures that every hit is super smooth and clean. And because aluminum’s thermal conductivity is 250 times greater than glass, the Genius Pipe essentially offers the same cooling effect as 250 glass pipes used together at once.

Very Impressive. I also read something about the pipe being able to collect tar and other junk from smoke?

Yes, that’s right. All the tar and oil from any smoke that flows through the Genius Pipe sticks to the walls of the dimples, effectively acting as an additional filter of sorts to provide a cleaner and healtheir smoke that won’t irritate your throat and make you cough as much as a regular pipe would. Our pipe has actually been proven to filter out 95% of all tar and resin from smoke, pretty much guaranteeing a cleaner smoke every time you inhale.

Wow, again, very impressive. It clearly looks like a lot of thought was put into the science and technology behind the pipe’s design. And obviously also the design itself. It has a very sleek and modern look and feel. Almost like something from the future.

Yes, we wanted to build a pipe that wasn’t only functional, but practical as well. And obviously look and feel play a very important role in that.

And I also saw you’ve partnered with several artists to create additional designs for the pipe? Who are some of those artists and how did that idea come about?

Well, we think of Genius Pipe as an open canvas and a new medium for creative people, so we encourage artists, designers, and other like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses to make their own statement through the pipe and it’s design. Some of our latest projects include partnerships with designer Gavin Escolar, artist J.S., Purple Heart veteran, cannabis social network Massroots, and many others that can all be seen and purchased on our website.

Very cool. Any other interesting partnerships and/or designs for the pipe coming up in the near future?

We’re doing collabs with several well-known hip hop artists, one of them being Lil Flip, and there are many more in the works, but unfortunately I’m not really at liberty to discuss them at the moment as some of the details are still being sorted out. We also ask our followers to send us their own artwork for the Genius Pipe and we’ve gotten some really great submissions. Basically the way it works is if we choose their designs for any of our new models, they’ll get a royalty deal plus a free pipe with their submitted design.

That’s a great idea. And speaking of ideas, any more interesting ones coming up for you guys in the near future? What are some of the plans for the Genius Pipe moving forward? More iterations? Perhaps more pipes? A vaporizer or other useful tools for cannabis consumption?

This month we’re coming out with G Stones for all types of concentrate consumption, effectively turning the Genius Pipe into a Genius rig of sorts that can be discreetly placed in a small bag or pocket and doesn’t require any water, torches, or other additional equipment that you usually need for that sort of consumption. The addition of these G Stones will offer an unmatched smoking experience—every hit will be extremely smooth and flavorful.

Beyond that, we’ve also pioneered the concept of The Genius Testers Club, an in-house club where anyone can earn a free Genius Pipe. Basically members of the club can receive their own unique discount code which they can then share with their friends and social followers. Every time it’s used to purchase our products, our members receive Genius Points that can be used to redeem additional Genius Pipes and products. Most of these products are still in beta testing and not available just yet, but we should have everything up and running within the next couple of months.

That’s awesome. Great to see that that you guys are really big into the community and your customers.

Absolutely. In the end, we’re not just about creating an awesome smoking experience, but also an awesome community. We want all our customers and fans to be a part of the creative process and become more than just customers. We want them to become integral parts of our brand and our products.

And on that end, you mentioned something about a special discount for readers of The Hemponair?

(Laughs) Yes, right now we’d like to invite all your readers to visit the site and receive a 25% discount with promo code “hemponair.” Just enter it at checkout and you’re good to go.

Well thank you for your time and thank you for that discount. I’m sure many of our readers will greatly appreciate it.

This Pipe’s Isn’t Just Smart, It’s Genius The Genius Pipe ($90-$150) While there’s been a ton of advancement when it comes to marijuana vaporizers and glass (from convection heating