sensible seeds what a joke bad experience

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guest Australia, October 2020

Very easy site to navigate hands down the best on the web with the biggest variety, fast safe delivery very good quality seeds highly recommend Sensible seeds over any other seed banks on the web overall great sevice.

guest United States, August 2020

I ordered my seeds in first week of June in middle of COVID-19 but let me say Sensible Seeds’ customer service was best, very prompt to reply and as expected seeds’ quality was A1. 10/10 stars!!

guest United States, August 2020

I was not expecting my order in the middle of this ongoing worldwide pandemic COVID-19 so fast but Sensible Seeds surprised me again with their speed, seeds’ quality and very reasonable prices.

guest United Kingdom, July 2020

Really good store, I have had so many problems finding fresh vigorous seed. I was beginning to think I was the problem. “Black Fingers” maybe . . but NO . 100% germination on both times . . what can I say? there are so many suppliers it can be hard to find a decent one . . anyway I could go on . . great stuff . a lot of great looking product to try!!

guest United Kingdom, July 2020

Absolutely fab company, i highly recommend them. Great personal service and awesome freebies too!

guest United States, July 2020

Love this place and the employees too. Definitely helpful and very personal service, like family.

guest Australia, July 2020

Delivery from the UK to Australia during the covid times was nearly 3 weeks but thats verry acceptable, but i can not fault these guys in any way, the stealth tracked shipping with craft beads was so good, at first i thought customs pulled my seeds as it was so good, but i looked closer at the craft beads and found them, clearly it had not been opened due to the packaging been 100% intact and you really had to look, and this was for 130 seeds! you guys are awesome and i will be buying again! 10 out of 10 for you from down under!

guest Canada, June 2020

I ordered from quebec and my transaction was great!
I bought 3 packs of 3 different breeder! it takes about 1 month to arrive at the post office during the covid!
I have the option of keeping the original packaging!
It is the seedbank with the most choices I have found! The hardest part is finding a way to pay! We did this with an Amazon gift card! (Amazon calls you to confirm the purchase of a gift card )
Then sensible seed contacts you to say that your order has been sent!
easy to communicate with them so congratulations to your entire team!
5 stars to you!

guest United Kingdom, June 2020

This was a very good experience dealing with Sensible Seeds and the service and promotions were first class. I ordered 3 dozen seeds and received 3 dozen promotion seeds. and when I planted them I had 36 out or 36 grow. never had that done before. The service is great. they will take different currency and answer your questions. and the stealth is 100%. and quality merchandise. I could not be happier. Sincerely, Bill Meyers

guest United States, June 2020

Amazing first time experience here!

Ordered may 21, arrived June 9th. Considering the shipping issues with the ‘pandemic’ they delivered quickly and arrived safely and undamaged. Quality looks amazing and everything as ordered.

A+ for customer service, answered all questions and responded when available.
A+ for discretion, great packaging.
A+ for products, freebies were different then advertised, i asked for something specific and they replaced it with a better strain! Awesome!

Highly recommend, will shop here from now on!

guest United States, May 2020

Lovely bead kit received!! Yipee-Ki-Yay! 106% germination, Can’t wait to have some ripper. They worked with me to complete the sale, convinced me to use super stealth and besides spending a week vacation at a number of US Post offices, the seeds arrived in a reasonable 40 days. Package was opened, but all the beads were there.

guest Saudi Arabia, May 2020

Sensible Seeds are the truth, If your nervous, worried paranoid about stealth shipping then rest assure that this company will surpass your expectations especially with stealth shipping, packaging, and prices. Sensible doesn’t boast or brag with long emails that disclose sensitive information but they will correspond with you speedy and extremely professional and not to mention their level of generosity and method payment is beyond amazing. Coming across this company has been a blessing because they are guaranteed to get your job done, I would recommend them above any overhyped seed bank in the world. If your in a part of the world where you are tight with security relax these guys will get it through if you pay a few dollars extra.

guest United States, May 2020

I’ve ordered from them multiple times over the years and they provide fantastic service. Never had an issue, I always pay with a amazon gift card and get their high jack (jack herer fem) as freebie’s. Amazing fruit salad smell and taste with a uplifting high. A+++++++

guest Sudan, January 2020

Sensible Seeds is the best in every thing , price , shipping , quality and customers services .

guest United States, January 2020

They went out of their way,,much respect to them

guest Australia, December 2019

Ordered 9 fem seeds, Only two popped one of which turned out to be an autoflower. Spending $250 for one plant which may or may not be the one i ordered is as bad as it gets and ill never buy from them again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice. not gunna happen.

guest United Kingdom, November 2019

Excellent service contact AAA++(

guest No info, November 2019

Amazing top grade seeds.
The best costumer service very discrete proffesional and reliable.
Thanks for this great experience.

guest United States, October 2019

These guys are very helpful, super patient and very busy. But, they write back quickly and get the product out fast.

guest Philippines, October 2019

I usually order from Sensible but my last order had a issue with it. I will not elaborate, but within 48 hours the problem was resolved. I dont order big Just a regular customer but the customer service was at an Insane level, like I was one of the Big Boys. Now I wont order from anyone else. Its simple, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Save yourself a little Misery and use Sensible Seeds. Trust me.

