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Encore Spunky Buds True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

Encore Spunky Buds are true wireless headphones that are designed with the intuitive gesture controls, latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, IPX5 water-resistant and Hi-Fi stereo audio experience for you to enjoy the favorite music on-the-go as never before.

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  • Highlights
  • Specifications
  • FAQ
  • Customer Reviews(61)
  • User Manual & Downloads
  • Media Reviews
  • Play / Pause
  • Next track
  • Answer / End Call
  • Reject Call
  • Voice Assistant 3
  • Total play time 12 hours
  • Charging case 9 hours
  • Single charge 3 hours
Model Encore Spunky Buds
Colors Black / White
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Bluetooth Compatibility A2DP / HFP / HSP / SBC / MP3 / AAC
Frequency 2.400GHz – 2.480GHz
Battery Capacity 50mAh x 2
Play Time 3 hours (a single charge)
Talk Time 4 hours (a single charge)
Standby 80 hours (with charging case)
Charging Time Earbuds: 1-1.5 hours; charging case: 1.5-2 hours
Charging case battery 500mAh (earbuds can be charged three times)
Connector Micro USB charging port
Dimension Earbud: 0.76 x 0.66 x 1.08in / 19.5 x 16.9 x 27.5 mm (L x W x H), Charging case: 2.82 x 1.35in / 71.7 x 34.4mm (diameter x height)
Net Weight 69.8g / 2.46oz (with charging case)
Package Contents 1 x Bluetooth headphones, 1 x USB charging cable, 2 pairs x Extra earbuds, 1 x User manual, 1 x Warranty card

For one single charge, the headphones can support around 3 hours of play. And the charging case supports 9 hours of play for the headphones.

1. Please download the firmware from ASUS official website.

2. Please try to connect ROG to Spunky Buds by Bluetooth again.

Please check the Bluetooth status on your mobile/device, and make sure that the phone audio and media audio are both selected.

Due to the EN 50332-2, the sound pressure has to be below 100dB. You can try to increase the sound volume control on your phone and media audio app.

Please put the right earpiece back to the charging case and await for more times. It is better until it was fully charged.

If the earpieces are in low battery, they will not connect with each other stably. So you can put them into the charging case to fully charge. Additionally, confirm the charging case has electricity.

Confirm you had removed the transparent sticker on the earpieces or on the charging case. And for the first use, make sure two earpieces are fully charged – the LED lights on the earpieces are steady ON while fully charged.

Tronsmart Spunky Buds is with passive noise reduction only which is called CVC noise canceling, comes with the chipset. We do not have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) function with these earpieces.

Tronsmart Spunky Buds is built with Bluetooth 4.2, which supports single channel phone call, and the factory setting is the left earpiece supports phone calls. Well noted on your feedback, we would consider updating the chipset – Bluetooth 5.0 – that supports both channel phone calls.

With the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, the left earpiece connects with the mobile phone and the right one connects with the left earpiece (not directly connect with the mobile phone). So the connection between the right earpiece is weaker than the connection between the left earpiece and cell phone. Once there is any block or interruption (wall or collision with others) during the two earpieces, it is easily cause chopping sometimes but it will back to the connection in short time (0.5s). If the disconnection is very frequently, please contact us again.

First of all, when the earpiece is not in use, it will enter standby mode, which will cost the power continuously. While the earpieces lose power, the charging case will automatically charge them. As the 80 hours of standby time we confirmed in the user manual, so after 4 days as you mentioned, the charging case and the earpieces will both our of power. To prevent this automatically charging process, you can isolate the charging pins and the pin holes on earpieces with a sticker.

The driver is actually needed for the Bluetooth module on your PC, instead of the speaker. The different Bluetooth module may require different drivers. Please contact your PC or Bluetooth module’s manufacturer for the driver update.

The driver is actually needed for the Bluetooth module on your PC, instead of the speaker. The different Bluetooth module may require different drivers. Please contact your PC or Bluetooth module’s manufacturer for the driver update.

