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10 of the Most Popular and Best-Selling Kids Play Tents on Amazon

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Give your child their own space with a fun play tent from Amazon!

While more family time can undoubtedly be a blessing, it can also leave everyone wanting to retreat to their own space for a little quiet time once in a while. A play tent or teepee can give your kids a cozy little spot all their own, even if they share a bedroom!

Kids love having a secret hideout, and play tents are the perfect spot for them to curl up with a good book or avoid a pesky sibling once in a while. They’re also a fun, easy, and affordable way to quickly transform any indoor playspace!

Take your child’s playroom to the next level with one of these 10 best selling play tents on Amazon!

1. Crazy Forts allow you to cover your “cave” with your own blankets.

This versatile BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) fort-building system can be used to build a cave, an igloo, a pirate ship, a castle, or anything your child can imagine! It’s a fort and a building toy all in one! Best of all, you can configure it to fit in just about any space and rebuild it whenever you want.

2. This rocket ship pop up play tent comes with a space projector.

This space-themed play tent pops up for easy setup. It also comes with a handheld space projector with 3 space-themed image slide discs for a total of 24 images and handy bag for simple travel and storage. If you’re looking for a different theme, this brand also makes a highly-rated under the sea tent!

3. You’ll get a string of star lights with this princess play tent.

Inspired by fairy tale castles, this play tent is a cozy spot where up to 3 little princesses can hide out together! It’s made with durable, stain-resistant material and comes with a carrying bag and a string of star lights.

4. A large 5-piece kids playhouse/jungle gym/ball pit that folds flat for easy storage.

With tents, tunnels, basketball hoops, a velcro dartboard, and a ball pit, this play tent does it all! It pops up for fast setup and folds flat for convenient travel or storage.

This play tent can be reconfigured to fit any indoor or outdoor space, creating a brand new obstacle course each time you set it up! The zipper-closable ball pit holds 100-200 balls (not included) and can double as a play yard for little ones.

5. This Kids Camping Tent Set includes a telescope, walkie talkies, and much more.

This pop-up play tent has two mesh sides for lots of ventilation and a good view of the great outdoors. It comes with a camping set that includes a monocular telescope, two walkie talkies, a water bottle, shovel, multifunctional whistle, compass, flashlight, and thermometer – everything your child could need to explore the world around them!

6. Set up this pink princess pop up play tent in seconds.

Parents love the fact that this play tent can be set up quickly and folded easily to fit in the included travel bag. It has a removable roof, mesh sides for maximum ventilation and breathability, and can double as a ball pit (balls not included).

7. A fun unicorn play tent that fits up to three kids.

This spacious travel tent can accommodate up to three children at a time. It has breathable mesh windows, a roll-up door, and a colorful unicorn design. It also comes with a travel bag and a unicorn headband!

8. This foldable canvas teepee tent comes with a padded mat and a string of lights.

This teepee-style play tent is made from a neutral white canvas that would look absolutely stunning in any living area of your home. It’s easy to assemble and can be set up to fit any space by adjusting the wooden poles. This tent has a window and comes with a padded floor mat and a string of fairy lights.

9. You can put this space tent over your child’s bed.

This pop-up canopy tent fits over twin beds and works with most bunk beds too. It comes with a personal reading light so kids can use their Dream Tent as a reading nook for bedtime stories too! Dream Tents are also available in Paw Patrol, Unicorn Fantasy, and Winter Wonderland designs.

10. This space world dome tent is roomy and durable.

This spacious and sturdy play tent can be used inside or outdoors. Made with a washable, water-repellent fabric, this tent has a mesh top for breathability. In addition to the wide front opening, there is a side “tunnel port” that can be used as a second entry or as an attachment to other tunnels and tents.

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Comments 26

We had Crazy Forts and they are terrible! My kids definitely couldn’t get the connections together, my husband and I even struggled to get it to fit together. When we finally got it built, they would fall down very quickly. I threw them away when my son was trying to put it together, pushed so hard to get the rod into the hole that it slipped and sliced his neck, just an inch away from his jugular.

Same on the crazy forts.. not the accident part but none of us could get some of the connections and the ones we did get barely held up..

Same here! Plus the sticks break and bend too easily!

Oh darn! SO very sorry to hear about that, Jess. Thanks for taking a moment to share your experience.

I agree, they need warnings on them that it is NOT for children to put together AND you will NEVER BE ABLE TO MAKE THE STUFF ON THE BOX unless u pull out the pwr tools!

We have the princess pop up tent and it is so nice for rainy day fun! It is super easy to pop right out. We use it mostly as a ball pit. Storage is simple. It folds right back up into a small bag.
We also have a large teepee type tent from Target that we keep out because it’s so huge. We put a little fold out kid sofa with pillows, stuffed animals and a book basket. It’s a great reading nook!

That sure sounds fun and cozy. Thanks for commenting, Suzanne!

We have the Discovery Kids version of the Crazy Fort. Out of stock but this one.

It’s awesome. My daughter is 11 years old and still loves it. Easy to put together. Very sturdy. Easy to store. Perfect for any 5-12 year old.

We have these as well and have loved them for years!

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion!

We have the princess tent number 3. It was nice but sometimes the parts break easily. my 3 year old had to duck to get into it and sometimes would go to fast and knock into it. It was a lot shorter than I thought

I’m 47 but I feel like I need one of these….Lol

We have the rocket ship one (#2), not durable, the material is really cheap and it’s a pain to put together and take apart. However my boys love it. ??‍♀️

I agree! Terrible quality, very cheap! Ended up returning it because the rods wouldn’t stay in place.

We have the space tent and I do not recommend it. I’m constantly having to fix it when it unhooks from the plastic piece that sits under the mattress and you can forget making the bed with it on.

Thanks for your honest feedback on the space tent, Holly!

I can’t breathe just looking at these ???

I put that ocean tent in my Amazon cart last weekend for my daughter’s birthday in June. glad to see it’s on here!

Yay! Glad you can get it for her birthday, Sbhart!

We have the rocket ship tent, and I’m shocked how well it’s held up! My children have been so rough with it, it’s been put up and taken down multiple times, and it’s still in great shape. I highly recommend it (and the price is usually pretty great at Amazon!).

Thanks! We loved hearing how it has held up for you with the kids!

We had the playhouse/ball pit with tunnel thing… it sucks! It got knock down so easily my kids were frustrated with it very quickly. So I ended up making our own ball pit with pvc pipes, and when they’re done with balls, they can empty the pit out and flip it as a fort! I managed to finish making it in a day after I got all the materials needed. So much better and so worth it. My kids love it! I got the idea from here Incas anyone is interested:

I’m looking for a big pop up house that doesn’t get put together with poles. I can’t seem to find that anywhere. Any suggestions?

I also would like a pop up one more than a rod one do to the chances of the chances of the rods breaking but i guess the steel in the pop ups can pose a poem to :(. I guess there is no 100% full proof guarantee safety (how I wish there could be) Im so grateful for reading all the great input on here. And links. Its great for a fi
Great gram-auntie Who needs all the help I can get. I have been looking for something to go on a full/queen size bed for girls to go over it or a safe and fun cover/fort kind of thing? If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful. I have grand nieces, 5 girls lol under the age of 8 and 1, 2 year old boy so the girls tend to go up lol to get off the ground. Thank you all for your time and listening to your input and valued opinions and help.

Need a secret hideout for your kids? With a great selection of best selling play tents on Amazon, you can give your children a cozy escape!