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Sensible Seeds Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 342 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Sensible Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This

Sensible Seeds Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 67

Five stars across the board

Five stars across the board. Faultless helpful service, great prices, wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Best seed bank ever

Best seed bank ever! I’ve ordered from multiple seed banks (some based in U.S.) and sensible seeds are the best I’ve experienced as far as price, user friendly site, and selections. However the crowing attribute is their customer service. Every email i sent regarding order received, product shipping, and tracking was replied to the same business day or next. They take you as the customer personally as you don’t receive the same “generic” type responses you typically get from most seed banks. Order arrived very fast. Fastest I’ve experienced. Sensible Seeds is now my go-to seed bank.

Trust these folks and have 2 good buys

I continue to trust & buy from these folks because they are easy to work with and responsive. Recently purchased DELICIOUS SEEDS CRITICAL SENSI STAR EARLY VERSION FEMINIZED and 2/3 germinated, love the super stealth packaging as my postal service is nosy. Great success with these genetics, personally I clone so it’s not deal killer if not all seeds germinate. Thanks!

Very Unstable Genetics

Ordered seeds xmas 2019 al arrived plus ‘oms cheese’ x 15 fems free, grew all 15 out not one had the slightest taste/smell of cheese, smoke was ok tbh. amongst the order were ‘rocksters cheese’ these all foxtailed and looked great but grew no actual bud, smelt ok bit cheesey but the stone was next to zero, charlottes angel cbd was perfect cured ailments 100% alas a few seeds in this hermie plant, got worse next round so much so i have binned this strain, so had 5 replacement feminised free seeds from sensible seeds as my previous order was not upto scratch, so mega mouth x 2, honey trap x 2, power plant primo x 2, high jack x 2 and og kush x 2, so mega mouth was a beauty until i noticed it was rammed full of seeds as it had thrown a few nanas, the power plant did the same alas on smaller scale, og kush high jack were ok no real issues there, only honey trap was pukka, NOW PUTTING ALL THIS TOGETHER I GREW OUT A MINIMUM OF TWO SEEDS PER STRAIN AND EACH ONE WAS DIFFERENT. having now had about 40 seeds from sensible seeds i won’t be ordering from them again, saying that i have had bad dealing with attitude seedbank and dutch passion, only company i ever got what it said on the tin was from paradise seeds.

Hi Peter,
Sorry to hear about the issues you had with the seeds you bought. When a customer places an order , we order the seeds in direct from the relevant breeder or his UK agent and they are with us the next day – this means we are not sitting on old stock and get them in as fresh as possible. If you do wish to place a future order I will add some extra free seeds from our top rated breeders as compensation.

Okay for a seed bank, not the best

I really wanted to love this company. I will say it’s not their fault in a way for what happened as they are just a “seed bank” but I got a whole batch of seeds that wouldn’t germinate at all, then another batch there were 2 males out of 5 supposedly feminized seeds (they weren’t herms, full blown male plants) now the great thing about them is their bonus seeds. That’s a real treat, and sometimes you can even request what bonus seeds you would like to get and they accommodate your request in most cases. Their stealth shipping is great (little pricey) but worth it and you can track your package. They do have good customer service, can be slow to respond but they always do try to make things right.

simply amazed

I was simply amazed at the packaging alone. All of my seeds were super strong and healthy. All germinated without an issue.

I was weary about the payment process but these people are 100% honest. I love their service and product quality.

Excellent Customer service and great…

Excellent Customer service and great packaging with fast delivery times.

We have problems, you solve them quickly and add a bonus or two.

Thank you for everytime

I order from two seed banks before I…

I order from two seed banks before I order from sensible seeds and I receive sensible seed order three times faster than them other two Banks one Bank was msnl and I am still waiting going on the 40th day still not have received nothing..
Then I order from seedman’s around 30 days ago and after 30 days is when they process my order moral of the story is I should have went with sensible seeds from the get-go as they are prompt at customer response easy payment method and again fast shipping. You definitely have a long-term customer sensible seed.

Updated rating fast shipping ,But poor genetics out of 40 seeds only 12 sprouted . I have been growing for sometime and have never went less then 80% germination rate . And that’s on the low side it’s less the 45% germination rate lol ..
What sucks is both of my other ordes are stuck in isc Chicago and in new York.
Seed bank made it right and set me some replacement seeds with no hesitation. Will definitely order from them again

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