Runtz Marijuana Seeds

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Runtz Feminised Seeds – 6

Runtz is a highly sought-after Cookies family strain which results from the cross of Gelato #33 and Zkittlez. Runtz is usually only available in clone form but Elev8 have sourced the original genetics that comprise the hybrid and therefore gives rise not only to plants identical to Runtz but also to a few heavily Runtz-leaning phenotypes.

Runtz is indica-dominant, taking 8 – 9 weeks to complete the flowering cycle. Its scent and flavour are very reminiscent of the fruity, candy snacks of the same name. The plants themselves are very attractive and bear both purple and contrasting lime green colours. The smoke is smooth and creamy and the effect is euphoric and long-lasting.

Runtz Seeds

Runtz cannabis strain captures the fruity, sweet, and tangy essence of the popular hard candy Runts. Big California flavors, tropical and sour with a pungent fermented pineapple aroma. The smoke has a velvety smooth taste with hints of berries and banana.

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Runtz Strain History

Named after a well-known hard candy, Runtz seeds have delicious, tropical, citrus and sour berry flavor matched with a legendary high. Runtz is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain native to sunny California. Runtz got its genetics from combining the two popular Zkittlez and Gelato strains. The flavor alone is responsible for most of the draw to this incredible hybrid.

Runtz seeds, USA born and bred, are popular worldwide for the sweetly tangy flavor and satisfying high. Made famous by many musical artists based in Los Angeles, it was initially grown and sold in the Southern California region.

This strain was awarded the Leafly Strain of the Year in the 2020 Cannabis Cup, which serves as a testament to its popularity. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a year many of us all around the world needed a little extra help for rest and relaxation. The fact that the Runtz strain was the strain of choice during this year in particular speaks volumes to its positive effects.

Runtz Strain Benefits

Once cultivated, the Runtz strain seed offers many mental, emotional, and physical benefits. It is great for achieving relaxation, pain relief, creative inspiration, and a euphoric state.

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Well-loved by growers and dispensary go-ers for its sweet aroma, the Runtz strain seed is potent, low-stress and typically easy to grow, and known for its fast-acting THC. It’s great for any situation, whether you prefer to consume solo or socially.

Medical benefits include relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia, as well as pain relief from migraines and arthritis.

Runtz Seeds Appearance

Runtz has dense, grape-sized resinous buds that range from rich purple to lime green in color. The leaves are olive green with dark purple undertones and wispy orange pistils. Deep blue, purple, and dark green, and rusty orange colors decorate the flower’s surface once dried and cured.


Runtz seeds cannabis strain captures the fruity, sweet, and tangy essence of the popular hard candy Runts. Big California flavors, tropical and sour with a pungent fermented pineapple aroma. The smoke has a velvety smooth taste with hints of berries and banana. This strain does not exhibit any distinct skunky or gassy odors, but instead leans heavily on the sweet side.


Runtz is a strain of cannabis with a sweet, confectionery terpene profile. There are lovely aromas of herbaceous hops, vanilla frosting, and classic fruity candy. Runtz is high in the terpenes linalool and caryophyllene, with moderate amounts of limonene and myrcene as well. This strain has light floral notes with hints of mango, citrus, berries, and cream.


Runtz seeds have analgesic properties that can help to reduce chronic pain, including everything from headaches to muscle tension to soreness from arthritis. If you experience appetite loss from nausea, eating disorders, or heavy pharmaceutical drugs, Runtz can help to increase your appetite and comfort when eating. The average THC level ranges from 18-29% so take it slow when sampling Runtz for the first time.


Runtz strain seeds are the result of mixing the popular Gelato and Zkittlez strains . The Runtz strain’s fruity flavor and colorful appearance has its parent, Zkittlez, to thank. Runtz has the same quality of smoke and balance between euphoria and relaxation as Gelato.

Going back further in Runtz’s family tree, Gelato is a hybrid itself, born of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies parent strains. Zkittlez is a result of Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains. All this fruity, citrussy, tangy flavor is concentrated in the sweet deliciousness of Runtz.

As a hybrid, the Runtz strain is evenly balanced at 50% indica and 50% sativa.

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Runtz Seeds Effects

As a well-balanced hybrid, Runtz seeds provide the best of both worlds. The sativa imparts positive and creative energy that opens the mind. Meanwhile, the indica aspects of the high produce a stress-free and relaxed vibe.

Runtz is quick to spring into action as the high begins with a tingling sensation in the head. Within about fifteen minutes, a waterfall of calm moves down the spine and into other parts of the body. Don’t be surprised when you realize how high you are.

The flowers are loaded with THC and even though the strain is a hybrid, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get you completely faded in every direction.

The level of THC in our Runtz cannabis seeds is 23%. This high concentration of THC provides the mind and body with much-needed relaxation, which can alleviate sleeping problems, reduce stress, treat pain, or simply just help you zone out for a while. You will feel high and heady quite soon, and it will cause drowsiness toward the end. As a result, this strain is a great addition to any winding down, nighttime routine.

You will feel the effects of the THC much more strongly than the CBD. The THC releases dopamine, which will put you in a creative and euphoric yet relaxed state. THC and dopamine envelop the brain in a general sense of pleasure. This strain acts as a blissful sedative, so get ready to feel the day’s stress wash away.

The trace amounts of CBD (0.02%) and CBG (0.64%) aid in pain relief and provide a soothing, calming effect. The tiny amount of CBN (0.01%) produces mild sedative effects and also targets pain and inflammation.

Feminized Seeds

In terms of growth success for Runtz feminized seeds, USA growers (as well as growers worldwide) enjoy top quality plants year after year. Unlike male seeds, feminized seeds are flowering seeds, which produce the THC-containing weed you enjoy. Runtz feminized seeds , like all feminized seeds, will grow as big and tall as the space allows.

Runtz autoflower plants, on the other hand, can be grown in half the time as feminized seeds because they grow smaller and faster. Feminized seeds require twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness in order to flower. Autoflowers will flower within the month, even if lighting is not perfectly consistent.

Growing Runtz Seeds

As Runtz seeds are native to the southern parts of California – where the climate is dry, sunny, mild, and stable – that is their preferred climate. They can be grown either indoors or outdoors , though plants grown outdoors tend to grow larger. Shade is a good idea if you are located in a sweltering hot area, just make sure to keep the humidity low. On the other hand, growing indoors or in a greenhouse gives you more control over the variables such as sunlight, humidity, and wind.

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It’s always best to plant in nutrient-rich soil, and organic soil that is aerated is best. If using a pot, make sure there is a drainage hole in the bottom so the soil does not get waterlogged. Use a trellis net to support vertical growth; giving your Runtz plant a supportive structure will result in a larger crop.

Runtz is an aggressive vertical grower with modest side branching. For this reason, the Screen of Green growing technique can help gardeners to maximize their yield. Runtz grows fast and requires more attention to nutrients and feeding than other more compact hybrids. Indoor plants grow to 2.5-4 feet in height and produce yields of 16oz/m2 after a quick 8-9 week flowering period.

Outdoor plants grown in large containers or raised beds achieve a maximum height of 5-6 feet, but if planted directly in the soil, you can expect even larger plants. Grown outside, you can achieve a harvest of about 18oz/plant ready to chop down by late September or early October.

Flowering time of our Runtz strain is approximately 60 to 70 days. Each plant will yield 500-600 grams. With a moderate grow difficulty, this strain may not be the best first seed for beginners to start out with, but a great choice for intermediate level growers.

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