The Spunky buds are an absolute great buy. I’m so happy I got these. Comes with a handy charging case to keep the buds safe whilst I’m on the move. The sound has nice isolation, earpiece fits snug.
I’m loving the experience so much. I’ll be taking them to gym for sure.

Excellent headphones for the price, good sound quality, and sound super-duper.
Ear fit like glove, no discomfort feeling. Perfect use for when I go to the gym. The bonus is I love the case, it is so cool.

I’m so happy with these headphones. It looks lovely, great quality, super sound, easy to use. What else do u need? I never use any headphones so often like this one. It’s so enjoyable to listen to music now without anything disturbing you (like hanging wires). It’s great for the gym too. If you will buy it you definitely will be not disappointed. Thanks a lot.

I bought this Bluetooth earphones couples of days and used them every day when I on the way walking, the sounds are good, and it is combining to charge them in the box, they can use at least 4 hours once charge one time, but notice don’t use tow earphones to the street, because it is unsafe both of ears with earphones on the street. I will buy the new more for Christmas gift for my friend, it is a good product.

These are pretty good earbuds. The sound is good for a product of this price, they have a little retaining silicon piece that stops them falling out, and normally, they pair without a problem – if you do get a problem, just pop them back into the case and take them out again, and that normally fixes it. The controls can be inadvertently triggered when you are putting them in, and not having a Siri option is a minor grumble, but the main thing is they work OK. Not sure about the name though.

Bluetooth wireless Earbuds, touch control, water-resistant built-in microphone, crisp clear sound when receiving phone calls and quality stereo sound when listening to music from other Bluetooth devices has compact charging case with external USB cable for charging. Excellent for when traveling. Good buy.

Have had the earbuds for around 3 weeks. Firstly, paired them with my phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) and then later with my Bluetooth MP3 Player (Hommie); the pairing with both devices was seamless.
I have used the buds while travelling around on the street, on the bus etc. I have also used them down the Gym. Had a couple of issues in the Gym when stretching due to arms and shoulders going forwards and touching the buds thus stopping/starting the track being listened to. Have had occasional connectivity drop outs between the main left bud and the slaved right bud but this has been for only a second and fairly rare. Have enjoyed the sound provided, the buds fit well and are pretty secure they cut out a lot of external noise but not completely, like over-ear noise cancelling headphones. I am still struggling with using the to control the tracks stop/start/next track etc, but I think that is just me. I haven’t used them as yet for a phone call so can’t comment on that.
I am very happy with this purchase.

I use these for walking around town and a different set of wired (ear to ear) Bluetooth earbuds with over ear hooks when more active, although with those the wire around the back of the neck can snag and drag so these individual buds are better in that respect.
The main problem however is these individual buds are sometimes difficult to get snug when inserting and need a bit of practice for them to stay in securely. They have not fallen out as yet but I keep giving them a little twist to try and maintain grip. Also with the size of tips I have to use a lot of volume is lost, so I need to override the phones safety limit to get a reasonable audio level. If you can get them to sit deeper and tighter than me you will get a lot more volume.
I’ve only talked on the phone a couple of times but they seem to work OK and the callers didn’t complain.
Being able to just lightly tap them to stop and start audio is useful when moving amongst people as you can respond to someone quickly rather than fiddling around for a button while they wait. You do have to get used to gently tapping just enough so you don’t dislodge them.
Just a couple of times over quite a few hours use, the right earbud has lost connection and then immediately reconnected. That’s not a problem for me.
All this may put some people off but I still find them useful in the right circumstances.

These headphones sound like good wired beats !!
sounds is clear loud and have good bass !!
its super light you don’t feel any have stuff on your ears that’s peaty much supper !
battery says 3hrs but I don’t know I listening to my musing half day no problem not continuously with some pauses.
I recommend these headphones for everyone!

