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Top 7 Tasty OG Kush Strains to Get High With

If there’s one cannabis strain that stands out from the rest in reputation, staying power, and potency, it is OG Kush. From the 1990s to the 2020s, the OG weed strain has cemented itself as a staple plant on dispensary menus across the country.

Top Celebrity Cannabis Brands to Try

In today’s times, cannabis is one of the hottest products on the market with sales breaking records each day. Cannabis brands are slowly breaking down long-held barriers and everyone is looking to cash in. Of the now numerous popular marijuana brands.

What a Biden Presidency Means for Cannabis Legalization

With the 2020 election finally being called by several news outlets for Joe Biden, it may be easy to think that the “Green Wave” that came along with this election means that nationwide marijuana legalization is on the horizon. Of course, th.

Kamala Harris & Marijuana: Where the VP Candidate Stands

The 2020 Presidential Election is going to be one for the history books. Amongst the current social justice movements is the issue of marijuana reform. Even though almost two-thirds of Americans are ready for thefederal legalization of marijuana, pol.

San Diego Seed Bank Reviews

This is by far the best dispensary I’ve ever seen. I’ve ordered 7 times and was very pleased with all my orders.

Quality products with friendly service.

Awful, can’t leave a review on product because they can’t deliver.

I placed an order for delivery at 7 and it’s now 11:20 and still nothing. I tried calling the store no answer, I don’t recommend anyone patronize this business. This is unacceptable service when their website clearly states that they deliver. DON’T SEND YOUR MONEY HERE GO SOMEPLACE ELSE

This is the best, and my only dispensary for my products. Employees are always cheerful, and willing to assist. Lots of products to choose from to serve my needs. Zadie Rodriques

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Seed Banking for the Future: Conserving San Diego’s Native Plants

with Stacy Anderson and Joe Davitt, San Diego Zoo Global Native Plant Seed Bank

San Diego Zoo Global’s Native Plant Seed Bank has been making seed collections for restoration and conservation purposes since the early 2000’s. The seed bank houses over 750 seed collections from plant populations located throughout the county and beyond. In recent years the program has become an integral part of the California Plant Rescue project (CaPR). Focusing on rare and imperiled plant populations, our seed banking efforts have resulted in over 115 seed collections in the past 4 years, from San Diego’s most endangered plant populations. We’ll discuss our process from collecting, drying, and freezing, to germination testing and propagation research, as well as many of the fascinating species we’ve been working with recently.

Stacy Anderson began collecting seeds for the Native Plant Seed Bank in 2004 as part of a collaboration with the Millennium Seed Bank at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London. Joe Davitt began in early 2015 as the program became making CaPR rare plant seed collections. Both Stacy and Joe were raised in rural sections of San Diego County and native plants and animals hold a special place in their hearts. “We are so happy to be working to conserve the native plants of this important and unique region for future generations, and we’re excited to share our work with you!”

California Plant Rescue –

6:30pm-7:00pm: NATIVES FOR NOVICES

“San Diego Natives for San Diegans: How the CNPS-SD Seed and Bulb Committee Can Help You Plant Local”

with Cindy Hazuka, Seeds and Bulbs Coordinator, CNPS-San Diego

The CNPS-San Diego Seed and Bulb Committee acquires, packages, and sells California native seeds primarily from the San Diego area. Hundreds of volunteer hours go into maintaining our inventory of over 100 species which are available to the public for purchase. This talk will cover the steps we take to acquire and prepare our seeds, as the well as how to cross reference the current inventory list with plants that are known to grow close to your home using the “What Grows Here?” tool in

Cindy Hazuka has been the Coordinator of the CNPS-SD Seed and Bulb Committee since 2016. She has been a member of CNPS since the early 1990s and been involved in many native plant garden and propagation efforts. She holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University.

Seed and Bulb Committee webpage:
Current list of seeds for sale on Calscape: and on Calflora:

7:00pm-7:30pm: A time for discussion, camaraderie, visiting, and enjoying the sales table.

There is no fee to attend these presentations.

Seed Banking for the Future: Conserving San Diego’s Native Plants with Stacy Anderson and Joe Davitt, San Diego Zoo Global Native Plant Seed Bank San Diego Zoo Global’s Native Plant Seed