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Color Palettes From Design Seeds

When undertaking a decorating project, one of the first considerations is color and what your overall palette will be in addition to floor plan, furnishings, lighting, etc. Color sets the mood. If you need color inspiration, check out Design Seeds founded by color consultant Jessica Colaluca. Here are 8 of my favorite palettes at the moment, all dreamed up by talented Jessica.

Fun for a kitchen or living room: Treat Tones.

Very relaxed for the bedroom yet also a bit energetic for mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed: Produced Purple.

This could be a nice entryway, I see a very glamorous chandelier in silver discs suspended from the ceiling and a huge mirror above a lacquered white entry table: Glamorous Escape.

I love this palette – so fresh and inspiring – perfect for a child’s playroom or a crafting space for mom: Boxed Palette.

I see this and think of a nursery for the newest gift to the family: Present Tones.

A very happy and stylish palette, this looks like the office for a fashion designer or for a magazine editor: Glow Brights.

Very cottage in the country, a nice palette for a guest bedroom in your country home: Pink Plans.

I imagine a room with super dark walls so this could be charming in a very little nook in your home where you read and relax: Bouquet Hues.

Design Seeds even has lovely color palette books on Blurb and she has a zillion of them that you can view on her blog by color. Her “Creature Color” book is a favorite of mine, combining sweet animal shots with color palette ideas.

If you are not interested in using these for your next decorating project, why not think of other clever ways you can put these palettes to good use. If you design websites, these could be a great jumping off point. Perhaps you are a book cover designer? Scrapbook queen? Maybe you can put together a wedding using a palette from Design Seeds? Or compose your next outfit? Maybe plan out how you will wrap presents or something as simple as using one of these palettes to base your own mood board from over your work desk?

Psst: Design Seeds clearly even explains in THIS POST how to use her palettes to match the color and convert them to Pantone colors exactly – brilliant!

This is such a great resource, isn’t it!?

(images: design seeds)

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Color Palettes From Design Seeds When undertaking a decorating project, one of the first considerations is color and what your overall palette will be in addition to floor plan, furnishings,