These earbuds are frankly, ace. Better than my previous set, which I thought were good, but these outperform those. Some nice features like pairing and connecting to the last device as you take them out of the box, held in the ear nicely with a tab, (a slight rotation locks them in) complete sound blocking (I cycle and no wind noise, something my last pair suffered from) great sound and bass, turning off when locating in the case, good battery life, (3 hours tested – could be more). The case is interesting, slightly over engineered and a little worried it will snap easily. There is one small problem with my set which I tried to address with the seller but he did not respond, the lights the indicate charging levels are not working correctly. Little unhappy with that but overall, a good item. For that, I give 4 healthy four stars, although apart from that, it would have been heading for 5.

These headphones sound like good wired beats!!
The sound is clear loud and has good bass!!
It’s super light you don’t feel any have stuff on your ears that’s peaty much supper!
battery says 3hrs but I don’t know I listening to my musing half day no problem not continuously with some pauses.
I recommend these headphones for everyone!

That’s the main one, easy pairing as this Bluetooth earbuds can be nightmare setting it up. However this one is quality one, though it comes with a manual, it’s a basic pairing and connecting on Bluetooth. Also, it’s charge which it’s case to is Handy that can go in my pocket or belt bag. I usually use it in my morning run and long drive going to work and coming back.

This is brilliant if your smartphone doesn’t have a headphone jack. It’s small and lightweight. Has a brilliant battery life and a nice case to charge it in. Very comfortable to wear also.

Really Great one-touch feature Sound is crisp, clear & loud surprisingly has a deep base for such a little unit without causing distortion, great for listening to music & answering calls. Surprisingly earphones fit really nice & snug. Initially, i had my doubts they would stay in place at the gym, but they stayed in place & sounded great throughout my session.
I am extremely satisfied with this purchase great value for money again. If you’re wondering whether this works well with Galaxy 8+, as I’ve no problem connecting the earphones to my Mobile. The sound is great and the noise isolation is good enough for everyday use and commute. The battery is pretty great for such compact size I don’t really need to charge the casing every day. Small case to carry it with you. Good ear fit. Stay in my ears during exercise much better and sound quality is better.
They feel really solid and stay in your ear without any problems
I like this headset and use them to spend time while working, I really enjoy this way.
Will buy again for my friend.
Fantastic product I recommended these Earbuds.

They are very comfortable in the ear. It comes with a very original case that is a plus. I use them to watch TV at night and they pair without problems and the sound is very clear. Noise cancellation really works.

Quickly they are perfectly connected without any problem. In the audio test I had simply put them in my ears and the sound seemed good, then turned into excellent when I put them all the way. After three days I use them almost continuously and in all conditions (gym, running, lying at the read, on the beach, in traffic with high noise pollution, I can say frankly: They are to be bought with eyes closed. In short, it is a great product, especially for the quality/price ratio. I highly recommend it. The product is made of a good aesthetic material pleasant and comfortable to the touch also the sale price is very advantageous compared to the proposed features. Excellent service and delivery, I recommend the purchase.

They are easy to use, in fact just press the button located on the earphones and these automatically turn on the Bluetooth, which can be connected directly from the phone without downloading any application. These Bluetooth headphones are the best you could wish for: 1) music feels great, bass present very high and balanced, 2) The battery lasts you a lot, and I use it disproportionately, 3) The pairing and the Bluetooth have no problems and allow you to stay even far from the device. a great choice for those who want headphones of excellent quality. The shipping was very fast and the packaging is very simple. I will still be satisfied with the purchase and I will buy them again if I put them back on offer.

they are hyper-easy to connect, very fast and stable, this gave me some fear, but they are always synchronized. They are quite comfortable, they come with several sizes for all kinds of ears, but the grip system, in my opinion, should be something stronger, although I have never been dropped any headset. Regarding the sound, it is correct, it sounds quite good, with a predominance of bass over highs and middles, but these also comply, and they are hardly missed. For the rest they are chulisimos, design and most important quality / price very good,

I must say that these headphones have really amazed me, I have tried many different but these are distinguished by the clarity Dell audio and for the convenience of use, it does not seem to have headphones. Of course, to underline also the durability of the battery and the convenience of transporting the packaging. The quality of the charging case is not the best but is still acceptable. They mate instantly, call volume good, note to the detriment of the gesture little sensitive (too many times with the double tap pauses the song instead of moving on to the next. Great convenience then! I recommend the purchase.

