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Seeds of Yesterday (film)

Seeds of Yesterday is a 2015 film that was produced by Lifetime and aired on April 12, 2015. It was adapted from the novel with the same name.

Plot [ edit | edit source ]

Thirteen years after If There Be Thorns, Cathy and Chris arrive at Foxworth Hall, which has been rebuilt by Bart, for his 25th birthday party. Bart has remained obsessed with Malcolm and has an estranged relationship with his mother and uncle due to their incestuous relationship, and even changes his last name to Foxworth to keep his distance from them. Jory and his wife, Melodie, arrive to announce she is pregnant with twins. Everyone but Bart is excited of the news, and Bart is jealous of Jory because he lusts for Melodie. The next day, Cindy arrives and bart welcomes her with contempt. At the birthday party, Jory and Cindy perform a ballet for the guests but Jory is injured in an accident that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down and ends his dance career. Melodie is distraught and says she cant live with a husband who cant dance and make love to her again. Cindy suspects that Bart is responsible for the incident due to him upgrading his insurance policy on the day of the accident. Bart denies this to Cathy and Chris, but they don’t believe him.

As months pass, with Jory hospitalized and Melodie depressed, Bart takes advantage of her and seduces her. When Jory comes home, Corrine’s will is read and Bart is enraged to learn he wont inherit the Foxworth estate until his 35th birthday, leaving Chris as the guardian of his money until then. Cathy finds out about Bart and Melodie’s affair when she walks in on them having sex. Bart says Melodie loves him and points out that Malcolm was obsessed with his own mother until she abandoned him, and he says how much he hates seeing her with Chris. Cathy confronts Melodie, threatening to ruin her life if she doesn’t start being there for Jory, especially after he attempts suicide by drowning in the pool. Melodie promises Jory to be more attentive to him but she attempts to continue her affair with Bart, who ultimately spurns her. Cindy brings a boyfriend, Lance, to meet the family but Bart beats him after he catches them having sex. Despite his hatred towards her, Bart starts to lust for Cindy. On Christmas Day, Bart deliberately confesses his affair with Melodie to Jory, and the shock causes her to go into labor. She gives birth to a boy and girl named Darren and Deirdre. However, she has no interest in them and Jory, and abruptly abandons them. Bart follows Cindy as she meets with another boyfriend at a bar, and confronts her on her way home in the woods and, in the heat of the moment, has sex with her. Cindy wants to start a relationship with Bart and admits she does have feelings for him (even admitting she knows about Cathy and Chris’ secret) but he rejects her. Devastated, she returns to New York for school.

Chris decides to find a new house for Cathy, Jory, the twins, and himself after having enough of Bart’s attitude. They hire a nanny, Toni, to take care of the twins. Bart starts pursuing her, which troubles Cathy because she was hoping Toni would end up with Jory. Bart later accuses Toni of being with him for his money and breaks up with her. Bart then forces everyone to attend a baptism for the twins at the Foxworth chapel and almost drowns Deirdre, causing Jory to threaten to kill him. Jory begs for Cathy to have Bart committed but she is reluctant. They instead decide to leave to get away from Bart, who has a mental breakdown. In a psychotic rage, he accuses Cathy of abandoning him for Chris and blames her for ruining the family. He is about to kill her with a dagger before he is stopped by Jory, and finally realizing it is hopeless to help him, Cathy decides to leave Bart for good. As he returns home after finding a house for them, Chris pulls over to help a stranded motorist and is struck by a truck, which kills him instantly.

Several hours pass before the police arrive to tell the family of Chris’ death. This tragedy causes Bart to realize his wrongdoings and how he had pushed people away. He admits to Cindy that he loves her when she comes home for the funeral. Bart gives a moving eulogy at Chris’ funeral and is thankful of Chris for raising him. In the climax, Cathy reveals that her children led successful lives away from Foxworth Hall. Jory is thriving in his recovery, has married Toni, and they are raising the twins and are expecting a child of their own. Bart had redeemed himself by becoming a televangelist and married Cindy, and together, they spread positive ministry around the world. However, Cathy decides to remain at Foxworth Hall as she mourns the loss of Chris. One day, she goes up to the attic, sits by a window, and, as she envisions yellow paper flowers, she dies of a broken heart.

Seeds of Yesterday is a 2015 film that was produced by Lifetime and aired on April 12, 2015. It was adapted from the novel with the same name. Thirteen years after If There Be Thorns, Cathy and Chris arrive at Foxworth Hall, which has been rebuilt by Bart, for his 25th birthday party. Bart has…

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Set sometime after the season 1 finale. Bree and Chase start to question whether or not their relationship is strictly platonic or not. Especially after watching a movie called Flowers In The Attic. Meanwhile, Skylar and Oliver aren’t exactly the happy couple they once were. Kaz isn’t sure what he’s feeling. Tensions are rising, triangles are forming, drama will ensue.

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