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I guess the “hate” is pointed towards the numbing and dull effect with fast tolerance buildup, which are easily passed on in skunk crosses, it’s a very dominant line.
Never grown a skunk but friends told me it molds fast when grown in guerrilla in middle europe + has the typical smell which turns heads, so not really desirable for stealth.
Gotta check for myself one day, when I find the right skunk

Nothing bad about skunk. You just need to do some more reading. It’s a 3 way or 4 way cross of Thai, Colombian, Mexican and Afghan? someone chime in please.

The word “Skunk” has been used negatively by media, law enforcement and politicians to denote strong varieties of Cannabis. Afficionados will roll their eyes. There is a lot of misinformation. It’s really not that important anyway.

‘Roadkill’ refers to a cultivar, most probably skunk or with skunk in, that is affectionately referred to like ‘Haze’, which people remember and is probably synonymous with some flavour of weed they used to smoke at some point.

If people describe colours and smell differently, my personal opinion is they should be used as a rough guide not like some holy testament to how things are. I would say even the oldest breeders, who let’s face it have had their memory warped by the consumption of bud for years, incarceration, not being able to keep records for fear of incrimination, do not know where most of this shit came from. It sparks endless debate but at the end of the day, that is all it is, words.

Skunk #1 was used extensively in dutch breeding. crossed with everything. Some breeders were honest about it, some not, and later on in the years, other breeders using “dutched” lines would breed these lines and would drop the skunk moniker.. so, somebody who didnt know or research a line, say Durban Poison, would buy a DP line from a breeder and then get rightfully upset when they grew out a bunch of skunk leaning hybrids.

Basically, IMHO, a lot of old lines from the dutch days that claim to be pure, had @ one point, been crossed to skunk (and other BLD varieties), and for ppl wanting pure or land race type plants, this is/was a negative. And on a side note, I still find stank in skunk lines that are available today. dunno about RKS though.

I like to grow strains that are a different than eachother. My only gripe with skunk is that it has been bred to just about everything.

So if your looking at a panel of 25 strains of all varieties and they’ve all been bred to skunk you could kind of assume there is going to be strong similarities in a lot of the plants from the seeds.

I’m developing the same kind of disinterest in OG and chem and cookies etc..once you breed the same strains to every thing you’ll notice a lot of similarities across the board. I love of and chems but once you have 1 or 2 good ones in the collection you don’t need 20 more.

Instead of mishmashing the same families of strains against eachother it’s nice to see new and interesting true f1 hybrids or more obscure strains or inbred lines of great strains.

Haze has been used similarly but with haze the hybrids produced seem to throw a shit load of variation so it keeps the pheno hunt interesting.

I feel like skunk, og, chem and cookies breed true for certain qualities which gives hybrids very predictable qualities. With the chems and it’s you can bank on stinky funk and taste almost 100%

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