Great product. Duration as stated by the characteristics. Very comfortable and ergonomic. Clean sound and deep bass. A small case that can easily be kept in your pocket. Nice door and charging earphones, very original, it connects very easily and I must say that I am a fan of music when I train, I was skeptical, I must say that at least now they are exceptional, considering the price then. very satisfied. reading and evaluating the reviews of the other headsets on the same price range, I decided to buy these.

I bought them exclusively to listen to music in the car, doing sports and other occasions. They mate easily and provide excellent service. Deep and real sounds. Very good size, they adapt easily to the ears of my children. Beautiful packaging, are contained in a box with closure, which also acts as a charger. The duration of the charge is absolutely satisfactory. I hope they are long-lived because other Bluetooth headsets have broken off after normal use, in a short time. They have a very attractive design, the battery lasts a lot and can also be connected to the base for charging, they are very well used, simple and intuitive, the audio quality is not very high but for the price to which they are sold you cannot ask much. I recommend to those who listen to a lot of electronic music, give the best on the basics, not on the song. I reserve the right to evaluate the quality of the microphone. At the moment I’m satisfied. Great practicality then! I recommend buying it.

Pros, Connect perfectly, sound good, decent basses.
Cons, Maximum Volume not very intense, posts are bulky in size.

A great purchase . perfect and accurate delivery and packaging times but the real surprise were these headphones . easy to wear . they match your smartphone with a rapidity. Quality and full-bodied basses that surprised me the small dimensions. The charging phase of both the housing (in which a LED is visible and depending on the frequency of the flashes indicates the charging status of the same) is also intuitive, as well as the earphones which flash until full charge has been completed. The shipping was very fast and the packaging is very simple. I will still be satisfied with the purchase and I will buy them again if I put them back on offer.

The headphones come in a fairly small box that is quite useful, since apart from keeping inside it, while they are inside they are charged. This box seems to have a battery (I say it seems because it weighs nothing), which is charged with any mobile cable (micro USB), so it is not necessary to be plugged into the power grid to charge the headphones. It takes me 4 to 5 days, using the headphones every day, while I go on public transport (about 2 hours a day).
The headphones adapt perfectly to the ear, and also has 3 sizes of anchoring, if you need it to be larger so that it adapts better.
They connect without wires, by Bluetooth, very quickly, and nothing is cut during use.
They also have a microphone, so you can use it to make and answer calls.
If you are listening to music, for example, when you receive a message or a call, the volume is lowered a little, and if you answer the call, it automatically changes to it, stopping the music until you hang up.
A very important detail that I have found is that when you have them connected to your ears, with music, when you press on the flat part of any of the 2 headphones, the music stops. This is very useful to hear something that they are telling you, without having to remove your helmets.

It feels great and when you speak the audio is good and the others can hear. My brother connected them to his Samsung S8 and my sister-in-law to his Samsung S6 so they can use them both. The charging base is very convenient to carry both to keep in the office suitcase either in a pocket or in the car. They are comfortable to wear even if they do not have support for the sport that fits and turns around the ear. The beauty of the product is, in fact, the possibility of using them individually or in pairs, they work anyway. In a few days of use, it is considered very satisfied with the product. Overall so very satisfied, I recommend it to those who do not want to spend a boat of money, maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio. I am satisfied.

The Tronsmart Bluetooth earphones are simply amazing.
They are the product you do not expect, you want because the Bluetooth earphones are one of those delicate “tech gadgets” where you often hear about problems rather than merits, or because they are used to associating them at exorbitant prices.
These earphones completely destroy both the doubts mentioned above.
Do you want some amazing headphones? Here they are.
They are surprising because all the problems associated with Bluetooth headsets do not exist here and are completely wiped out on the first test with a hand.
First of all, the box to recharge them is really small, from the photos of the product the idea is much bigger. Not only portable and lightweight, but also very stylish thanks to the carbon look also taken from the outside of the earphones themselves.
The pairing is really painless, once paired the earphones for the first time to the device the next time this will happen automatically once pull out of the charging base.
The feeling is a sense of freedom, simplicity and immediacy that with the classic headphones with cable you do not have, Bluetooth headphones are a real experience that can simplify and make more pleasant classic moments like listening to music and watching movies or TV series traveling or moving.
The earbuds, once worn, are very light and often do not realize they are worn. Excellent audio quality, another aspect that is usually critical in this kind of products, and surprising sound insulation: just set the volume at half of the maximum expected to isolate itself completely and not hear outside noise.
Can I watch videos with Bluetooth headphones? Yes, yes.
Another of the worries that often stop us when we want to choose a pair of Bluetooth headphones is the much talked-about delay between video and audio.
With the Tronsmart earphones this does not happen, the synchronization between the lip and the speech is perfect, both as regards YouTube and, for example, Netflix with which I tried with different movies and TV series.
The price? Exceptionally low.
It seems anachronistic, but what can stop those interested in buying these earphones is the price. Why? Because absurdly low. Now used to extremely high prices, we stop.
That’s why the Tronsmart earphones surprise once again: incredible high quality at an incredibly low price.
If you did not understand, the Tronsmart Bluetooth headphones are without a doubt recommended. Tattered price, but without sacrificing quality that is second to none.
✔️ Incredible comfort in using them
✔️ Excellent sound quality
✔️ No problem with audio delay with videos

Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds Bluetooth Earphones, True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, with IPX5 Water Resistance and Inbuilt Mic for iPhone, Android – Black

Tronsmart Encore Spunky TWS Buds Bluetooth Headphones

Note: Stock is limited



Tronsmart Encore Spunky TWS Buds Bluetooth Headphones

Seamless Pairing

True wireless setup allows users to pair and connect the headphones effortlessly.

IPX5 Water Resistance

Protects your headphones from rain, splashes & sweat providing an undisturbed usage.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

Engineered to produce high fidelity audio for optimal performance.

Ergonomic Design

Snug & comfortable wearing, never falling out even when you are working out.

Gesture Control

Intuitive gesture controls allows users to listen to music and answer phone calls on the go.

Bluetooth 4.2

Compatible with a wide-range of devices supporting Bluetooth.

Portable Charging Case

Charge the earpieces anytime, anywhere.

What’s in the box?

1 x Encore Spunky Buds Headphones
1 x USB Charging Cable
2 pairs x Extra Earbuds
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

El paquete no sobrevivió el viaje

El paquete en sí no es lo suficientemente duro como para sobrevivir, pero los auriculares sobrevivieron. La calidad del sonido y la conexión es excelente. Estoy más que satisfecho con la compra. Gran vendedor.

Excelentes auriculares!

excelentes auriculares! entrega rápida! vendedor cinco puntos, por la capacidad de respuesta y por la calidad de los productos! justo para los fanáticos de los auriculares inalámbricos , ¡el sonido es excelente! ¡sin botones, emparejamiento totalmente automático entre sí y con un teléfono inteligente! Estoy muy satisfecho! gracias!)

Sound ist super

Sie sitzen bequem und fest im Ohr. Der Klang ist ausreichend bei dem Preis, aber natürlich nicht so gut wie bei größeren Kopfhörern. Bei dem Tragekomfort kann man die Kopfhörer weiterempfehlen.

True Wireless Stereo Earbuds IPX5 Water Resistant with Mic for Phones